Is Your Cancer Man Hiding His Feelings?

Published December 4, 2022
Is Your Cancer Man Hiding His Feelings?

A Cancer man hiding his feelings will be evident to anyone who knows him well. Cancer men aren’t often the best liars!

Many Cancer men wear their hearts on their sleeves but may try to hide how they feel if they’re worried about being hurt.

Cancer men may try to hide their feelings for many reasons. Some are shy and take time to open up about how they truly feel.

Your Cancer man might seem extra nervous around you if he likes you and is trying to hide it. He may even avoid you if he’s having difficulty hiding his feelings! It’s difficult for Cancer men to lie.

It will quickly become apparent if your Cancer man tries hiding his feelings from you. He won’t be able to hide them for long, especially if you’re looking for them.

Why He Hides

Why do Cancer men hide their feelings? Cancer men aren’t always the most secure people. They sometimes have low self-esteem and may hide their feelings if they don’t think those feelings are reciprocated.

Cancer men also try to hide it when they are feeling depressed, angry, or scared because they don’t want to burden other people. Your Cancer man might be hiding from you if he feels like his feelings would just bother you.

When a Cancer man loves you, he might not always reveal those feelings immediately. You will likely need to be the one to pull him out of his shell and show him that hiding his feelings isn’t necessary!

If you want a relationship with a Cancer man and want him to stop hiding his feelings, you’ll likely need to reveal your feelings first. That will make him feel far more secure, and he’ll stop hiding from you.

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He’s A Bad Liar

One of the most obvious signs a Cancer man is hiding his feelings can be seen if he tries to lie about his feelings. Cancer men are terrible liars!

You will know immediately if your Cancer man is lying to you, especially if you know him well. Have a mutual friend outright ask him how he feels about you, and they should be able to tell if he’s lying or not.

If your Cancer man has been avoiding you and you confront him, he might lie about why. If he says he’s just been busy but he’s trying to hide his feelings from you, you’ll be able to tell right away.

Your Cancer man might avoid eye contact or seem overly nervous when lying. He may also tell different people different lies because he can’t keep them straight. If you catch him in a lie, he might be hiding his feelings for you.

He’s Moody

A Cancer man fighting feelings for someone might seem overly moody for no reason. It’s difficult for him to hide his feelings, which will likely affect his overall mood.

If your Cancer man suddenly seems moody or upset whenever you talk about other men or mention going on a date, he’s hiding his feelings for you. He is jealous and doesn’t know how to deal with it!

Your Cancer man might also be short with you when you try to talk to him. He may be upset with himself for being unable to express his feelings for you, or the effort of trying to hide might just be irritating him.

Ask your Cancer man what’s wrong. If he insists he’s not moody or won’t open up to you about what’s wrong, he is trying to hide something from you.

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He Seems Cautious

If your Cancer man seems overly cautious or nervous around you, he might be hiding his feelings!

Pay attention to how your Cancer man acts around you compared to his other friends. If he seems more at ease with them, ask yourself why he’s only nervous around you.

A Cancer man who doesn’t like you won’t seem cautious or nervous. He might seem cold instead, but you won’t make him nervous.

Your Cancer man might be more cautious around you because he’s worried about revealing his feelings. He might avoid talking about specific topics, or he may avoid being alone with you.

He may also be careful about what he says around you. If your Cancer man is usually very chatty, he might be quieter around you. He doesn’t want to reveal his feelings accidentally or make you suspicious!

He Avoids You

One of the signs a Cancer man likes you but is hiding it is that he’ll avoid you. This might not make sense, but he’s doing it because hiding his feelings is too difficult when you’re around.

If your Cancer friend suddenly avoids you at parties or stops hanging out with you as much, he’s trying to hide something from you.

He might be hiding the fact that his feelings for you have changed. He may also be trying to suppress anger or sadness. Either way, your Cancer man is hiding his feelings from you.

Your Cancer man is avoiding you because he knows you’ll notice how he feels if he spends too much time with you. He won’t be able to truly hide his feelings, so he’s trying to hide away from you completely.

If your Cancer man is avoiding you, confront him. He won’t be able to hide his feelings for long if he has to talk to you. His true feelings will quickly become apparent as soon as you have an actual conversation.

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He’s On Edge

If a Cancer man is hiding his feelings, he might always seem on edge. He won’t seem calm or relaxed even when he should be.

A Cancer man who is usually comfortable around you might suddenly seem uncomfortable if he’s hiding his feelings from you. He might fidget or adopt other nervous habits that he normally doesn’t show in front of you.

He might also seem jumpy around you. If you approach him at a party, he may suddenly seem agitated for no reason. He might stutter or stammer when you try to talk to him, even if that’s highly unusual for him.

Your Cancer man will be on edge when he’s trying to hide his feelings. That is not something that comes easy to him, and he’ll show many signs that something is wrong.

He’s Extra Sensitive

One of the signs a Cancer man likes you as more than a friend is that he’ll be extra sensitive to your mood. He might be hiding his feelings for you if he always seems to know how you are feeling.

If your Cancer man always seems to notice when you’re sad or angry, he might like you. He’ll be incredibly in tune with your emotions when he cares about you, whether or not he’s hiding it.

A Cancer man trying to hide his feelings might still try to show you that he cares in small ways. He may be trying to show you how supportive and compassionate he can be as a way of subtly wooing you.

He’ll also be more sensitive in other ways. He might seem uncharacteristically jealous when you talk about other men or be incredibly upset when you go on dates.

Your Cancer man’s emotions might get out of control when he’s trying to hide his feelings.

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Watch His Body Language

A Cancer man’s body language will always give his true feelings away. If he’s always leaning into you or standing closer to you than usual, your Cancer man might be hiding his feelings!

His body language will always reveal a Cancer man’s true feelings regardless of how much he tries to hide them. If a Cancer man is trying to hide anger, sadness, or feelings of love, his body will give him away.

If you want to know if he likes you and is hiding it, then pay attention when a Cancer man hugs you. Does he hug you longer than he hugs other people? Is the hug tighter or more intimate?

Even if a Cancer man tries to avoid you, his body language will show his true feelings. It might seem like he’s drawn to you even when he tries to stay away.

Follow His Gaze

If a Cancer man stares at you often, even when you’re not talking during a conversation, he might like you! Follow his gaze, and you’ll be able to figure out whether or not he’s hiding his feelings.

Cancer men might sometimes try to hide how they feel, but their eyes will always give them away. They are highly emotional people, and you can always read their emotions in their eyes!

Your Cancer man won’t be able to hide his affection for you, no matter how much he tries to hide his feelings. When you look into his eyes, you’ll be able to tell exactly how he feels.

He might try to avoid your gaze if he’s hiding his feelings. Your Cancer man won’t make eye contact with you and may look away whenever you catch him staring. That is a definite sign he’s hiding something!

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