Are Cancer Men Dominant in a Relationship?

Updated June 12, 2022
Are Cancer Men Dominant in a Relationship?

A Cancer man’s dominant style is confusing. He can act passive one moment and demanding the next. His signals leave you wondering if he’s dominant.

A Cancer man’s dominant side reveals a different side of his nature. He acts laid back, but he’s not.

Cancer men are loving, sensitive and nurturing. The dark side of a Cancer male is often carefully hidden. In the early stages of dating a Cancer man, you’ll find his sweet nature endearing.

As time goes on, his demanding, dominating and potentially manipulative side will emerge. He keeps this aspect of himself hidden at first. He knows he can overwhelm people.

Yet he just can’t help it. His insecurities, when not dealt with, can lead a Cancer man to be overbearing. He can become controlling in a relationship. This can damage the relationship.

Cancer men are dominant in the kitchen

If you want to know how to make a Cancer man happy, all you have to do is invite him over and cook for him. If you want to make him ecstatic, invite him into the kitchen to help. Cancer men feel comfortable in the kitchen.

They usually love to cook and love to share their favorite recipes with you. A Cancer man will be happy to show off his cooking skills. In fact, if you try to take over and follow your own recipe, he may push back.

Cancer men can be passive and accommodating, but they dominate in the kitchen. Even if you invite him over, he’ll take over your kitchen. He may not know where you keep your utensils and supplies, but he’ll find his way around.

He’s not trying to be bossy. He’s just trying to show his skills and talents all while making something that will taste delicious. If you ask him, he’ll say he’s trying to spoil you. He has no idea that his pushy behavior is dominating.

Even if you offer to help, let him be in charge. Trust his intuition. He automatically knows how much of what to add to perfect his favorite recipes. Then sit back and indulge. Enjoy the masterpiece he’s created.

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Cancer men are dominant over finances

When it comes to a Cancer, the dark side of his loving personality can be his strict frugality. He can be a cheapskate when it comes to finances. His desire to dominate financial decisions stems from his need for security.

If you don’t understand his deep sensitivity and need for security, you may think a Cancer man doesn’t care about you enough to indulge you. This is not the case. In fact, his desire to control the finances and budget is an act of love.

A Cancer man wants to make sure his needs are met and cares about your practical needs as well. He equates financial stability with emotional stability. When his bank accounts are lucrative and he’s got a rainy day savings, he feels more at peace.

When he feels like you’re spending too much or wasting his resources, he can become quite moody and even angry. He may try to dominate you in order to convince you to be more financially savvy. He can take this to an extreme.

He may try to argue over spending and panic when he’s over his budget. He may nag or emotionally manipulate you to try to get you to curb spending. He may also give ultimatums if he feels you’re financially careless.

He’s dominant over family decisions

A Cancer man’s behavior, when in love, is usually accommodating and passive. He’ll let you pick the date, he’ll defer to you to decide what movie to watch. He’ll even let you pick the music on the radio while you’re driving together.

Yet if there is an issue that impacts home or family, he’ll start to edge in and take control. It’s not that he doesn’t trust you. It’s just that home and family are his comfort zone. He’s always a bit anxious about family matters.

He needs to feel in charge of his home as well. From deciding where to live to deciding whether or not to move in together, a Cancer man can get a bit territorial. His home truly is his castle.

This can take you by surprise. He’s laid back in so many ways and then suddenly becomes moody and aggressive when it comes to protecting his home and family. He needs to feel like he can be completely in charge of family decisions.

If he’s a parent, he’ll be loving and protective, but also go overboard and become controlling. If he’s not a parent, he’ll still try to interfere in the decisions of his family members and loved ones.

He may seem overbearing or overprotective of his family and decisions involving his home. You may think he’s taking his job as head of household too seriously. Yet his desire to dominate at home and with family is how he shows his love.

