Are Capricorn Men Control Freaks?

Updated February 13, 2023
Are Capricorn Men Control Freaks?

Most of the time, a Capricorn man is a control freak. The extent of his controlling nature can vary, but it’s common for Capricorn men to need control.

That doesn’t always mean they want to control other people. They feel better when they feel like they’re in control.

Are Capricorn men control freaks? They certainly can be! Not all Capricorn men necessarily want to control other people, though. They have a strong desire to control themselves and their surroundings.

Many Capricorn men are natural leaders, so taking control comes naturally. They also like things done a certain way, and they can ensure they get what they want by taking control.

Capricorn men are capable of giving up control. They need some help loosening up and may need to be told that their controlling behavior is a bit much at times.

He’s A Natural Leader

Are Capricorn men controlling? Many of them are. That controlling nature isn’t always a bad thing, though.

A Capricorn man’s desire to be in control makes him a natural leader. When a situation requires someone to take control, a Capricorn man will gladly do so.

Many Capricorn men are used to taking control of situations. A Capricorn man in a supervisory role at work will likely take control even when he’s not at work.

If your Capricorn man has friends or family who aren’t good at taking control of a situation, he might be used to doing that for them. It might take him some time to learn that you don’t need him to take control.

There are times when a Capricorn man isn’t trying to be controlling. It’s just natural for him to lead.

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Likes Feeling That He’s In Control

Sometimes, a Capricorn man is controlling because it makes him feel better when he’s in control of a situation. He’s not necessarily trying to control the people around him. He likes feeling like he’s in control of what happens in his life.

Your Capricorn man might seem more controlling when feeling stressed or overwhelmed. If he feels like he doesn’t have control over something, he might try to make up for that by controlling other situations.

The uncontrollable makes Capricorn men feel unstable and uncomfortable. This is one reason why people who are entirely spontaneous and impulsive don’t always make a good match for a Capricorn.

A Capricorn man will be more willing to give up control over one situation if he feels he’s in control of the rest of his life. When he doesn’t give up control, it’s usually because he already had to in another area of his life.

He’s Highly Independent

Capricorn men are very independent. Many of them like to do everything for themselves because of a mixture of their independence and their need to be in control.

Sometimes, a Capricorn man wants to do something alone because he legitimately does not think he needs help. It’s not always because he doesn’t trust other people to help him!

Even a Capricorn man who is willing to accept help or give up control will still do things by himself. This is because he doesn’t see any point in asking for help if he can manage something himself.

When your Capricorn man insists he can do something without you, it’s not always because he doesn’t trust you to do it. He’s not trying to control the situation all the time. Sometimes, he just genuinely doesn’t want help.

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Likes Things Done A Certain Way

A Capricorn man’s behavior can seem controlling in certain situations because he likes it when things are done a particular way.

For example, a Capricorn man might seem controlling when he asks you to do certain chores. He might have a specific way he likes the dishes or the laundry done, and he’ll have a hard time letting someone do those things another way.

It is sometimes genuinely uncomfortable for a Capricorn man when things aren’t done his way. It can take some time for him to get used to living with someone who has different ways of doing things than he does.

Not all Capricorn men are like this, of course. Some don’t care how you do something, as long as the end result is what he wants. Others care about the entire process.

Prefers A Strict Routine

The early stages of dating a Capricorn man can sometimes be frustrating because of his strict routine. If you’re a more spontaneous person, your Capricorn man’s need to control his schedule can be a bit much.

Capricorn men love sticking to a routine because it makes them feel like they are in control of their lives.

When a Capricorn knows what to expect each day, he feels secure. It can make him feel insecure when his routine is messed up.

Your Capricorn man isn’t necessarily trying to control you when he tries to make you stick to his routine. He’s trying to control himself and his life. You’re just caught in the crossfires of his need to feel in control of himself.

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He’s Very Orderly

A Capricorn man is obsessive about keeping things in order. He likes everything around him to be organized exactly how he likes it.

You’re unlikely to see a Capricorn man’s home or office in a state of disarray. If things are messy, he just won’t let you see his space!

If you move in with your Capricorn man, it will take him a while to get used to you being in his space.

If he moves into your place, he might seem overly controlling at first while he gets used to you having a different routine or cleanliness standard than he does.

Having things tidy makes a Capricorn man feel better. He might seem like more of a control freak or a clean freak if he’s feeling stressed about something else because he’s trying to make himself feel better.

May Feel Unstable Without Control

The dark side of a Capricorn man can be seen whenever he feels like he’s lost control of a situation. He may have difficulty maintaining his composure if he feels unstable and out of control.

Capricorn men know that they can’t control everything. They know that they can’t control everyone around them either.

A Capricorn man might try to control everything if he feels he’s lost control in some area of his life. For example, if he loses his job, he might start to be more controlling at home to compensate.

If you cheat on your Capricorn man, you might also notice that he becomes more controlling. He will be much more controlling and possessive over you if he decides to stay with you.

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Hates Mixing Things Up

A Capricorn man’s weakness in love is often his rigid nature. He hates mixing things up. Too much change can make him feel like he’s losing control.

Your Capricorn man isn’t always trying to control you. It’s hard for him to let a new person into his life and mix things up.

You might notice that your Capricorn man seems more controlling at the start of your relationship or when massive changes happen.

He might be willing to mix things up, but that likely means that he’ll be more controlling over other things. Change can be challenging for a Capricorn man.

If you mix things up too much, you’ll get a lot of pushback from your Capricorn man. He’s not trying to control you. He’s just feeling overwhelmed.

Prefers Independent Partners

A Capricorn man in a relationship might be controlling, but that’s not always the case. Capricorn men prefer independent partners who can do things for themselves.

A Capricorn man doesn’t want to control his partner completely. He does not want a partner who is entirely reliant on him and doesn’t want to make all your decisions for you.

Tell him if you ever feel like your Capricorn man is being too controlling! Let him know that he is infringing upon your freedom and independence.

That will usually be enough to get him to back off. When your Capricorn man realizes that he isn’t letting you be independent, he’ll give up some of his control over you.

A Capricorn man will likely become annoyed if he has a partner who is entirely dependent on him. He’ll quickly realize that he doesn’t want control over everything!

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Can Loosen Up

A controlling Capricorn man can learn to loosen up and let go of some of that control. You need to be clear with him when his behavior is not acceptable.

When a Capricorn man respects you, he will listen to you. If you tell him his behavior is too controlling and he needs to ease up, he’ll take your words to heart.

Most Capricorn men are not trying to be overly controlling of their friends or partners. They are control freaks, but they have no desire to take away anyone’s independence.

Your Capricorn man will learn how to loosen up when he’s with you. If he trusts you, he’ll be willing to give up some of his control and let you take the lead sometimes.

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