6 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Cancer Soulmate

Updated May 20, 2023

Cancer’s soulmate must be nurturing, understanding, and patient. People born under this sign can be moody and labile.

They are intuitive and family-oriented. Their ideal partners are sensitive and reassuring.

Cancer people are moody and emotionally driven. They can be intuitive and attuned to subtle energy. Their soulmate must be patient and understand their ups and downs.

They are homebodies who can be traditional and family-centered. Their soulmates must share their love of home and family.

Cancer can be affectionate and considerate. They can be insecure and need a partner who can reassure them of their intentions.

1. Capricorn

Capricorn is an earth sign and is also Cancer’s opposite sign. People born under Capricorn are traditional, sensible, and practical. They are stoic and can balance Cancer’s emotional nature.

They are sentimental and share Cancer’s traditional sensibilities. They are hard-working and reliable. Cancer feels reassured by stable and down-to-earth Capricorn.

Cancer is attracted to Capricorn’s steadfast and consistent style. They admire Capricorn’s classy charm. Capricorn can be protective and encouraging.

Cancer relies on Capricorn for stability and security. They share common values and can be financially savvy. Cancer and Capricorn are focused on home and may go into business together.

They can be perfect soulmates because they complement each other’s personalities. Capricorn provides a solid foundation and Cancer nurtures Capricorn’s career ambitions.

Capricorn helps Cancer work through their anxieties and worries. They can be supportive and loyal. Cancer appreciates their direct and honest demeanor.

Cancer’s soulmate’s age is a consideration. They are attracted to older or mature partners. Capricorn aligns with Cancer’s desire for a wise and serious soulmate.

Capricorns act older than they are. They take life seriously and are cautious and reserved. Capricorns can be a perfect match because of their grounded and paternal personalities.

The worst Cancer soulmates are Aquarius and Sagittarius. They are too independent and unreliable. Cancer needs a partner like Capricorn who always follows the rules and comes through with their promises.

2. Scorpio

Cancer is magnetically attracted to Scorpio. As a fixed water sign, Scorpio can be intense, charming, and mysterious. They are emotionally deep and intelligent.

They can sense Cancer’s subconscious fears and desires. Scorpios can be confident and encourage Cancers to come out of their shells. They are passionate and motivate Cancer to follow their ambitions.

Scorpio has a gift for sensing Cancer’s subconscious needs. Cancer is reassured by Scorpio’s perceptive and understanding nature. They form an emotionally deep and nurturing connection.

Scorpio and Cancer can bring healing and emotional connection to the relationship. Scorpio is fiercely protective of Cancer. They are devoted and loyal.

Although Scorpio can be suspicious and slow to trust others, Cancer’s honesty and authenticity lead them to let their guard down. Cancer and Scorpio share common interests and can quickly forge a life-long partnership.

Cancer is loyal and devoted. Neither makes the other jealous. They can both be insecure but their sensitivity and empathy help Scorpio and Cancer show their love openly.

As a Cancer soulmate, Leo is too assertive and dominating. Scorpio people balance their forthright nature with a softer, intuitive side. They know how to accommodate Cancer’s moods.

Scorpio and Cancer have an otherworldly connection. They stand the test of time and know how to connect on a deep and intimate level. They are obsessed with each other and can be caring and compassionate.

3. Pisces

Pisces is a mutable water sign, making them flexible, accommodating, and loving. They are empathetic and spiritual. Pisces can be an ideal soulmate for Cancer.

Cancer is attracted to Pisces because of their compassionate nature. They are gentle and adoring. Pisces can be artistic and expressive.

They are understanding and loving. Cancer trusts Pisces instantly and can be disarmed by their soft and gentle nature. Pisces nurtures Cancer and can be healing and comforting.

They share Cancer’s intuitive nature and can sense when Cancer needs more attention because of their low moods. Pisces understands Cancer’s emotional nature.

Cancer may feel they have known Pisces before in another life. They are emotionally connected to Pisces. Pisces helps Cancer consider different perspectives.

Pisces is romantic and affectionate. They shower Cancer with attention and prevent this sign from becoming insecure. They are devoted and faithful in love.

Cancer’s soulmate’s zodiac is usually another water sign like Pisces because this sign has a spiritual and emotional bond with Cancer. They often have prophetic dreams about each other’s lives.

