What Happens After a Capricorn Man Breaks Up with You

Updated February 23, 2023
What Happens After a Capricorn Man Breaks Up with You

A Capricorn man, after a breakup, may surprise you. If you’re expecting a dramatic display of love and remorse, you won’t get it from him.

But that doesn’t mean he never cared. Capricorn men are simply practical, efficient and emotionally detached.

Wondering how to make a Capricorn man regret losing you? The key is to let your own success be the best revenge. The usual tactics will backfire with a Capricorn man. He won’t fall for drama or seduction.

After a breakup, a Capricorn man may easily adapt and move on. Capricorn men can be traditional and sentimental, but they don’t waste time pining.

When a relationship ends, if he doesn’t see a way to fix it, he’ll move on.

If he thinks there is a chance to repair the damage without too much effort, he’ll try to work things out. Yet usually a Capricorn man will put most of his effort into repairing the relationship before it reaches a breaking point.

He Works More

Will a Capricorn man come back after a breakup? He will come back under certain circumstances. If a Capricorn man wants you back after a breakup, he won’t be too proud to let you know.

Yet he won’t resort to grandiose gestures, either. He’ll remain sensible and down to earth, approaching the proposition like a businessperson. But first, he’ll disappear in his work.

Capricorn men use work to cope with stress. They feel important and needed when they’re working.

If a Capricorn man is hurt because of a breakup, you won’t know it unless you understand his subtle signs. If he spends every day at work, picking up overtime shifts, it isn’t because he needs the money.

Chances are, he’s doing this in reaction to the breakup. He’s trying to get over you or deal with his heartbreak without appearing vulnerable.

A Capricorn man will immerse himself in work in order to avoid dealing with his feelings. At some point, he’ll be ready to move on, but usually he hasn’t really reflected on or dealt with the issues that led to the breakup.

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He Swears Off Relationships

Leaving a Capricorn man alone at first can be the best way to let the tensions cool off.

Though he may not show it, a Capricorn man who has just gone through a breakup, even if he initiated it, will have hurt feelings. If nothing else, it’s hard for him to adapt to change and break with tradition.

He may initially swear off relationships altogether, concluding they are too much work.

He’ll tally the damage done in terms of how much money he invested in the relationship. One of the ways he’ll assess his emotional wounds is by reflecting on any financial fallout from the relationship.

He may then conclude that dating is too costly and not a secure proposition. If this is the case, you won’t have to worry about him having a rebound relationship.

A Capricorn man will be more likely to avoid relationships completely for a long time. He’s not one to go from one romance right into another.

He Blocks You

A Capricorn man, heartbroken over the loss of a relationship, may turn his pain into resentment. He doesn’t want to feel vulnerable. He may try to discourage you from contacting him in any way. If a Capricorn man blocks you, he’s setting a firm boundary.

It’s best not to try to contact him using other platforms if he blocks your number. This is his way of showing you he is not open to healing the relationship.

If a Capricorn man blocks you after a breakup, it’s best to move on. If he has a change of heart, leave it up to him to initiate contact.

When a Capricorn man blocks you, he’s establishing the new ground rules and making it clear he wants no contact.

Any attempt you make to try to get in touch with him and plead your case will only be seen as an intrusion or annoyance. It’s best not to take the chance.

When a Capricorn man is done with you, there is no changing his mind. He will not reconsider his actions once he’s gone as far as to block you.

It’s better to let him be and hope for the best after a breakup. If he’s going to change his mind, it can take him some time at first. Let him experience what life is like without you before trying to convince him to come back.

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He Changes His Profile

A Capricorn man wastes no time at all. After a breakup, he’ll take care of the business of returning to a bachelor lifestyle. This means he’ll methodically go through his social media platforms and change all his relationship status settings.

If he’s hurt, embarrassed or resentful, he may go as far as deleting all old pictures and references to you. Yet if he’s more moderate, he won’t waste time doing this.

Capricorn men don’t believe in trying to erase the past, but they also don’t dwell in the past. A Capricorn man still in love with his ex will keep old photos around for nostalgic reasons.

Yet he will also attend to practical aspects of his new single status. He’ll restart his dating website subscriptions if he’s ready to date again.

He may even keep a few profiles active just to keep his options open, even if he isn’t seriously looking for someone new.

