How Does a Cancer Man Flirt?

How Does a Cancer Man Flirt?

If you’re not quite sure whether or not he is into you, you may be wondering, “How does a Cancer man flirt?”

How can you tell if he’s just being friendly or that he likes you as more than a friend?

Each sign of the zodiac has unique characteristics and a distinctive way of flirting.

By looking at the personality traits of his zodiac sign, you can learn more about a Cancer man’s typical flirting style.

Once you know whether or not he is flirting with you, you can decide whether or not you reciprocate his interest and how to respond.

He Tries to Get You Alone

Each of the twelve zodiac signs has a symbol that exemplifies its quintessential personality traits. The symbol for Cancer is the crab.

A crab carries a shell on its back for protection so it can furtively tuck into a safe hiding place at any time.

This mannerism fits Cancer sign people perfectly because they can be quite shy around large groups of people.

A Cancer man prefers to flirt one-on-one rather than in front of a crowd. He wants to get to know you in private where he can give you his full attention and not worry about prying eyes.

When a Cancer man has a crush on you, he will try to get you alone. It’s how he feels most comfortable flirting and gives him the chance to get to know you on a deeper level.

He Doesn’t Like to Make the First Move

Just as they are so shy they want to flirt with you in private, a Cancer man also may have a hard time making the first move.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to flirt with you, it’s just that he gets insecure and isn’t sure you feel the same way about him. He doesn’t want to embarrass himself or open himself up to rejection.

Cancers are very sensitive, and the possibility of rejection is too much for them to bear. If you want to know how to attract a Cancer man, don’t be afraid to make the first move.

He likes confident women who are willing to take the initiative, and once he knows you are interested in him he will feel more comfortable flirting with you.

He Asks You Lots of Personal Questions

One of the reasons it can be so difficult to tell whether or not a Cancer man is flirting with you is because he does it in subtle ways.

If he likes you, he will ask you tons of personal questions to try to get to know you better and see if you are a good match.

He isn’t just making friendly conversation; he’s actually checking to see if you are someone he could see himself dating.

It’s not worth the risk of the hurt and embarrassment he would feel from rejection if he finds out you are incompatible after you start dating, so he wants to assess your compatibility in a friendly way.

But make no mistake, when he asks you those seemingly friendly personal questions it’s one of the sure signs a Cancer man likes you more than a friend.

He Smiles and Laughs a Lot

Another subtle way that Cancer men flirt is by smiling and laughing a lot at anything you say, especially if you are with a large group of people.

You might think he’s just being nice or trying to keep the conversation flowing, but it’s really one of the ways he expresses romantic interest.

The trick to understanding a Cancer man is knowing that he is sensitive and afraid of rejection.

He might be too uncomfortable to make the first move in front of everyone, but he will pay special attention to you and flash a smile whenever you speak.

Cancer men want to come off as friendly, encouraging, and kind. If he likes you, he will grace you with his adorable smile and cute laugh to show his interest.

His Flirting Style is Traditional and Romantic

Some signs have an unconventional and quirky approach to flirting, but a Cancer man’s flirting style is romantic and traditional.

This is a guy who will woo you, wine and dine you, and treat you like a lady. His approach to flirting is old-fashioned in the best possible way.

No matter how modern and independent you are, let him hold the door for you, pull out your chair, and pay for dinner. This is how he shows love, and if you reject these gestures it erodes his confidence.

A Cancer man is a true gentleman when it comes to flirting, and he will try his best to make you feel comfortable and cherished.

He Flatters You

One of the signs a Cancer man likes you is when he lavishes you with praise. He won’t be shy about telling you how smart, amazing, and beautiful you are.

He will compliment you so much that it may come off as overwhelming or insincere, but know that he genuinely means every nice thing he says to you.

When a Cancer man falls for someone, he falls hard. He can’t keep himself from singing your praises because he thinks everything about you is so wonderful.

Let him stroke your ego and appreciate all of your fabulous qualities. He doesn’t compliment everyone so generously, so know that it’s definitely his way of flirting with you.

He Finds Reasons to Touch You

Some signs are more touchy-feely than others and crave affection. They need physical touch to feel loved.

A Cancer man is very physical and affectionate with the woman he loves. Touch is one of his love languages and he shows his emotional connection by closing the physical gap between you.

One of the physical signs a Cancer man likes you is when he finds any excuse to touch you when you’re together. He won’t be inappropriate or pushy, but he won’t be able to keep his hands off of you.

He may lightly touch your arm to make a point during a conversation or grab you in a big bear hug to say goodbye.

If you push him away or recoil from his affection, he will take this as a sign that you don’t like him and may stop pursuing you.

If you like him back, don’t shy away from his touch. Be affectionate and hug him back just as tightly to show him you’re interested.

He Makes Eye Contact

Each zodiac sign is ruled by a particular planet or set of planets in our solar system. Cancer is the sole exception to this rule because it’s the only sign ruled by the moon, which isn’t technically a planet.

When a Cancer man loves someone that person becomes the center of his universe, just as the moon revolves around the sun.

Since he can be shy, sometimes the only indication you will have that he likes you is if a Cancer man stares at you.

Cancers are great at using their eyes to flirt. They have deep, soulful eyes that will meet yours with a penetrating gaze.

If he likes you, his eyes will unabashedly follow you around the room. He wants to observe you to learn more about you, and, of course, because he thinks you’re so beautiful.

When a Cancer man makes eye contact or stares at you from across the room, don’t be afraid to approach him and make the first move. If his eyes are glued to you, it’s his shy way of flirting.

His Flirting Can Feel Overprotective

Cancers are extremely protective of their loved ones and one of the ways a Cancer will flirt with you is by taking care of you.

If someone says something negative about you or tries to harm you in any way, a Cancer man will have your back and defend you.

Sometimes he can be so protective that it comes off as pushy or bossy. But if he insists on walking you to your car or carrying your heavy bags, don’t take it as him being overbearing or controlling.

He flirts by finding ways he can help and nurture you. He wants to do anything in his power to make sure nothing bad ever happens to you.

When he tries to take care of you and protect you, it’s just his way of flirting, and one of the sure signs a Cancer man has feelings for you.

He Shares His Secrets With You

Cancers can be quite mysterious and secretive. To those who don’t know them well, Cancers may come off as conniving and sneaky.

But Cancers are just very sensitive and try not to show all of their cards, even though they can’t help but to wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Although they won’t share their secrets with just anybody, there is nothing a Cancer man will keep from his loved one.

When he starts revealing intimate details about himself, it’s one of the signs a Cancer man is flirting with you. It means he trusts you with his secrets and wants you to get to know him on a deeper level.

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