Do Cancer Men Fall in Love Easily?

Do Cancer Men Fall in Love Easily?

Is a Cancer man’s love easy to win? You may wonder this if you’ve become smitten with a Cancer man.

A Cancer man falls in love fast. In most situations, you can tell when a Cancer man has a crush on you.

How long does it take for a Cancer man to fall in love? The answer will surprise you. Although he acts tough and defensive, he falls in love quickly.

A Cancer man’s behavior, when in love, is obvious. He’ll be awkward and shy, but also affectionate. He’ll find reasons to cross your path. A Cancer man in love is a classic romantic.

Though he may try to keep his defenses up, his walls will fall away. You’ll see that a Cancer man loses himself in love fast and will want to show it.

Cancers Fall in Love Fast

A Cancer man never just likes you. A Cancer man madly in love will show his interest in you. He jumps right over the courtship stage and goes from attracted to head over heels in love. He may not show it at first, he’ll try to act indifferent.

This fa├žade will be short lived. By the time you go on the first date with a Cancer man, he’s already planning for marriage. He’s sensitive and vulnerable and he will immediately fall in love even if he tries to hide it.

Telling a Cancer man how you feel is a great way to help him feel comfortable. He’s drawn to emotional connection. He wants to be emotionally validated and close to you. When you show vulnerability first, he’ll be reassured.

He’ll also feel encouraged because he loves it when a woman can be emotionally expressive. He needs to feel like you are speaking his language. He will usually fall in love even if the situation isn’t perfect.

If you don’t live up to his hopes and expectations, he’ll feel crushed. He may even convince himself that you misled him. Usually, this is the result of a Cancer man rushing into love without getting to know you.

He Needs Security

How does a Cancer man test you? He doesn’t intentionally test you because he doesn’t like playing mind games. Yet a Cancer man will test you by showing you some aspects of his personality and emotion to see how you’ll respond.

A Cancer man may also test your faithfulness and try to set you up to fail. He’ll do this by acting nonchalant about issues he really cares about. He assumes that if he can “trick” you into revealing your intentions to harm him, he’ll be a step ahead.

This is just one example of the lengths to which a Cancer man will go in order to feel secure. He will anticipate any traps in the relationship and sometimes even try to bait you to see if you fall for it or prove yourself to him.

This isn’t because he’s trying to be mean to you. In fact, a Cancer man goes to such extremes to try to test you because he loves you. This is his way of proving to himself that he can trust you.

He’ll go to these measures to reassure himself he can proceed with the relationship. This is an exact indicator of just how sensitive he is and how quickly he falls in love. If he could contain his emotion, he wouldn’t need to be so cautious.

He Hides His Feelings

How does a Cancer man act when in love? He will be shy and bashful at first, usually. He stumbles over his words and avoids eye contact. He’ll try to spend time with you. He’ll stand close to you and find reasons for friendly affection.

He may adamantly deny having feelings at first, not even confiding in friends right away. Yet he’ll still linger around. Then he’ll start to drop his defenses.

In some ways, a Cancer man in love acts like a boy who has a crush for the first time. He has an awkwardness that surfaces and he may seem more quiet. When he feels comfortable, he’ll open up.

When this starts to happen, he’ll become much more talkative. When a Cancer man is falling in love with you, he’ll be charming, sweet and romantic. He will show great compassion and sensitivity.

He’ll Open Up Slowly

A Cancer man will open up slowly. This doesn’t mean he hasn’t fallen in love with you yet. Usually, a Cancer man has already fallen in love with you but will try to maintain the image of indifference.

When he does start to let his guard down, he’ll do so slowly. He’ll start to tell you more about his family or childhood. He’ll invite you into his home. He’ll show up after work to surprise you. He’ll text you more frequently.

He will start to talk about his feelings more. A Cancer man loves to be intimate and sentimental, sharing romantic moments with you. He’ll also show more public displays of affection.

When he takes you to meet his family, he’s definitely invested in the relationship. Earlier stages of a Cancer man getting comfortable can also include introducing you to his friends. Though he falls in love quickly, a Cancer waits to introduce you to his inner circle.

He’s Quick to Show Affection

A Cancer man will eagerly show affection, but he may start with less invasive physical contact first. For instance, he’ll hug you from the very beginning. Yet when he’s falling in love, he’ll hold a hug for longer.

He will try to reserve his affection initially. He will put a hand on your knee, put his arm around you or hold hands.

A Cancer man will also show you he cares by finding excuses to stand near you or sit close to you. If he has to interact from a distance, he will stay in touch frequently.

Ideally, though, a Cancer man wants to be physically present with you. He wants to look into your eyes (once he gets over his initial insecurities). He wants to be able to touch you and be close to you.

He Wants to Get Serious Immediately

You may have heard a Cancer man’s scared of love. This isn’t exactly true. He feels love for you instantly, but will hold back for a brief time. He’s not scared of love. He’s afraid of being rejected or abandoned.

Deep in his heart, a Cancer man wants to move in right away. He dreams of having an instant family. He doesn’t wait because he’s patient. He waits because he wants to protect himself.

Yet he’s eager to get serious with you. He may come right out and start talking about his desire for marriage and family relatively early in the relationship. A Cancer man doesn’t like the process of getting serious. He wants the security of commitment.

He Gets Attached Easily

A Cancer man wants to cling like his symbol, the crab. He gets attached before he will even admit it to himself. A Cancer man wants to be emotionally connected to you and will be much more attracted than he lets on.

A Cancer man may meet you once and decide you are his Soul Mate. This can lead to heartbreak, confusion and disappointment. Sometimes a Cancer man falls in love with some aspect of your personality without really getting to know you.

He may also become attached to the dream he has of settling down. He needs to take it slow or else he’ll react to a fantasy that may not be practical. He can project his feelings and wishes on to you, for example.

He Falls Head Over Heels

When it comes to love and romance, a Cancer man will fall fast and hard. He will fall in love completely, even to the point of irrationality and obsession. He may still try to hide his feelings.

He tries to give his rational side a chance to catch up with his emotions. A Cancer man can become irrational in love. As a result, he will also be prone to jealousy and insecurities. He falls so madly in love that he may lose sight of his priorities.

A Cancer man can become so swept up by the moment when he is in love that he may jump into a serious relationship without really evaluating it. He may make risky decisions like moving in together or starting a business with his partner.

He may be shy or cautious at first, but then will drop all defenses and go above and beyond to try to please his partner. He will completely change his life and plans in order to gain the approval of his love interest.

A Cancer man, when he’s comfortable in a relationship, will automatically assume it is forever. He will act as if he has nothing to worry about because once he trusts you he’ll assume nothing can go wrong.

He may try to merge finances and do things to protect your interests. He’ll want to cook for you and may try to control some of your decisions. When he does this, he’s trying to show his protective instincts, even if he goes overboard.

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