How to Avoid Making a Cancer Man Break Up with You

How to Avoid Making a Cancer Man Break Up with You

Ending a relationship is difficult and painful, so how can you avoid a Cancer man breakup?

Is there anything you can do to be the ideal partner for him and keep him for life?

Being dumped by a Cancer man is particularly troubling because when a Cancer man is done with you, it’s almost impossible to get him back.

Cancers make excellent partners, so it’s understandable why you wouldn’t want to lose your relationship with this sweet and sensitive sign.

Understanding a Cancer man and knowing what he wants in a woman will help you show him that you’re the best person for him.

Shower Him with Affection

If you want to keep your Cancer man, make sure you are showing him a lot of affection.

Cancers show their love through touch, so if you aren’t showering your man with kisses, caresses, and cuddles, he might not feel appreciated enough.

He loves to dote on his partner and wants equal devotion in return. You have to spoil him with attention and affection to keep him, and he will do the same for you.

Don’t be surprised when he dumps you if you don’t pay him enough attention, because that’s what happens when you ignore a Cancer man.

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Don’t Make Him Jealous

Some signs like to play hard to get and make their lovers jealous to spice up the relationship. Cancers are not one of these signs.

Cancers are quite possessive and they hate competing over a loved one. Be careful not to carelessly spark his jealousy, and you should never try to make him jealous on purpose.

If you intentionally try to make him envious, you will push him away and lose his interest. When a Cancer loses interest, it’s hard to capture his attention again.

If you want to know how to make a Cancer man happy, show him that he is the only guy for you. Make him feel safe and secure in the relationship, and he won’t want to ever let you go.

Show Him He Can Trust You

Each sign of the zodiac has a symbol, usually an animal, that represents the typical personality traits and psychological characteristics of that sign. The symbol for Cancer is the crab.

Cancer signs are quite sensitive and they build up emotional walls to keep from getting hurt. Just as the ocean crab carries a protective shell on his back at all times, so does a Cancer man guard his heart.

To truly fall in love and stay committed to somebody, a Cancer man has to trust you. He needs to know that you won’t break his fragile heart before he hands it over to you.

If you want to know how to make a Cancer man chase you, show him that you’re trustworthy and reliable.

Keep your promises, do what you say you will do, and be there for him when he needs you. Only then can he trust you enough to fall in love and stay with you.

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Open Up to Him Emotionally

While some signs may cringe at the thought of opening up about their feelings, Cancers never shy away from talking about feelings.

Telling a Cancer man how you feel should be easy because he is a gentle and nonjudgmental listener, and if you’re close to him, he can probably already intuit how you’re feeling, anyway.

A Cancer guy needs a mental and emotional connection to feel intimate with you. He won’t want to stay with you if you won’t open up to him.

If you’re not the type of person who likes to talk about and analyze your feelings, then maybe a Cancer man isn’t the right guy for you.

But if you love staying up late to cuddle and whisper about your emotions and how much you love each other, then you will surely be able to keep him coming back for more.

Make Plans for the Future

Just as a Cancer man needs someone steady and reliable, he also wants someone who plans and prepares for the future.

A Cancer man in love will talk about creating a home, starting a family, and building a life together with his partner. He’s not just whispering sweet nothings into your ear; he really wants to make a future with you.

But if you hesitate to reciprocate his excitement about upcoming plans, he will take it as a sign that you don’t see him in your future and are pulling away from him.

Dream and plan with your Cancer man about the life you will have together, and don’t hold back your enthusiasm about sharing milestones with him.

It’s not just that he wants to have all of these things – a house, kids, pets, and more – but that he wants them specifically with you.

If you want to keep him, show him how excited you are to be with him, and how much you are looking forward to what comes next.

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Learn How to Cook

Each zodiac sign has a correlated body part that is of particular significance to that sign. The body parts for Cancer are the chest, breast, and stomach.

This means that the way to a Cancer man’s heart is quite literally through his stomach. He appreciates a home-cooked meal and sees it as a gesture of love.

This doesn’t mean that he expects you to do all the cooking or be a traditional housewife. He likes to show off his skills in the kitchen, too.

But because he prepares food for others to show them his love and nourish them, he knows you are doing the same when you cook for him.

You don’t have to be a professional chef to please a Cancer guy. Just learn how to cook a dish or two that you can make for him whenever you want to show a little extra love.

Failing that, figure out his favorite restaurants and meals – bonus points if you don’t have to ask him – and order takeout as a surprise once in a while.

Set the table, put some flowers in a vase, and light some candles, and your takeout meal still earns points with your Cancer man for care, attention, and nourishment.

Stay in and Snuggle

The sign Cancer is positioned in the fourth house of the zodiac wheel, which is the house of home and family. Because of this placement, Cancers are the most likely sign to be homebodies.

Although he can be social and gregarious, a Cancer man loves nothing more than a cozy night curled up on the couch with his lover, some snacks, and a movie.

If you want to go out and party every night, then you won’t mesh well with the lifestyle of a Cancer man.

Of course, he’s happy to go out sometimes and likes to see his friends and take you on dates. But in general, he’s the happiest home alone with you where you can snuggle in your nest.

If you want to keep your Cancer guy from breaking up with you, strike the balance between having comfy nights in and pushing him to go out more.

Let him know you love staying in together too, but that you’ll both feel more fulfilled if you spend time trying new things and hanging out with friends, too.

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Trust Him

Not only does a Cancer man need to be able to trust you to fall in love, but he also needs you to show that you trust him, too.

A Cancer man prides himself on his loyalty and integrity, and when he loves you he will never give you a reason to doubt him.

But if you are so jealous and suspicious that you can’t trust him despite his devotion, it makes him feel unappreciated and pushes him away.

If you show a Cancer man that you don’t trust him when he’s never given you any reason to question his loyalty, he might not stay with you.

Show him that you trust him with your heart and that you give yourself to him fully, and he will be more motivated to live up to your expectations and be the partner you want.

Get Close to His Friends and Family

Because of their sign’s positioning in the fourth house of home and family, Cancers are usually more closely connected to their families than any other sign.

Even if they don’t get along with their biological families, which would be unusual for them, they will create a community of friends or coworkers that they consider family.

One of the tell-tale signs a Cancer man is playing you is if you’ve been seeing him for a while but still haven’t met any of his family or friends.

A Cancer man in love will bring his partner into the fold with his special group of people, so you must try to get along with them.

If you want a Cancer guy to keep you around, make an effort with his friends and family. Be charming and polite when you see them, and try to refrain from saying anything negative about them to your Cancer man.

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