They can be sentimental and dreamy. Cancer and Pisces are a compassionate, loving pair. They can be inspiring and motivating, helping each other overcome insecurities.

A Pisces soulmate appeals to Cancer’s desire for intimacy and devotion. Pisces makes Cancer the center of their focus. They adore Cancer and give them all the praise and devotion they want.

4. Cancer

Cancer relates well to others born under their sign. They can be ideal soulmates for others born under the sign of Cancer. They understand each other’s moods and know how to comfort each other.

People born under the sign of Cancer can be attracted to nurturing, empathetic, sensitive partners. They find the traits they desire in other Cancers. They know how to boost each other’s moods and overcome insecurities.

Cancer people in a romantic relationship with each other can be committed and devoted for life. They make great partners for marriage. Cancer and Cancer as soulmates are endearing and romantic.

Cancer’s soulmate compatibility is best with a partner who understands their moods but can bring them out of their doom and gloom. They must balance each other’s emotions or they can further fuel each other’s depression.

Why are Cancers so dangerous? They can be detrimental in love because of their manipulative potential. Cancer soulmates can see through each other’s mind games.

They can be ideal soulmates if they avoid feeding into insecurities. They must be honest and direct with each other. An immature Cancer in love can try to use their intuitive skills to control or manipulate others.

Cancer and Cancer can be faithful and stick together no matter what happens. They ride out emotional ups and downs together. Cancer soulmates cling to each other regardless of their tribulations.

5. Taurus

Taurus is a fixed earth sign. People born under this sign are attractive, romantic, and sensual. They are endearing and protective of Cancer’s emotional needs.

Cancer is attracted to Taurus as a stable and sensible romantic partner. They seek a relationship with a Taurus soulmate to fulfill their desire for stability. Cancer and Taurus can be ideal partners in romance because they share traditional values.

Taurus is materialistic and brings pleasure and sensuality to the relationship. Cancer appreciates these characteristics. Taurus’s beauty and charm make Cancer fall in love instantly.

Taurus people have a caring, affectionate nature. They are thoughtful and have strong boundaries. Taurus role models self-care for Cancer and help them recognize their limitations.

Cancer can be empathetic, while Taurus is not overtly emotional. Cancer finds Taurus stabilizing and reassuring. If you’re wondering what sign is Cancer attracted to, they are most enamored with romantic, affectionate earth signs like Taurus.

Taurus and Cancer love entertaining at home. They make others feel comfortable and secure. Taurus attends to Cancer’s physical needs and creates a beautiful setting.

Cancer is protective of Taurus’s emotional needs. They notice Taurus’s subtle changes in mood. Taurus and Cancer both enjoy cooking and indulge each other in their favorite meals.

They are savvy investors who support each other’s family goals and dreams for a comfortable home. Taurus can be sensible and builds or repairs Cancer’s dream home. Cancer cares for the children and elders in the family.

6. Virgo

Virgo is a mutable earth sign and can be detail-oriented and practical. They are objective and rational. Cancer is attracted to Virgo as a soulmate because of their humble, caring nature.

Virgo can be an ideal partner for Cancer because they bring self-discipline and order to Cancer’s chaotic emotional life. Cancer uses their nurturing skills to soften Virgo’s hard edges.

Virgo is reliable and consistent. They keep their promises and follow through on their agreements. Virgos can be perfectionists and are not happy unless they complete their plans.

Their methodical style reassures Cancer. People born under the sign of Cancer can be family oriented and make Virgo feel at home. Virgo is ambitious and understands Cancer’s cautious nature.

Virgo is helpful and persuasive. Cancer people trust Virgo to give them advice. They can be wise mentors who help steer Cancer in a direction of health and self-improvement.

If you’re wondering who is Cancer’s enemy, this sign is the worst match with Aries. They are too harsh and critical of sensitive Cancer. Although Virgo has a critical side, they reserve judgment of their Cancer soulmate.

Virgo recognizes Cancer’s sensitivity and shows discretion before criticizing someone born under the sign of the Crab. Virgo uses a soft tone with this vulnerable sign.

Cancer with a Virgo soulmate is fortunate to have a faithful, honest, and conscientious partner. Virgo helps Cancer improve their health, something Cancer neglects depending on their mood.

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