What to Expect Sexually From a Cancer Man?

Updated September 4, 2023

A Cancer man’s sexuality is hidden at times. He’s not always comfortable discussing sex with someone unless he’s close to them.

It might take time to uncover your Cancer man’s sexuality. It’s worth the wait, though! Cancer men are gentle, considerate lovers.

Cancer men tend to take things slow in the bedroom. It might take him a while to sleep with you in the first place. When he does, he’ll be gentle, and he may also be shy.

Cancer men aren’t often wild in the bedroom. They are more focused on emotional intimacy and sensuality during sex. Don’t expect him to be too adventurous or spontaneous, especially at the beginning.

Your Cancer man will be focused on your needs in the bedroom. He’ll always make sure that you feel loved and taken care of.

He Takes Things Slow

Be prepared to take things slow when you’re with a Cancer man in bed. He’s never in any rush when it comes to sex.

Your Cancer man might take a while to have sex with you for the first time. Cancer men aren’t usually the type to have one-night stands. They like to wait.

Once you get your Cancer man into bed, he’s still not going to rush anything. He sees no reason to! If you two don’t have time to take things slow and just enjoy the experience, he won’t bother having sex.

If your Cancer man wants to try something in bed, he will likely ask you ahead of time. He’s not going to spring anything on you suddenly.

Taking things slow doesn’t mean that sex with a Cancer man is boring, though! It means he likes to take his time and build up to things.

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He’s a Gentle Lover

Being gentle is one of a Cancer man’s sexual traits. He cares about his partner, and he wants to make sure they feel good when having sex.

Cancer men are caring, nurturing people. Your Cancer man will never knowingly do anything to make you feel uncomfortable in bed. If he notices that something seems wrong, he will stop immediately.

Your Cancer man will take care of you, physically and emotionally. He will be as tender as possible and always be focused on ensuring he meets your needs.

Cancer men are unlikely to get rough in the bedroom unless their partner asks explicitly, and they talk about things ahead of time. If that’s something you want, you need to speak to him because it’s just not in his nature.

Focused On Foreplay

Are Cancer men good in bed? That depends on your preferences. Cancer men tend to be focused on foreplay, which is why many people consider them good lovers.

Cancer men are in no hurry to get to the “main event” during sex. Your Cancer man will gladly spend hours on foreplay if you want.

Sex is about the entire experience for a Cancer man. He’s in no rush to finish. He wants to enjoy himself and ensure that his partner enjoys herself.

Your Cancer man might take a while to warm up, but he can go for a long time once he does. When you’re with him, relax and enjoy the experience.

You can be open with your Cancer man during sex. If there’s a specific thing you’d enjoy doing, just let him know. He’ll likely be happy to incorporate it.

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He’s Romantic

A Cancer man’s seduction techniques aren’t that bold or risque. He will likely romance you before trying to get you into bed with him.

Your Cancer man won’t just proposition you out of nowhere. Before he takes you to bed, he’ll probably take you out for a nice meal, put on some relaxing music, and make sure he sets the mood.

A Cancer man is never focused entirely on the sex itself when he has sex. He wants it to be a satisfying, romantic experience too!

Be prepared for some cheesy actions from your Cancer man. He might light some candles or put on music during sex.

A Cancer man is also the type of person to say he loves you during sex. He means it, of course, but it can sometimes slip out before he means for it to!

He Needs Emotional Intimacy

Whatever your relationship with your Cancer man is, he will likely want emotional intimacy during sex. Cancer men have a difficult time enjoying sex without some sort of connection.

A Cancer man’s best match in bed is someone who understands his need for emotional connection. He needs someone who will take the time to focus on their feelings for him, not just the sex itself.

Even if your relationship is new, your Cancer man will still want intimacy during sex. He wants to feel a connection with you even if you two aren’t in love yet.

This will be true if you’re having casual sex with a Cancer man. He can never just have sex!

Be open with your Cancer man during sex. Try to be comfortable with having an emotional experience, not just a sexual one.

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Needs A Comfortable Environment

The more comfortable a Cancer man is during sex, the better the sex will be!

Cancer men need to be in a comfortable environment to enjoy sex. Most of them don’t enjoy public sex, so the environment will also need to be private.

Your Cancer man will likely tidy up his place if you two go there after a date. He’ll make sure that his room is as clean and comfortable as possible.

If you’re bringing a Cancer man home, try to return the favor. Make sure your place is as comfortable as possible so that you can fully enjoy yourselves.

A Cancer man is sexually compatible with people who can at least respect his need for comfort during sex. He can have sex with partners who are more wild and carefree than he is. He just needs someone that will respect him and his preferences.

He Can Be Shy

Are Cancer men shy? Many of them are, especially in the bedroom. Be prepared for this when sleeping with a Cancer man for the first time.

If your Cancer man has specific kinks or preferences that are on the wild side, he’s unlikely to reveal this to you right away.

It takes time for a Cancer man to feel comfortable completely opening up to a partner about sex. He may seem shy or hesitant at first, but don’t take that to mean he’s not having a good time!

Cancer men are also sincere. If your Cancer man doesn’t want to have sex, he’ll let you know. If he seems shy but says he’s ready, trust that he’s ready.

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He’s Not Wild

Sex with a Cancer man can be excellent. It just isn’t always exciting. Cancer men aren’t that wild in the bedroom, especially with newer sexual partners.

Cancer men prefer tender, gentle sex over wild, passionate sex. This doesn’t mean that they are incapable of being passionate, though.

Your Cancer man might be willing to try some more adventurous things with you once he’s gotten comfortable. He’s just unlikely to spring something on you or be too impulsive in the bedroom.

A Cancer man’s best match sexually is with someone who won’t get bored of him. He might not be wild and spontaneous all the time, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a good lover!

He’ll Focus On You

Many Cancer men focus on their partner’s needs during sex rather than their own. They are rarely selfish lovers.

Your Cancer man won’t enjoy himself if you aren’t having a good time. If he wanted to focus on himself, he wouldn’t bother having sex in the first place.

You can always trust a Cancer man to take care of you during sex. He’s an intuitive person, and he will constantly check in to ensure that things are going well.

Never be afraid to tell a Cancer man what you want during sex. Even if he isn’t comfortable doing something, he’ll still do his best to make you feel good.

Some Cancer men can take this a little too far, of course. If you think your Cancer man is completely neglecting his needs, don’t be afraid to take over! He will appreciate you trying to care for him as well.

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He’s Highly Sensual

Sex is never just sex for a Cancer man. It is a sensual experience. Your Cancer man wants to ignite all the senses while having sex.

Touch isn’t the only sense that’s important during sex for a Cancer man. It should be as pleasurable as possible and appeal to all the senses.

Your Cancer man might enjoy it if you wear perfume. He’s likely to wear cologne or light scented candles so that there’s a pleasant aroma in the room while you two make love.

Cancer men often have high-quality, soft sheets on their beds too. He might also buy you some lingerie to wear to bed to further add to the experience.

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