He Acts Detached

If you are wondering how to fix things with a Capricorn man, the best thing to do is treat the conflict the same way you would address a problem at work. The more professional and objective you can act, the better.

Capricorn men avoid emotions and they avoid drama. If you pour your heart out to him in hopes of convincing him he’s made a big mistake, a Capricorn man will be likely to shut down completely and then block or avoid you.

He doesn’t want to be bombarded with feelings. When left to his own devices, a Capricorn man will act as detached from emotion as possible.

It’s best to let him have this illusion of being distanced from his feelings. Use this detachment to your advantage if you’re trying to get him to reconsider a breakup. Treat it like a business negotiation, not a plea for love.

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He Changes Routines

Capricorn men don’t like change. Yet after a breakup, he may make changes to his routines and schedule in order to avoid running into you.

If your lives were intertwined, he’ll go out of his way to avoid interacting with mutual friends or your family.

The one thing he won’t likely do is change jobs if you work together. Capricorn men are glued to their work.

If you had an office romance with a Capricorn man and things ended, he may try to change his schedule to avoid you but he’ll only leave his job if something better comes along.

It’s best not to try to corner a Capricorn man outside of the gym or at the store you know he goes to.

If you try this once, he’ll change up his routines so there will be no chance of you running into him again in this way. He won’t tolerate such intrusions into his private life.

He Becomes Territorial

Capricorn men are practical, efficient and territorial. After a breakup, he’ll act like the leader of a nation renegotiating boundaries after a war.

If he can’t move out right away, he’ll stake a claim to certain rooms in the house. He’ll immediately define his turf when it comes to places you used to go together.

If you have mutual friends, he’ll try to hold on to the friends who knew him first, avoiding the friends he met through you.

He may act surprised or upset to see you in public places. This is because he’ll assume certain places are his territory even if you hung out there before you knew him.

He won’t usually turn such situations into a scene. Capricorn men try to avoid creating a spectacle.

Instead he will try to create boundaries and divisions to avoid sharing space with you as much as possible. This may seem cruel, but this is his way of establishing security after a breakup.

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He Avoids Drama

Wondering what to do when a Capricorn man ignores you? Keep a low profile. Don’t send flowers to his office. Don’t blow up his phone with texts and calls. If you lose control of your emotions, he won’t be flattered by your passion.

He’ll be turned off. In fact, too much drama after a breakup may convince a Capricorn man that he is doing the right thing by keeping his distance.

Instead, try to avoid drama. Work on healing your own broken heart and give him time to come around if he’s going to.

One of the best ways to encourage a Capricorn man to come back is to become successful, independent and to follow your ambitions. When a Capricorn man sees you as stable, secure and powerful, he’ll think twice.

He Returns Your Stuff

It sounds counterproductive, but if you’re wondering how to make a Capricorn man chase you, the best thing to do is to act like it doesn’t matter.

The more you act indifferent, the more he will want to get you to open up and reconnect. Don’t be surprised if he returns your belongings soon after a breakup.

This is part of his method of clearing the slate and preparing to start over. He’s not trying to reject you, he’s just trying to regroup.

Don’t try to play games or avoid reclaiming your things. Instead, thank him for packing everything into boxes. Act as mature and practical as you can.

When a Capricorn man returns your belongings, it’s definitely a sign he wants his space back. This is not the time to try to change his mind.

Let him sit in a newly emptied home for a while. If you want to know how to make a Capricorn man miss you after a breakup, you’ve got to give him space to himself for some time.

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He Cleans House

Even after he’s returned all your things, a Capricorn man will want to clean house after a breakup. He does this because loss puts him in a purging mood. He may sort out old paperwork in his office and finally get rid of files from ten years ago.

He may go to extremes and completely redecorate. He’ll do this if he needs a new look or new furniture to go along with the drastic change of the breakup. He may splurge more than usual and buy comfortable things.

Losing a relationship can trigger a protective instinct in a Capricorn man, making him want to reclaim his home and his space. Sometimes, he’ll take this instinct farther and find the motivation to make needed changes to his home.

At the least, he’ll start to clear out, organize and redecorate his space. A Capricorn man may suddenly realize he doesn’t need to hang on to old relics from his past. He may try to turn the breakup into a positive motivator to release clutter he’s accumulated.

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