What is The Best Match For a Cancer Man?

What is The Best Match For a Cancer Man?

You might already know if your zodiac signs are compatible, but which personality traits make a woman a Cancer man’s best match?

Each astrology sign needs different psychological and character traits in their ideal partner.

A Cancer man is loving, devoted, and affectionate, and he needs someone who can reciprocate his romantic attention.

If you want to know how to make a Cancer man happy, you first must know what Cancer men want and need in a partner.

By learning more about his sign, you can determine whether or not you have the qualities and characteristics of a Cancer’s best match for marriage.

In Touch With Her Feelings

Cancer is one of the most, if not the single most emotional sign of the entire zodiac.

At best, a Cancer man is very in touch with his feelings, as well as the emotions of those around him.

At worst, a Cancer man is highly sensitive and reactive but lacks the self-awareness to control and regulate his emotions.

A Cancer man needs a woman who is comfortable with expressing emotions and is skilled at communicating her feelings.

She doesn’t necessarily need to be as sensitive as he is, but she should let him share his feelings without stifling him, and be able to open up to him in return.

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Likes to Stay Home

Each zodiac sign has a symbol, most of which are animal or human. The symbol for Cancer is the crab.

Just as crabs carry their homes on their backs everywhere they go, Cancers cherish their households. They love nothing more than to stay in and cuddle with their significant other.

This doesn’t mean that Cancers can’t be social or extroverts. In fact, most of them love to spend time with their close group of friends and family.

But the person a Cancer man wants to spend the most time with is his significant other, and he is just as happy to curl up on the couch together as he is to go out to a movie theater or a bar.

A Cancer man’s ideal partner loves cleaning, decorating, and making a house into a home. As long as she has her man, she is more than content to stay at home.


When a Cancer man loves someone, he loves her with all his heart. He is endlessly loyal and will always put her first, even before himself.

Loyalty to a Cancer doesn’t just mean being faithful or monogamous. It means having his partner’s back through thick and thin, and standing up for her even when she’s wrong.

Because a Cancer man is so unfailingly loyal, he needs a partner who is just as devoted as he is. A Cancer man doesn’t just want a girlfriend or a wife, he wants a true partner in life.

The ideal match for a Cancer man is faithful and will stick by his side even in the worst times. If a Cancer man marries a woman, she should take the vows, “Til death do us part,” quite seriously.

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Just like the hard shell a crab carries on its back, the Cancer man personality is protective of himself and the people around him.

He knows he is sensitive and emotional, so sometimes he goes out of his way to guard his heart and secure his feelings.

But just as he protects himself, a Cancer man will fiercely protect the ones he loves.

His protection is both emotional and physical. He wants to make sure everyone around him is happy, comfortable, and safe.

If you run out of gas on the side of the road in the middle of the night, a Cancer man is the guy to call. He will jump out of bed to get you and make sure you are okay.

If your boss is giving you a hard time at work, he will make you dinner and rub your feet to cheer you up at the end of the day.

You can trust a Cancer man with your heart and your body. If he loves you, he will do whatever it takes to keep you safe and content.

But a Cancer man deserves a partner who is equally as protective of him. He might be so busy giving her his crab shell that he forgets to cover himself.

A Cancer’s ideal partner will not only appreciate his efforts to protect her but will have his back, too.


Some zodiac signs crave physical affection more than others and need touch and physical intimacy to feel loved. Cancer definitely falls into this category.

Cancers in love almost can’t help themselves around their partners. They are extremely physically affectionate, which can be overwhelming to women who need a lot of personal space.

He loves to kiss, hold hands, cuddle, and make out, no matter where he is or who is watching. He is completely comfortable with public displays of affection and may feel hurt if his partner pushes him away.

A Cancer man needs a woman who enjoys his attention and doesn’t get embarrassed by PDA.

Whether alone or in public, a Cancer man’s match knows the importance of physical touch and doesn’t hesitate to show her love and affection.

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Puts Family First

Those born under the Cancer zodiac sign value family more than most. Whether it’s his blood relatives or his close group of friends, a Cancer man puts his “family” before nearly anything else.

When he’s in love, a Cancer man will prioritize his partner over family, but he hates having to choose between them.

Cancer men are particularly close with their mothers, so it’s important that his significant other gets along with the matriarch of his family.

A Cancer man will almost certainly want a family of his own, so he needs a woman who wants children. His dream life includes a lovely home filled with children, and a loving partner in home-making and raising the kids.

His partner should also put family first, prioritizing him and the children more than anything else.

This doesn’t mean a Cancer man’s partner shouldn’t work or have a social life outside of the family, but home and family should be the most important thing to her.


Some signs like non-traditional, quirky people who are creative and unafraid to stand out from the crowd.

Others like people who are more conservative and conventional. A Cancer man falls into the latter category and is attracted to women who inhabit a more traditional female role.

Long hair, flowy dresses, and a sweet and sunny personality are what attract Cancer men. His ideal partner should be feminine and ladylike, and let him play the traditional male role in the relationship.

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Makes an Effort with His Loved Ones

After his significant other, family and friends are the most important people in a Cancer man’s life. He will never put his own needs or desires before the people he loves.

Because Cancer men are so close to their loved ones, they need partners who can blend in and get along with their group.

If his family and friends didn’t like or approve of his partner, it would be very difficult for a Cancer to continue the relationship. He wants everyone to get along and hates choosing sides in a disagreement.

If you want to know how to love a Cancer man, show him how much you care by making an effort with the people closest to him.

Spend time with his mother, go out for drinks with him and his friends, and be kind to any of his acquaintances you meet. Ingratiating yourself with his crew shows him what a great catch you are.

Knows How to Cook

Each zodiac sign has a correlated body part that is of special importance. It could be their most attractive or unique body part, or it could be an area of health concern.

One of the body parts for Cancer is the stomach, which is evident in his love of food and cooking. He loves a hearty, home-cooked meal, and enjoys serving food as much as being served.

If he cooks you a decadent dish or your favorite meal, this is one of the sure signs a Cancer man has feelings for you.

Even though he is probably a good cook, a Cancer man wants a woman who knows how to cook, as well.

The way to a Cancer man’s heart is truly through his stomach, so if you want him to know him you’re his ideal match, learn how to prepare a few dishes, and show off your skills in the kitchen.

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Good Listener

While some signs struggle to get in touch with their feelings, this is never a problem for a Cancer man.

Cancer men are emotional and expressive, and when they’re in love they want to talk about everything with their partners, especially their feelings.

Understanding a Cancer man is as simple as being a good listener. He loves to talk about his feelings, so having a partner who is an active and considerate listener is important.

If you prefer to sweep problems under the rug or put on a stiff upper lip instead of talking through issues, a Cancer guy might not be right for you.

But if you love to examine and explore your emotions, and go deeper analyzing them with a partner, then a Cancer man may be the perfect match for you.

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