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Flirt With a Cancer Man by Making Eye Contact

Flirt With a Cancer Man by Making Eye Contact

If you’re interested in getting to know him better, you may wonder, “How can I flirt with a Cancer man through eye contact?”

How can you lure him in using only the windows to your soul?

Each sign of the zodiac has its own flirting style, and one of the ways Cancers communicate is through their deep, penetrating gaze.

So, how does a Cancer man flirt using eye contact, and how can you reciprocate without it resulting in an awkward staring contest?

By learning more about his sign, you can figure out what lies behind his mysterious stare and how you can communicate back with your eyes.

He Shows Interest Through Eye Contact

Cancers tend to be quite shy, and when a Cancer man has a crush on you, he might not want to approach you directly because he’s intimidated.

He’s also very romantic and traditional, so a Cancer man isn’t the type of guy to show his interest in you by using a cheesy pickup line or being too aggressive.

His flirting style is sweet and gentlemanly, so his way of revealing his initial attraction to a woman is by locking eyes with her across a crowded room.

When a Cancer man watches you and tries to make eye contact, it doesn’t mean you have something on your face and need to go find a mirror.

His compelling and earnest stare is one of the sure signs a Cancer man likes you more than a friend.

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He Wants to Know if You’re Hiding Something

Cancers may fall in love quickly, but they don’t trust easily. A Cancer man’s trust has to be earned, and part of flirting for him is figuring out if he can let his guard down around you.

He is attracted to a conservative woman who is a bit mysterious, but he doesn’t like people who are sneaky or dishonest.

Cancers see right through you and can tell when you have something to hide. They are interested in learning your secrets, but they also want to know if there’s something dangerous about you.

He locks eyes with you to see if you squirm under his gaze or if you can meet his eyes unflinchingly.

He Learns About You by Watching You

His strong desire for a partner and hopelessly romantic nature make a Cancer man fall in love fast.

He is always on the lookout for “the one,” but he is also fiercely protective of his heart. A Cancer guy will do his best to get to know you before revealing his feelings for you.

One of the ways he will learn more about you is by observing you. If every time you glance in his direction he’s staring intently at you, he is studying your behavior.

Of course, he is also attracted to your stunning beauty and could be trying to make flirtatious eye contact, but he also stares at you in an attempt to figure you out.

He watches the way you move, how you smile, who you talk to, and what makes you laugh. All of these things help him learn more about you without having to say a single word.

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He Knows His Eyes Are Attractive

Because they are so bashful and reserved, it can be difficult to tell whether or not a Cancer guy is into you.

He isn’t the most self-confident or secure sign, but he knows that one of his best features is his expressive, soulful eyes.

A Cancer man will try to woo you with his smoldering stare. He has been told before that he has handsome eyes, so he’ll use them to his advantage.

If he tries to make eye contact and bats his lashes at you, it’s one of the signs a Cancer man is flirting with you.

There is More to Him than Meets the Eye

Although they may use eye contact to flirt and show their interest, there is much more to Cancers than meets the eye.

Each zodiac sign is connected to one of the four natural elements: earth, water, air, or fire. Cancer is a water sign, and you may have heard the expression, “Still waters run deep.”

This couldn’t be more true of the sensitive and emotional Cancer sign, who may appear calm and collected on the surface, but there is always a lot going on in his head and heart.

If he locks eyes with you, he’s trying to convey that there’s more to him that you don’t know. His gaze is an invitation to learn more about him.

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It Shows You’re Focused on Him

When a Cancer man is madly in love, he can become jealous and possessive. He hates when his partner flirts with anyone else and wants to show the world that she belongs to him.

A Cancer guy might make eye contact with you to monopolize your attention. He wants to keep your eyes on him instead of glancing around the room at other men.

Above all, it’s important for a Cancer man to feel safe and secure in his relationship. He wants a love that is stable and reliable, not someone who threatens to leave him for another guy.

Making eye contact with you is a way of ensuring that you have your eyes on him, and only him.

He Uses Eye Contact to Read You

Cancers are highly sensitive and intuitive, which means they are great at reading people. They are attentive and notice the little details about you that might go overlooked by someone less observant.

If you are close with a Cancer sign, you may have already noticed that sometimes it almost seems like they are psychic because they always seem to know what you’re thinking or feeling without you having to say a word.

For a Cancer guy, making eye contact is a form of communication that’s just as valuable and revealing as words. He can glean as much information from a stare as a conversation.

If a Cancer man stares at you, he’s trying to figure out what’s going on in your head and what you aren’t saying out loud. He is trying to look beneath the surface of your outward appearance into your heart.

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He Wants to Catch Your Eye

When a Cancer man loves a woman, he wants to impress and please her, but he doesn’t want to embarrass himself if his affections aren’t returned.

Although he can be social and friendly, a Cancer man usually isn’t the loudest, most ostentatious person in a group. He’s too shy and reserved to show off or do something crazy just to grab your attention.

If he likes you, he’ll try to catch your eye as a way of making sure you notice him. It’s his subtle way of gauging your interest without the risk of humiliation.

A Cancer man uses eye contact not only to show you that he’s interested but also to steal your focus and decipher whether or not you like him back.

Eye Contact Helps Him Avoid Rejection

Although Cancers are more than comfortable sharing their feelings once they know you well and can trust you, they don’t usually open up to new people because they are insecure.

They avoid rejection like the plague and go out of their way to guard their hearts. A Cancer man will use eye contact to try to make a romantic connection without embarrassing himself.

This is especially true if you are in a large group of people and he has no way of spending time alone with you to get to know you better.

Cancers are much more comfortable flirting with someone new in private because he doesn’t want to invite the possibility of public rejection.

If he stares at you, it’s his way of signaling that he’s interested and wants to get to know you more without him actually having to say it in front of everybody else.

If he locks eyes with you in a crowd, it’s one of the signs a Cancer man has feelings for you but doesn’t want to let down his guard and risk rejection.

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He’s Trying to Pay Attention

Each sign correlates with a body part that is of special importance to that sign. It could be the body part that will give the zodiac sign health problems, or it could be their best feature.

The body part for Cancer is the chest, breast, and stomach. If he’s attracted to you, his eyes can’t help but wander to your breasts and abdomen, especially if you’re in a midriff-baring or low-cut top.

One of the reasons a Cancer guy might make intense eye contact with you is because he’s doing his best not to stare at your other physical assets.

His priority is to be a gentleman, even though what he really wants to do is overtly stare at and drool over your gorgeous physique.

If he keeps his eyes on yours instead of wandering to your feminine curves, it’s one of the signs a Cancer man is falling in love with you.

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