What Happens When a Cancer Man Gets Mad?

What Happens When a Cancer Man Gets Mad?

This sign is usually sweet and non-confrontational, so what can you expect when you make a Cancer man mad?

How will he behave so that you know how to tell when he is upset?

Cancers don’t like to ruffle feathers or hurt other people’s feelings, but they can’t help but show their emotions, even when they try to conceal them.

Depending on what has caused his anger, there are many different ways a Cancer guy might show he is upset.

The more you know about his sign’s personality, the better prepared you will be to recognize the signals that a Cancer man is mad.

He Gets Passive-Aggressive

Cancers don’t like confrontation, so when a Cancer guy is angry, he probably won’t tell you directly.

Cancers are also highly intuitive and have the gift of being able to sense other people’s emotions. Unfortunately, they often don’t recognize that this is a rare trait and expect other people to intuit their emotions, too.

Between his typically mellow nature and his personal ability to read emotions, a Cancer man doesn’t feel like he should have to tell you when he’s mad.

Instead, when a Cancer man is mad at you, he will become passive-aggressive and irritable. You will need to figure out for yourself what you did to upset him because he won’t spell it out for you.

He Needs His Anger to Be Recognized

You rarely have to worry about telling a Cancer man how you feel because they are so empathetic that they often already know before you say a word.

But when your Cancer guy is upset, you should definitely say something to show you realize how he is feeling.

Although he won’t want to confront you with his anger, he still wants his anger to be recognized, even if you’re not the cause of it.

If you wait for his mood to pass without acknowledging it, it will only get worse because that’s what happens when you ignore a Cancer man.

Instead of brushing his feelings aside, ask him if something is bothering him, and if there is anything you can do to help. The more you try to make him feel better, the faster his bad mood will pass.

He Cries

Cancers when hurt can’t hide their feelings, no matter how hard they try. If your Cancer man is upset, he will have to vent his emotions somehow.

Often, Cancers will process anger in the same way that they handle sadness or frustration. They will work themselves up until they cry because they are so mad.

When your Cancer man wells up, don’t assume that he’s depressed. He might actually be full of rage and this is his way of expressing it.

Cancers are very emotive, so crying can also be a sign of loneliness, tiredness, or even joy. You will need to ask him what’s behind his tears instead of assuming that he’s sad.

He Throws a Fit

Every sign of the zodiac has a symbol that correlates with the typical personality traits of that sign. The symbol for Cancer is the crab.

A crab will use its pincers to defend itself when angry or threatened, and a Cancer guy exhibits the same trait as his symbolic animal.

A Cancer man when hurt will show you just how sharp his claws are. He will lash out when provoked past his breaking point.

His anger will either come out in lots of smaller outbursts or if he bottles it up until he explodes, it will come out in an explosive fit of rage.

When a Cancer man gets mad, be prepared for a temper tantrum. After all, he is the first water sign of the zodiac, making him the “youngest” of this emotional element.

Just like a child, a Cancer guy will vent his anger by yelling, stomping, and making a huge fuss.

He Gets Defensive

When a Cancer man is angry with you, he will have a hard time admitting any wrong-doing of his own.

It usually takes two people to argue, but a Cancer guy can get so blinded by his rage that he doesn’t recognize that he is part of the problem.

Although he has no problem apologizing sincerely when he knows he has done something wrong, he is usually too heated and emotional when he’s angry to see that the other person might have a reason to be upset, too.

In the passion of the moment, a Cancer man will get defensive and only focus on his side of the story. He’s usually a patient listener, but when he’s mad, all he can think about is his version of events.

He Isolates

Just like a crab retreats into its shell when it feels unsafe, a Cancer man might need some space to cool off when he is mad.

A Cancer man acting distant after an argument is unsurprising because this sensitive sign takes physical and emotional space for himself when he’s upset.

Normally when you lavish your Cancer man with affection, he basks in your attention. But when your Cancer man needs time to think, give him some room to breathe.

He rarely asks for separation from his loved ones, so if he needs it after a fight, make sure you don’t take it personally.

Accommodate his desire for some alone time and stay out of his way while he isolates to sort through his feelings.

He Takes It Out in the Bedroom

Cancers are very sensual and communicate in many ways, including touch. When a Cancer man is in love, he constantly shows his partner affection and can’t keep his hands off of her.

A Cancer guy will express his anger physically, too. This doesn’t mean he will punch a wall or beat down a door; he’s much more of a lover than a fighter.

But he will show you how angry he is by taking it out in the bedroom.

There is nothing hotter than angry makeup sex with a Cancer man. If he’s frustrated and just wants to feel close to you, sex is his favorite way of regaining intimacy.

If you want to know how to make a Cancer man chase you even when he’s upset, take out your frustrations on each other in the bedroom.

Instead of arguing with words, show one another how much you still care by getting close physically. When you’re done, you’ll both be so flooded with happy hormones that it will be much easier to resolve the issue.

He Expects an Apology

Cancers tend to overanalyze their emotions and when they are upset, they have a hard time letting go of their anger.

When you make a moody Cancer guy mad, don’t think that you can move past it without a proper and sincere apology.

If you want to know how to win your Cancer man back after a fight, you need to show him that you are genuinely contrite.

Tell him exactly what you did wrong, show him how sorry you are, and never repeat the mistake.

Do something nice for him like cooking his favorite meal or cleaning up the house to show how much you appreciate him, despite your wrong-doing.

If you don’t say you’re sorry, he will never let go of the issue and you two won’t be able to move on.

He Holds a Grudge

Some signs can laugh off or move past an argument quickly. They don’t take their negative emotions too seriously, and would rather sweep them under the rug or move on.

But Cancers feel their emotions deeply and they can hold a grudge until the end of time.

If you do something to anger a Cancer, don’t expect him to forgive and forget. Although he might forgive you after receiving a proper apology, he still won’t ever forget what you did.

Do your best not to make a Cancer man mad because if you do, you might never hear the end of it.

He Is Vengeful

If you make a Cancer man angry, you should watch your back. Cancer is one of the more vengeful signs of the zodiac.

He might seek revenge right away, or he could wait and let his anger simmer for years before he decides to get you back for hurting him. Either way, when provoked enough, a Cancer guy will get revenge.

Fortunately, Cancers prefer to come up with ideas for revenge rather than carrying them out. They like to come up with evil plots but what they do is usually much milder than the revenge of their fantasies.

For example, if you work with a Cancer guy and refuse to cover a shift for him after he just covered a shift for you, he will fume inside. He’ll plot your demise and plan a thousand painful revenge scenarios.

But in reality, he will wait for you to ask him to cover a shift again so he can gleefully reject you and will never cover a shift for you again as his practical way of settling the score.

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