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Jealousy brings out his dominant side

A Cancer man in love can be sentimental, sweet and romantic. He’s also likely to be jealous and controlling. This is part of his dark side that emerges when he’s insecure. A Cancer man can dominate others when he’s jealous.

He will become anxious when he thinks you may be losing interest in him. He’ll also panic when you show any level of interest in another guy. Even if the other man is just a friend.

A Cancer man may try to push your other male friends out of the way so that he can be the only one in your life. He will completely focus on you and expects that you will also give him all of your attention. When you don’t, he is deeply hurt.

A Cancer man can seem like a dream come true. Until he gets jealous or feels insecure. Then his ugly side comes out. He may want to know who you’re talking to and where you’re going. Usually he’ll calm down when he sees you’re devoted to him.

He’s passive-aggressive

The three types of Cancer man Zodiac experts recognize are; sweet and shy, obsessive and needy, and romantic but demanding. This is because of all the signs of the Zodiac, Cancers are the most needy. He’s ruled by his emotions.

This means that even though he intends to be loving, caring and honest, he can become demanding, needy and clingy. A Cancer man may be a blend of these three types, depending on his mood.

A more mature Cancer man can be more stable but still sensitive and needy. A less mature and more insecure Cancer man can be downright passive-aggressive. He may use guilt and manipulation to get the reaction he wants from others.

He may pretend to be “fine” when he’s actually deeply sad or upset. When he tries to conceal his disturbed feelings, a Cancer man doesn’t actually try to hard to hide his feelings from you. He lets you know he’s angry, resentful, sad, jealous or miserable.

He may go from being an affectionate, sentimental, romantic man to suddenly becoming a walking, talking raincloud. He will make sure others know he’s unhappy even if he doesn’t directly assert his feelings.

Telling a Cancer man how you feel can diffuse his resentment or anger. He always wants to connect emotionally. When you speak to him about your own feelings, he will become more compassionate and centered.

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Cancers get dominant when upset

When a Cancer man is upset, you’ll know it. He’ll sulk or brood. He may yell. He may have an outright breakdown. He just can’t hide his feelings. In a best case scenario, he’s being transparent and expressing his emotions.

In a worst case scenario, he’s using his emotional outburst to manipulate you and try to control you. This is his way of trying to assert domination and make sure that he gets his way. A mature Cancer man won’t do this.

Yet if he’s deeply insecure, he may resort to emotional control to keep you reacting in the way he wants you to. He won’t hesitate to play on your emotions. When he’s upset, he’ll make it seem like it’s your fault.

Being dominant makes him feel secure

Women often don’t understand why a Cancer man can be so demanding. He’s not really trying to control you in a sense of changing your personality. He’s trying to create stability for himself. Being dominant and demanding helps him feel secure.

The biggest task in a relationship with a Cancer man is to help make him feel secure. If you know how to text a Cancer man, this helps. Don’t give vague two word answers. Take the time to express how you feel.

Also, build him up. Praise a Cancer man and reassure him. It may seem redundant, but he will appreciate it. If you want to know how to talk dirty to a Cancer man, the best way to turn him on is to build up his self-esteem.

More than anything else, a Cancer man needs to feel like he is secure and loved. He needs to feel completely attached to you. If you act slightly dependent on him, he’ll feel reassured.

A Cancer man secretly fears being in charge. He doesn’t want to be the leader in the relationship. He just wants to be in charge in the few areas of life where he feels like a natural leader. Specifically, home, family and business.

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Cancers are dominant in the home

Cancer men need to feel in charge of the home. If you visit him at his home, it’s a sign he really trusts you. Notice his rules and respect his boundaries. He may have certain spaces that are off limits.

Don’t disturb a Cancer man’s home. Even if you think you’re helping by cleaning up or rearranging things, you’ll actually stress him out. He needs to feel comfortable knowing everything is where he wants it.

If you live together, let him have the final say when it comes to household decisions if you can. He can be demanding about his home. He needs to feel like he can control his territory.

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