How to Play Mind Games With a Cancer Man

Updated December 6, 2022
How to Play Mind Games With a Cancer Man

To a Cancer man, mind games can be emotionally devastating. It’s always best to be honest and direct with a Cancer man, unless you want to completely destroy him.

Playing mind games with a Cancer man can ruin any trust he has in you.

If you’re wondering “Is my Cancer man testing me?” and you’re tempted to play games to find out, this can backfire. Cancer men are extremely sensitive.

The signs a Cancer man is playing you can actually just be his typical shy behavior. Usually he runs hot and cold when he’s insecure. If you play games with him, he’ll shut down.

If you really want to play mind games with a Cancer man, it’s easy to do. Just know you’re playing with fire and the damage may be irreversible.

Make Him Feel Insecure

When you see signs a Cancer man has feelings for you and you want to play with his mind, play on his insecurities. This only works if he cares about you in the first place, though. Call out his fears and remind him of his insecurities.

If you see signs a Cancer man doesn’t like you, it’s best to not bother with this strategy. It won’t have the same impact. If anything, he’ll just think you’ve got a strange obsession with his personal life.

Yet if he cares about you, a Cancer man will value your opinion of him and hold you in high regard. When you make him feel insecure about himself or the relationship, it will definitely mess with his mind.

The more you see signs a Cancer man is serious about you, the more of a toll this strategy will take on him personally. He’ll feel devastated and second guess himself. He’ll question his own intuition when you dredge up his insecurities.

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Make Him Jealous

If you want to know how to make a Cancer man chase you and you think jealousy will do the trick, be forewarned. A Cancer man won’t chase you when you play with his emotions. He’ll run from you.

If that is truly what you want, then making him jealous is a great way to get him to go into his shell and never come out again. He’ll give up on pursuing you even if he still loves you. He may hold onto a fantasy of being together but he won’t put his heart on the line.

Making a Cancer man jealous definitely messes with his head. It will make him question whether or not you ever really cared about him. Filled with self-doubt and maybe even self-loathing, he will feel like everything he thought was secure is now falling apart.

A Cancer man testing the waters in a relationship may even set the stage for you to make him jealous. Don’t take the bait unless you really aren’t serious about your relationship with your Cancer man.

Jealousy is something a Cancer man does not easily heal from. He may forgive eventually but he’ll never forget. He’ll never truly let it go and will hold the situation over your head in a manipulative power struggle that it is best to avoid in the first place.

Upset His Sense of Comfort

Cancer men will hang on when they’re in love. When a Cancer man is done with you, it is because he no longer trusts you. When you upset his comfort and security, you’re messing with his mind in an unforgivable way.

He may never feel completely connected to you again if you disrupt his comfort zone. This is particularly true if you do something to make him feel uncomfortable in his own home.

Making him feel unsettled is a sure way to ruin his peace of mind and drive up his anxiety. If you really want to play mind games with a Cancer man, making him uncomfortable is a good way to do it.

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Provoke Distrust in His Family

If you want to know how to make a Cancer man miss you, playing mind games is not the way. He won’t miss you or want to be with you if he associates the relationship with drama.

If you really want to play mind games with a Cancer man, stir up drama with his family. Mention something that will spark an argument between a Cancer man and his siblings, parents or other close family members.

Making him question or doubt his family relationships is one way to provoke distrust in a Cancer man’s family ties. This can be deeply unsettling for him since his family is his biggest source of support.

A Cancer man doesn’t easily deal with learning things about his family that challenge his belief that he is safe and secure within these relationships. Sharing disturbing information about his family can trigger a Cancer man on a deep level.

Show Interest in His Friends

For a Cancer man, confusing the boundaries in the relationships will be unsettling and destructive to the relationship. If you flirt with his friends, or even show the slightest romantic interest, it will hurt a Cancer man.

This is especially true if you show an interest in his friends that is vague enough to be played off as friendly or joking, but also just barely crosses the line enough to seem serious. This will confuse him and make him feel awkward.

He’ll doubt the loyalty of his friend while also feeling triggered because you are expressing interest, even indirect interest, in another man. Only do this if you really want to mess with a Cancer man’s mind and potentially destroy the relationship.

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Criticize Him for Anything

Cancer men are highly sensitive. If you don’t want to completely scare him away but just want to show your ability to dominate the relationship, criticize him for just about anything.

Cancer men hate being criticized, whether it is done publicly or privately. A Cancer man who feels criticized will feel deeply hurt and rejected. He never wants to feel like he’s disappointing you.

He’ll question whether you’re going to leave him and this will trigger his fears of abandonment. When he feels criticized in the relationship, a Cancer man will want to hide in his shell.

Doing this repeatedly will be very damaging to a Cancer man. At some point, you may cross a line where he retreats and doesn’t return. Usually, though, a Cancer man will tolerate a lot of discomfort if he thinks he can repeatedly change himself to try to please you.

Don’t Keep His Secrets

If you want to crush a Cancer man, break his confidences. Lead him to think his secrets are safe with you when they aren’t. Gossip about him. You don’t even have to focus on deep dark secrets.

Cancer men are shy and introverted. You can make him feel deeply betrayed by sharing a seemingly inconsequential detail about his life or a story he told you privately. Only do this if you want the games you play to turn him off to you forever.

A Cancer man won’t forgive you for breaking his trust so don’t make this decision without first considering the long-term consequences. Not only to him, as he will be destroyed by your exposing his secrets, but also the consequences to the future relationship.

If you want to work things out and get him to trust you, or even make him fall madly in love with you, this is definitely not the way to go. Only break his trust and spill the beans on his private stories if you are sure you never want to see him again.

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Make Him Doubt His Feelings

A more subtle way to play games with a Cancer man is to get him to doubt his own feelings. Gaslighting is particularly damaging to a Cancer man because his feelings shape his reality.

He will be devastated if you play this game with his mind, but he won’t be able to clearly put a finger on what is wrong. He may not even fully fault you for the games you are playing.

This is why this form of mind-game is particularly abusive and damaging. This is not something that should be taken lightly. If you make a Cancer man doubt his feelings, he may not end the relationship.

But he will experience negative consequences from this emotional havoc. He will lose confidence in himself and will doubt his ability to live up to his ambitions, including his dreams for the relationship.

Question His Intuition

Another of the subtle but highly damaging way to play games with a Cancer man’s mind is to lead him to doubt his intuition. When he tells you his gut instinct, repeatedly ask if he is sure.

Try to attribute his intuitive hunches to some other factor. Second guess him. If he cares about you, he’ll value your opinion and your second guessing him will make him second guess himself.

A Cancer man’s intuition is one of his most important strengths. If you undermine it, you undermine him as a person. Only do this if you are absolutely sure you want to cause serious damage to his mind and stability.

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