What Kind of Humor Do Cancer Men Enjoy?

What Kind of Humor Do Cancer Men Enjoy?

For a Cancer man, humor is a great way to bypass his defenses and help him open up. He’s sensitive, so you’ve got to know what appeals to him.

Understanding a Cancer man requires empathy, compassion and patience. Don’t shock him with abrasive humor.

A Cancer man’s mood swings can seem legendary. You’ve probably heard that he can be happy one moment and depressed the next. Knowing how to joke with a Cancer man can uplift him.

If you want to know how to make a Cancer man happy, you’ve got to appeal to his need for fun and comic relief. At the same time, you’ve got to take his emotions seriously.

When you understand a Cancer man’s personality, you’ll know how to tickle his funny bone. He will either be offended, or laugh hysterically, depending on the joke.

Inside Jokes

When a Cancer man has a crush on you, he will want to be as close to you as possible. He wants to make you part of his family. A Cancer man always wants to feel a deep emotional connection with you.

That’s why he has a soft spot for inside jokes. A Cancer man loves it when you bring up funny memories. Even if the memory was something that happened last week, not ten years ago.

When you make jokes that remind a Cancer man that you have a special link with him, it melts his heart. He loves it when you use humor to remind him of your link to him.

When you tell him an inside joke in front of shared friends or family, he won’t think you’re being rude. He’ll get an even bigger thrill out of knowing that you’re sharing this memory and bringing up humor that only he understands.

It reminds him of your exclusive status and that was more the thrill than the humor itself. Even a joke that isn’t terribly funny will excite a Cancer man if it’s something that only he would know.

Jokes from Childhood

What Cancer men want more than anything is to be reminded of home, family and childhood. He probably remembers his first and favorite jokes from childhood. He’ll remember the first joke that really made him erupt in a belly laugh.

In the early stages of dating a Cancer man, he’ll likely tell you stories from his early life. He may tell you the jokes he learned from his mother or early caretakers. Tread carefully with this.

If you repeat a joke that involved a touchy issue or vulnerable moment, even if it was funny, he will be offended. Never bring up jokes that are offensive or prey on his vulnerability. Instead, listen for stories he tells about his favorite funny experiences.

His favorite knock-knock jokes are likely to never lose their power when it comes to a Cancer man. These jokes are so basic and childlike that a Cancer man can’t resist them.

When he tells you his favorite childhood jokes, it doesn’t matter how often you repeat them. He’ll laugh every time. He’ll always get a kick out of classic jokes. Telling such jokes can ease tension and help him relax.

Laugh With Him (Never at Him)

One of the signs a Cancer man doesn’t like you is that he will become sarcastic or distant. As a result, you may judge his defensive nature as a signal that he is tougher than he actually is.

Women sometimes think a Cancer man is scared of love. This is not the case. He’s cautious and can keep his walls up, but a Cancer man has a soft and tender side. One easy way to get him to lower his defenses is to appeal to his sense of humor.

If there is one rule you keep in mind, it should be this one. Never laugh at a Cancer man. His defenses are there for a reason. He’s sensitive and vulnerable. He doesn’t easily cope with being the laughed at.

Even if he laughs along with you, he’s likely to be deeply upset on the inside. A Cancer man may not show it openly. That furthers his vulnerability. Instead he will hide his sensitivity.

He’ll go along with the joke, making a mental note to keep his distance in the future. If you suddenly stop hearing from your Cancer man, there is a good chance his vulnerability and insecurities were triggered by a careless comment.

Family Friendly Humor

Cancer man behavior, when in love is right in line with his best traits. He’s affectionate, friendly, compassionate, nurturing and devoted to family and children. Even if he doesn’t have children around, he prefers family friendly humor.

Before you make an adult joke about sex or violence or other mature themes, check with your Cancer man to see if he is open to these kinds of jokes. Usually he is not.

Instead he prefers jokes or funny stories that are child friendly. In fact, he may also enjoy watching funny movies that were made for kids and family to enjoy. Don’t underestimate the power of a G rated animated comedy to captivate a Cancer man.

Keep your language and humor clean and family approved when interacting with a Cancer man. He will get a bigger thrill out of innocent humor than he will out of vulgarity.

Jokes About Family

Not only does a Cancer man love jokes that are family friendly, he also loves jokes about family. This is because he’s always thinking about family. He appreciates the irony of being family oriented but also easily frustrated by family relationships.

It’s important to keep in mind that a Cancer man always wants his family to be respected. Joke about your own family relationships and see if he follows suit. Never initiate jokes about his family.

Even if you think he would agree with your comical assessment of the relationship between his siblings or parents. He’ll be hurt and offended if you poke fun at his family. Let him initiate this kind of humor first.

He may love mother in law jokes or jokes about mothers. This is because he has a conflicted relationship with his own mother. He’s likely to be very close to her but also intimidated by her.

Old Jokes

If you want to know how to attract a Cancer man, show your traditionalist sense of humor. Tell jokes you heard your grandparents tell. He loves old jokes because they remind him of family and the past.

A Cancer man is sentimental and even an old joke that is not particularly funny will appeal to him. He loves being reminded of his own past and childhood. Tell him the jokes you used to laugh at as a kid.

He also enjoys jokes that reflect timeless humor. You can count on a Cancer man to know antiquated terms that no one uses anymore. If you speak in anachronisms or make jokes involving outdated phrases, you’ll appeal to his sense of humor.

He’ll appreciate your knowledge of the past if you are able to joke about old cars or old traditions that are obscure. He loves feeling like you’re bringing him into a private world where it’s just him and you.

This is especially true if you take him on a journey into the past. Taking a nostalgic trip down memory lane with your sense of humor is disarming and relaxing to a Cancer man. He’ll love your insight into old time references and your sense of humor.

Finances and Food

When in doubt, joke about food and money. The key to a Cancer man’s heart is through his taste buds and his bank account. Yet he can also laugh and joke about his fascination with finances and food.

Business jokes, jokes about frugality or jokes about investments appeal to his link to financial security and preoccupation with money. If you make jokes that play on investment terms or that make light of his serious attitude toward finances, he’ll laugh with you.

Just remember not to laugh at him. Don’t make light of his personal financial situation. Also make sure you know the financial status of his family before making fun of affluent people if his family is wealthy, for example.

Food jokes, jokes about cooking or jokes about domestic life in general also appeal to a Cancer man. It may seem childish, but making jokes about the appearance of food or even playing around with food can appeal to him.

Make sure you know him well first. He needs to feel comfortable with you in order to open up and show his goofy side. Joking about family recipes and even making self-effacing jokes about your cooking skills, will get a laugh out of him.

Silly Humor

When he feels comfortable with you, he’ll show his silly side. You can be assured a Cancer man has a silly inner child. This is part of the reason it is so easy for him to relate to children. He’s nurturing and sensitive and he can get right onto a child’s level.

Of course, he’s also mature and serious about certain things. When he’s in a bad mood, don’t try to appeal to his silly side. He’ll assume you’re not taking him seriously. This can be devastating for an emotionally fragile Cancer man.

Instead, wait until he’s relaxed and calm and then enjoy some goofy humor with him. Let your inner child play and don’t hold back. He loves spontaneous displays of humor.

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