How do You Make a Capricorn Man Laugh?

Updated February 18, 2023
How do You Make a Capricorn Man Laugh?

Making a Capricorn man laugh can certainly feel like a tall order.

Do Capricorns laugh a lot? This is a sign that is known for being more serious and reserved. Jokes that work on you or friends of yours just might not be a hit with him.

So how do you make a Capricorn man laugh? It can be done for sure if you know how!

A Capricorn man is a serious person, but that doesn’t mean he’s entirely devoid of fun and humor. It just means that the things he finds funny might be different from other people.

He is also an intelligent person. Jokes that display your wit and intelligence are going to go over well with him.

It’s also important to take time to get to know him so that you will learn how to make your Capricorn man happy.


Wit isn’t a type of humor that you can necessarily plan, but it is something you can develop over time.

There are many ways to be considered intelligent, so you don’t need to be “book smart” to be witty.

Wit is more about being alert, reasoning things out quickly, and responding to something without necessarily taking a lot of time to think about that response.

Some of the wittiest remarks are going to be things you say without even thinking. You might not intend for them to be funny, but something about the content or the way you said it ends up being hilarious.

There are different subcategories of witty remarks. Quips, for example, tend to be quick remarks, often observations, and are sometimes sarcastic in nature as well.

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Capricorn men can be pretty sarcastic, and they respond well to others using sarcasm. This is often the key to making a Capricorn man laugh.

However, this type of humor can be difficult to learn if it doesn’t come naturally to you. You might not even be familiar with what all sarcasm entails in the first place.

If you’ve ever failed to hold a door open for someone and gotten a response like, “Wow, thanks for your help,” that is a simple example of sarcasm.

Capricorn men can be pretty critical of both themselves and other people. They may use sarcasm and mockery to demean others, but they might also use it humorously.

Are Capricorns funny just because they are sarcastic, though? Some people look at sarcasm in a negative light, but Capricorn men sure don’t.

If you think the idea of mocking people for a quick laugh is terrible, you don’t need to use this brand of humor to impress a Capricorn man. There are other ways to be funny.

Dry Humor

You may wonder: why are Capricorns so hard to read? It’s because they tend to be fairly deadpan, even when telling jokes.

Blunt, ironic, emotionally detached jokes are a perfect fit for serious, unemotional Capricorn men. Do Capricorn men laugh a lot at such serious jokes? You bet they do.

Dry humor isn’t always about the content of the joke, rather about the delivery. You can say something completely absurd and ridiculous, but he might find it hilarious if you say it with a blank face and a monotone voice.

If you aren’t sure how to use this kind of humor, there are plenty of examples in pop culture.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Captain Raymond Holt and Rosa Diaz both deliver hilarious lines with a blank face and a voice devoid of emotion.

April Ludgate from Parks and Rec is another excellent example, as are some other characters played by Aubrey Plaza.

Many characters in Arrested Development have this type of humor as well.

The key is to be as unemotional as possible when delivering the punchline or telling the story. Regardless of the content, the mismatch between what you are saying and how you say it is where the humor often comes from.

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Intelligent Writing

If you text with a Capricorn often, that might be an excellent way to try out your comedic writing chops.

Comedy is often about how you say something, not the actual content of what you’re saying. So your word choice and timing as you’re texting him are going to matter the most if you’re trying to get a laughing emoji out of him.

This is a skill that is best practiced by reading intelligent writing. Increasing your vocabulary will go a long way in helping you to be a more intelligent writer and, ultimately, a funnier writer as well.

Avoid “Potty” Humor

There are undoubtedly crass Capricorn men out there but if you don’t already know what a specific Capricorn’s sense of humor is, avoid “potty” humor.

If you aren’t sure what all potty humor entails, it’s exactly what it sounds like. You might also see it called toilet humor.

Any joke that has bodily functions as the punchline falls under this category. Dick jokes might overlap with this category as well, especially if they are gross in nature.

Capricorn men like to think of themselves as dignified and sophisticated. Fart jokes and one-liners about bodily fluids are not the way to appeal to him or his sense of humor.

If you tend to tell a lot of these types of jokes, try and get in the habit of avoiding them. It can be difficult if you see a perfect opportunity but seriously, resist it.

Not only will a Capricorn man not laugh at these types of jokes, but they might turn him off to you entirely.

If he already knows you well and knows you don’t typically tell these types of jokes, he might brush it off. If this is only your first or second meeting, however, that impression is going to stick in his mind for a long time.

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Intellectual Humor

This type of humor will often rely on areas of knowledge that both you and the Capricorn man share. Therefore, what to say to a Capricorn man who enjoys this type of humor will vary depending on what he knows.

Intellectual humor often doesn’t make any sense if you lack the context behind the joke.

For example, many of us know about Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment. So the joke “Schrödinger’s cat walks into a bar. And doesn’t,” is funny because we know what Schrödinger’s cat is already.

But if you don’t know what Schrödinger’s cat is? You most likely won’t understand the joke and won’t find it funny.

Find things that you both know a lot about. It might be literature, science, a specific career field, even stuff in pop culture.

Then, if he has the proper context and knowledge about something, it’ll be easy for you to tell jokes that will make him laugh.

Mature Jokes

What is precisely a “mature joke” depends on who you ask. Multiple types of jokes can fall under this category.

Sometimes, this can mean adult jokes or sexual jokes. Despite what you may think, some Capricorn men do enjoy these types of jokes. Sexual humor may actually be one of Capricorn’s funnier characteristics.

They just tend not to tell them in front of mixed company. If the two of you are close and you’ve heard him tell dirty jokes before, by all means, go ahead and tell some yourself.

Double entendres, where something you say can have both an innocuous meaning and a more suggestive one, are a good option if you’re trying to make a Capricorn man laugh.

Mature humor can also overlap with intellectual humor or just generally more “intelligent” types of jokes.

For example, jokes about non-sexual adult experiences with finances, relationships, etc., can get a chuckle out of a Capricorn man if you tell them right.

Political humor is not always a good choice if you don’t know someone well. If you do, though, you can always try some of that out with the Capricorn men in your life.

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Dark Humor

Capricorns are known for being serious, sometimes too serious, and you can use that to your advantage when attempting to amuse your Capricorn man.

This is a type of humor you need to be careful with, however. The whole point of dark humor is to make jokes about things people generally consider too serious, painful, or taboo.

You don’t want to offend him by cracking a joke about a topic he thinks isn’t a joking matter. Try seeing if he makes jokes about particular “darker” topics first.

If you spend time around Millennials or Gen Z, you know that they make plenty of dark jokes about death. So if your Capricorn man is part of one of those generations, that might be a safe bet if you want to try out some dark humor.

Overall, this type of humor is hit or miss, and when you miss, it can be disastrous. But if it’s a hit, you’re sure to get some chuckles out of the customarily reserved Capricorn man.

Funny Stories

Stories that are intelligent and humorous throughout the entire tale are going to make him laugh far more than jokes with a lot of exposition and one funny punchline at the end.

If something funny happened to you at work, tell the whole story in as humorous a manner as possible. Don’t save the funny stuff for the very end!

The key to knowing how to make a Capricorn laugh is keeping him engaged. You want to keep him laughing throughout the story.

He’s a busy man. If you are boring him or if your story just doesn’t seem funny at first, you might lose his attention.

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