How Does a Cancer Man Like to Kiss?

How Does a Cancer Man Like to Kiss?

If you are eagerly anticipating his lips touching yours, you may be thinking, “How does a Cancer man kiss?”

Are his kisses soft and sweet, or rough and possessive?

You can use astrology to figure out how the signs kiss and what it means, including how a Cancer man likes to kiss.

Understanding the way a Cancer man thinks and behaves when he likes a woman will tell you more about what to expect from his kiss.

You can look at his astrological sign’s typical personality traits to figure out how to kiss a man born under Cancer in the way he likes best.

His Kiss is Romantic

If you are wondering, “Are Cancers good kissers?” The answer is almost always yes! If you’re dating a Cancer man, you’re lucky to be dating a sign that is usually considered one of the best kissers of the entire zodiac.

Cancer is also one of the sweetest and most romantic astrological signs. He not only knows the right moves to make a kiss enjoyable, but he knows how to pick the right time and place.

A Cancer guy will create or wait for the perfect setting and atmosphere for your first kiss, and if you are in a romantic location you can be sure he will take advantage of the moment and kiss you.

He is so sensitive to his surroundings and the environment that they have a strong effect on his mood. If you’re watching a gorgeous sunset or taking a sentimental stroll in the moonlight, expect your Cancer man to smooch you.

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His Kiss is Passionate

Cancers are sensitive and emotional, and these traits shine through in his kissing style.

You can feel the heated passion in his kiss, traveling from his heart through his lips and into yours like an electrical current.

While some signs’ kissing styles are as cold and unemotional as their personalities, Cancers inject every kiss with their ardent and amorous nature.

A Cancer man’s passionate kiss will sweep you off your feet and leave you breathlessly hoping for more.

He Kisses in Private

Cancers are naturally quite shy and reserved, so even though he’s unafraid of public displays of affection, he probably won’t kiss you for the first time in public.

When a Cancer man has a crush on you, he will try to get you alone to get to know you better. That way, if you reject him, he doesn’t risk the pain of public humiliation.

Kissing you in private doesn’t mean he’s ashamed of you or doesn’t want his friends to know he likes you.

If he takes you somewhere private to kiss you, it’s one of the signs a Cancer man has a crush on you and is scared you won’t return his feelings.

Also, despite his penchant for PDA, you don’t need to fear that he will only ever show you his affection in public.

Cancers are just as touchy-feely in private as they are in front of others, if not more so. If he kisses you a lot in public, then he will be just as affectionate when you’re alone.

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He’s Not Afraid of PDA

Cancer is one of the signs that are most comfortable with public displays of affections, and he never shies away from PDA.

The only exception to this rule is when you haven’t become more than friends yet or you’ve just started dating.

If he’s not sure you like him as much as he likes you, he could be too shy to kiss you in public due to his own insecurity, not because he cares what other people think about your relationship.

But after you’ve been dating for a while, a Cancer man has no qualms about PDA and will proudly plant a smooch on you in front of the entire world.

Although this rule doesn’t apply to most other signs, when he won’t kiss you in front of his friends after weeks of dating, it’s one of the signs a Cancer man is playing you.

While some signs are naturally uncomfortable with public displays of affection, Cancers are at ease with kissing and touching in front of others once they are in a committed relationship.

So, if a Cancer man pulls away from you in public when you know he’s comfortable enough with you for PDA, it means he is upset or hiding something.

He Doesn’t Need to Kiss You First

Cancers tend to be shy and reserved, so no matter how much he likes you, he might struggle to make the first move.

Cancer men usually have old school values and appreciate traditional gender roles, so he doesn’t want you to be too sexually aggressive.

But if a Cancer man stares at you all night and seems nervous around you, don’t be afraid to make the first move.

Take him somewhere secluded so that he doesn’t get embarrassed by other people watching and give him a sweet and gentle kiss.

He will be elated that you reciprocate his feelings and relieved that he didn’t have to overcome his anxiety and try to kiss you first.

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He Kisses with More Than His Lips

When a Cancer man kisses, he doesn’t use only his mouth. For him, kissing is a whole-body encounter.

A casual peck on the cheek from a Cancer man can easily turn into a full-blown make-out session or more.

He will run his hands through your hair, pull you in close to him, and press his body against yours.

Of course, every single kiss can’t be a holistic experience, but your Cancer man will put his entire body, heart, and soul into his kisses whenever he can.

This also doesn’t mean that a Cancer man can’t be satisfied with just a kiss. He’s not trying to seduce you and get you into bed every time he lays a smooch on you.

He is earnest and sincere in everything he does for his lover, so he tries his hardest to make every kiss delightful to all the senses.

He Kisses His Favorite Body Parts

Each sign of the zodiac has a correlated body part that is of particular significance to that sign. You can look at a sign’s designated body parts as a map to his erogenous zones.

The body parts for a Cancer man are the chest, breast, and stomach. He will cover your stomach with kisses and nibble fondly on your breasts.

If you want to know how to kiss a Cancer man in a way that keeps him coming back for more, you must also pay special attention to his sign’s correlated body parts.

Place your hands on his chest when you lock lips or trail kisses down his stomach to invigorate his senses and create a sensual experience he will never forget.

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He Kisses to Communicate

Cancers are very sensual signs and they use every one of their senses to communicate.

Not only do Cancer men use their words to communicate, but also their gut intuition and their physical touch.

A Cancer guy will give you a quick kiss on the cheek as he walks past you while you’re working at your computer to encourage you and cheer you on.

He might even bite your lip a little to show you that even though he’s kissing you and he forgives you, he’s still a little mad about your argument earlier.

A kiss is never just a kiss to a Cancer man, and you must look beneath the surface to reveal the deeper meaning of his kisses.

His Kiss is Assuring

A Cancer man uses kissing and affection as a way of bolstering his partner and making her feel secure.

He wants his lover to feel safe, within the relationship and in the world. He kisses you to show that he’s there for you no matter what, and you will have him by your side to face whatever challenges may come.

If you are about to get on stage and give an important speech, a Cancer guy will encourage you with a reassuring smooch just before you go.

If you’re wracked with debt and worried about paying your next bill, a Cancer guy will wrap you in his arms and kiss you to tell you that everything will be okay and he’ll help you figure it out.

A Cancer man’s kiss is warm and assuring and can make you feel like you’re wrapped in a soft blanket of protection.

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His Kiss is Unconditional

Physical affection is highly important to a Cancer man and plays a significant role in his relationships.

A Cancer man views withholding affection as cruel and unusual punishment, and he hates when his partner pushes him away.

Even if you are fighting, a Cancer man will still kiss you to create closeness and convey that his love for you is unconditional. No petty squabble will stop him from showing you much he cares.

If he kisses you even in the midst of an argument just to show you that he still cares, it’s one of the sure signs a Cancer man is serious about you.

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