Is The Cancer Man Jealous and Possessive When in Love?

Updated August 23, 2023

If you are dating or interested in a guy born under this sensitive, watery sign, you may wonder, “Is a Cancer man jealous and possessive when in love?”

Cancer is one of the most jealous signs of the entire zodiac.

What makes this sweet sign so possessive? Is he insecure, or does he feel entitled to ownership of his partner?

Is his jealousy toxic and dangerous, or does it make him a more attentive, faithful partner?

Understanding a Cancer man and looking at the psychological makeup of his sign will help you recognize what will make a Cancer guy jealous and what it means for your relationship.

He is a Faithful Partner

Although he is capable of possessiveness, which is typically viewed as a negative quality in a partner, his jealousy means he is a faithful boyfriend and husband.

One of the Cancer zodiac traits is fierce loyalty. He takes pride in his integrity and is always there for his close friends, family, and partner.

Some signs don’t mind if their partners are jealous and possessive. They may even view it as a sign that their partner really values and cares for them.

If you find jealousy attractive and compelling in a significant other, or at least can stomach it, then a Cancer guy could be the faithful, devoted mate you seek.

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He Has High Expectations of His Lover

Because he strives to treat his significant other like a queen, a Cancer man wants a woman who will treat him like a king.

If you enter into a relationship with a Cancer guy, be prepared to meet his high expectations for a partner.

He will spoil, pamper, and adore you endlessly, and of course, he will always be faithful. But he expects equal treatment from you, otherwise, he will become bitter and resentful.

He may be jealous and possessive, but it’s because he puts so much effort into the relationship. He expects a return on his investment, so be careful not to take his love for granted.

He is Instinctively Possessive

Cancers are considered the “mothers” of the zodiac, as they are naturally nurturing, caring, and protective.

Cancers are kind of like mother bears fiercely defending their baby cubs in the wild; they have an instinctive drive to protect the people they cherish.

When a Cancer man loves a woman, he develops an innate desire to shield and defend her. He not only cares about her physical safety but also her emotional and mental well-being.

If you’re dating a Cancer guy, you can trust him with your life. His possessive nature means that he will do whatever it takes to guard and protect you.

Some signs may find the protective and possessive nature of a Cancer man overbearing, like when he insists on escorting you to your car at night or asking you to text him when you make it home safely.

But if he goes out of his way to shelter you from potential danger, it’s one of the signs a Cancer man is serious about you.

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He Knows When His Partner Cheats

People born under the Cancer horoscope sign are remarkably intuitive and observant.

Because they are so sweet-natured and dreamy, you might think they have their head in the clouds too much to know what’s going on around them.

But Cancers are highly perceptive and the people closest to them might even feel at times like Cancers are psychic.

Your Cancer partner knows what you’re thinking and feeling sometimes even before you do. He may be able to predict that you are considering infidelity, and he intuits when you have been unfaithful.

If you cheat on a Cancer partner, there’s no need to confess for him to find out. He already knows, thanks to his natural jealousy and instinctive possessiveness.

He is Sensitive to Betrayal

There is nothing that hurts a Cancer man madly in love more than being betrayed by his partner.

He fears cheating so much that his possessive and jealous nature can actually push his partner to cheat.

Of course, it’s unfair to blame a Cancer man for the unscrupulous actions of his partner. When people cheat, they are the ones at fault, not the person they betrayed.

But his hypersensitivity and anxiety surrounding infidelity can drive his partner crazy and might even push her into the arms of another man, one who trusts her more.

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He is Possessive of His Friends and Family

A Cancer man’s protectiveness extends beyond his romantic relationships. He’s not only possessive of his partner, but also his family and friends.

Just as he is instinctively possessive of his lover, he also has an innate desire to shelter anyone close to him in his life.

When his best friend is worried about being able to pay rent, a Cancer man quietly gives him the money without even being asked. He needs to know his friend has a safe roof over his head.

If his mother falls ill and is bedridden, a Cancer man will rush to her side and nurse her back to health. He wants to help heal her and make sure she receives the best possible care.

If you ever have children with your Cancer man, you can count on him to be an attentive and protective father. Cancers usually make wonderful parents, and his jealous nature helps him be an even better guardian.

He Can’t Hide His Jealousy

When your Cancer man gets envious, don’t expect him to hide it. Not only does he want his feelings to be recognized, but he also can’t help but wear his jealous heart on his sleeve.

If you flirt with another man in front of him, don’t expect your Cancer guy to forget about it. Jealous sulking is a typical Cancer man’s behavior when in love.

A Cancer man can’t hide or bottle up this particular emotion. He will express his displeasure and make it clear that it’s not behavior he will accept in a relationship.

On the other hand, he will never try to make you feel jealous or insecure in the relationship. You won’t have to worry about him being unfaithful or flirting with other women.

When he shows how much he wants you all to himself, it’s one of the signs a Cancer man is falling in love with you.

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He Won’t Get Over Infidelity

One of the typical Cancer negative traits is the ability to hold a grudge. Cancers are capable of holding onto anger and resentment for a long, long time.

If you cheat on your Cancer man, don’t expect him to get over it quickly. Honestly, you will be lucky if he ever moves past it.

He won’t break up with you right away, but he will show how hurt and disgusted he is. He will make sure you know exactly how terrible he feels and will probably make you feel awful, too.

Unless you apologize sufficiently and prove to him that you will never betray him again, a Cancer man won’t forgive you.

Even if he does forgive you, it’s impossible for him to forget. Don’t cheat on a Cancer man because even if you’re both able to move forward, it will leave a permanent stain on the relationship.

He Is An Excellent Detective

Each sign of the zodiac is “ruled” by a particular heavenly body. Some signs even share a planet, revealing some similar values and personality traits.

Cancer is one of the only zodiac signs that isn’t ruled by a planet. Cancer is governed by the moon, a mysterious, shadowy heavenly body.

Just as the moon routinely cycles through phases of covering itself in shadow and revealing itself in light, a Cancer man will unearth your secrets and illuminate them.

Cancers are drawn to the dark underbelly of things and relish in solving mysteries. If your Cancer man suspects that you are cheating on him, he will leave no stone unturned to uncover the truth.

A Cancer man has strong intuition and gut instincts, so he can feel it in his heart when you’re unfaithful. He is just looking for tangible evidence to confirm what he already knows.

His jealousy pushes him to look for the proof he needs, and his excellent detective skills make it easy for him to discover the truth.

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He Doesn’t Get Turned On By Jealousy

Some signs are unbothered by possessive partners or even think it’s an endearing quality. Other signs relish in competing for the object of their affections and view jealousy as sexy and romantic.

You might think it’s a fun idea to intentionally spark your Cancer man’s jealousy to spice up the relationship, especially if you feel like he needs to prove his devotion to you.

But if you want to know how to make a Cancer man chase you, intentionally making him jealous isn’t going to work.

He won’t want to rush to your side and fight for your love to prove his dedication to you. He will feel betrayed and disrespected, and it will only push you further apart.

Don’t brag about how another man asked for your number or that your ex-boyfriend is still desperately trying to get you back. This won’t impress your jealous Cancer man and it will make him feel unappreciated.

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