Do Cancer Men Have a Freaky Side?

Do Cancer Men Have a Freaky Side?

If you are dating this mysterious water sign, you might wonder how you can bring out a Cancer man’s freaky side.

Does he have a wild side in bed, or is he all romance and sensuality?

Cancer signs are very guarded, so it might take some time for you to get him to open up enough to get experimental in the bedroom.

You can look at his sign’s typical personality traits to determine whether or not he has a crazy sexual side and if you are sexually compatible.

Understanding a Cancer man and what turns him on will help you know whether or not he is capable of getting kinky behind closed doors and what you can do to lower his inhibitions.

They Communicate Through Sex

Different signs have different communication styles, and one of the ways that Cancers communicate is through touch.

Before you even have sex, there will be plenty of physical signs a Cancer man likes you. He is highly affectionate and uses touch to form a connection with other people.

For a Cancer man, sex is about more than just satisfying a physical urge. It’s about showing his partner how much he cares and creating a physical bond of intimacy.

A Cancer guy will express his feelings in the bedroom, which means to him, sex is just as much of a way to get to know each other better as a conversation.

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They Are Passionate Lovers

Just as the signs have various communication styles, they also have different sexual approaches. Cancers are naturally very passionate and sensual lovers.

Some signs can detach emotionally in the bedroom, treating sex like a mechanical act or a conquest. For them, sex is about having fun or just getting off.

A Cancer man certainly knows how to have fun with his lover in the bed, but he also takes sex quite seriously.

His sexual style is intense and ardent, and he prefers a partner who brings their feelings into the bedroom, as well.

You might say that emotions are one of a Cancer guy’s sexual “kinks” – this amorous guy is most turned on by a sweet, sentimental lover.

They Need a Healthy Sex Life in a Relationship

There are signs that are perfectly comfortable abstaining from sex, and having an unfulfilling sex life isn’t a dealbreaker in a relationship for them.

But Cancers need to have a high-quality sex life to be content in a relationship. So, what does a high-quality sex life mean to him?

If you want to know how to make a Cancer man happy, then you need to have sex regularly. Because he views it as a way of expressing love, a lack of sex, to him, means a lack of love.

When you push your Cancer man away because you’re too tired or just not in the mood, he takes it personally.

Make sure that he knows you’re not distancing yourself from him and that you really just don’t feel like hooking up, otherwise, he could become pouty and anxious.

While he may not be the biggest “freak” in bed, a Cancer man has a healthy sexual appetite and needs to get it on regularly to be happy with his partner.

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They Will Do Anything for Their Lovers

Cancers are fiercely loyal and protective, and there is nothing they won’t do for the people they love.

When a Cancer man loves you, he will do anything for you, including whatever it takes to please you in bed.

Although his love-making style is fairly traditional and romantic, he will enthusiastically agree to anything you propose in the bedroom just to make you happy.

When he asks what your wildest sexual fantasy is, it’s one of the signs a Cancer man is serious about you.

He is a devoted and supported partner and wants to do whatever he can to make all of your dreams come true, both in and out of the bedroom.

No request is too freaky or outlandish for him to handle, as long as you have already established an intimate bond and feel emotionally connected.

They Care About Your Comfort

Cancers will enjoy the occasional one-night stand, but they really prefer to have sex when there are feelings involved.

Cancer men want to feel emotionally and physically safe with their sexual partners, so your Cancer man will want you to feel safe, too.

Not only will he make sure that you feel warm, comfortable, and in the mood for sex, but he will also go out of his way to show you that you can trust him with your heart, body, and soul.

Once you are both comfortable with each other and your surroundings, there isn’t a freaky thing your Cancer guy won’t try at least once for you.

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They Care About Your Satisfaction

Some signs are more selfish than others, including in the bedroom. These signs tend to care more about their own pleasure in the bedroom than that of their partners.

But a Cancer man will always put his lover first. He is quite magnanimous and a natural giver, both in and out of the bedroom.

If you want to fulfill the ultimate Cancer man fantasy, you’ve got to show him what turns you on the most. Don’t hold back any of your kinky desires out of fear that it will freak him out.

He gets turned on by turning you on, so enjoy his generosity in bed and please him by showing him how to pleasure you.

They Need to Feel Safe to Enjoy Sex

If you want to know how to attract a Cancer man, you’ve got to make him feel at ease before having sex with him.

For the sweet and sensitive Cancer man, sex is a truly intimate act. He might indulge in casual sex every once in a while, but in general, sex is anything but casual for him.

Cancer men prefer to have an emotional connection with you before having sex. This means that when he’s serious about you, he will wait until he gets to know your heart before taking you to bed.

A Cancer man will have the wildest sex of his life not with a one-night stand, but with the woman he has been in a committed relationship with for years.

He will only let his freak flag fly when he feels completely safe and secure with his sexual partner.

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They Are Open-Minded

If you’ve ever wanted to explore the dark side of a Cancer male in the bedroom, all you have to do is ask.

You don’t need to be afraid to open up to your Cancer lover and tell him about your deepest, darkest desires. You shouldn’t fear telling him about your sexual hangups and issues, either.

Cancers are very understanding and empathetic. They are nonjudgmental and want you to feel comfortable sharing anything with them.

There’s nothing freaky you could say in the bedroom that would disgust or scare a Cancer man. He is open-minded and won’t judge you for your wild sexual preferences or dirty little secrets.

They Prefer to Get Intimate at Home

If you want to know how to make a Cancer man chase you, then you should know his favorite place to have sex.

Each zodiac sign has a unique placement in a “house” that demonstrates the values and ideals of that sign.

Cancer is located in the fourth house of the zodiac, which is the house of home and family.

If getting it on in a public place is your thing, a Cancer man won’t judge you, but it’s not his style. He prefers to experience intimacy in the safety and privacy of his own home.

This might make him sound dull or uninventive, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Within the confines of his four walls, he is happy to experiment and get as freaky as you’d like.

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They Need to Be Pushed to Try New Things

Although they mostly enjoy robust and fulfilling sex lives, one trap that Cancers may fall into is getting too comfortable with their partners and becoming complacent.

His traditional values can make a Cancer man dominant, both in his household and in bed. He’s not controlling, but he doesn’t want to be emasculated.

He loves assertive women and likes when you tell him how to please you, but in general, he wants to feel like he’s in charge and take the lead when it comes to sex.

He is earnest and puts in the effort to have a fun and stimulating sex life, but over time his enthusiasm for trying new things will wane and he’ll go straight to the moves he knows you like best.

While there’s nothing wrong with this, it means that sex with a Cancer can become stagnant after a while.

He’s always open to new ideas, but it may be up to you to make suggestions and push him to try new and exciting things.

If you take the initiative and propose something different and freaky to try in bed, he will eagerly agree and take your idea to the next level.

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