Will a Cancer Man Apologize After Upsetting You?

Will a Cancer Man Apologize After Upsetting You?

If he has upset you, you may wonder if you will ever get a Cancer man apology.

Different signs have different apology styles, so what can you expect from a Cancer man who has hurt you?

Some signs have a hard time admitting to wrong-doing, and getting an apology from them can seem like pulling teeth.

If you want to know how to make a Cancer man apologize, you have to understand the personality of his sign.

By knowing what to expect from his zodiac sign, you can predict when a Cancer man will give you the apology you crave.

If He Knows He Is Wrong

You won’t have to beg for an apology from a Cancer if he knows he is in the wrong. This water sign isn’t afraid to admit when he has done something bad and will issue a sincere apology.

While it’s great that this sign can admit to imperfections, it can take a lot for them to look past their own emotions to understand that they are at fault.

A Cancer man when hurt may have a hard time looking in the mirror and realizing that he is part of the problem, as well as the person who has hurt him.

But once he understands that he is responsible for upsetting another person, he will genuinely apologize.

If You Get Emotional in Front of Him

Each sign of the zodiac is correlated to one of the natural elements: fire, air, earth, or water. Cancer, symbolized by the crab, is a water sign.

The three water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, are the most emotional of the entire zodiac. Since the zodiac begins with Aries in March, Cancer is the “youngest” water sign.

This means that Cancer is perhaps the most emotionally driven sign of all, or perhaps has the least control over their emotions.

They react strongly to displays of emotion, so if you cry, yell, or demonstrate how hurt you are, a Cancer man will listen.

This doesn’t mean you should turn on the crocodile tears every time you get upset. You should never try to manipulate an apology out of your Cancer man.

But if he sees you are sincerely upset, it will touch his heart and make him want to apologize at least for hurting you, even if he doesn’t yet understand what he did wrong.

If He Is Afraid of Losing You

Cancers value their connections with the people in their lives. They take their relationships, romantic or otherwise, very seriously.

A Cancer man hates to burn bridges and losing friends, family, or a romantic partner is devastating to this sensitive sign.

Cancers can become quite attached to their partners, and the thought of losing them shakes them to their core.

Even when a relationship has become toxic and unfulfilling, a Cancer man is unlikely to be the one to initiate a breakup. And even when a Cancer is mad at you he doesn’t want you to leave him.

If you want to know how to make a Cancer man come back after an argument, let him know that he is on the verge of losing you.

Of course, this is the last resort and not a tactic you should jump to right away. You should only do this if you are sincerely thinking of leaving your Cancer man, and never as a lie or a manipulation.

But a Cancer man will be so afraid of losing you that he will rush to apologize, even if he’s not sure what he did wrong.

If He Feels Guilty

Because they are so in touch with their emotions, a Cancer man can’t stand to feel guilty.

When he knows he has done something wrong or has hurt you, he is so empathetic that it hurts him, too.

Not only does he feel your pain, but he also feels a pang of crushing guilt for hurting you.

If you want to know how to make a Cancer man feel guilty, show him what he did wrong or let him see how much he has hurt you.

His guilt will make him want to apologize and fix things, because he can’t stand to hurt others, especially since it hurts him, too.

If He is Being Crabby

Each of the twelve signs of the zodiac has a unique symbol, most of which are living creatures. The symbol for Cancer is the ocean crab.

Crabs symbolize Cancers perfectly, since they are protective, have a soft core, and love their homes so much they carry their shells with them wherever they go.

Cancer men are also protective, have a sensitive inner self, and they find solace in their homes. But they can also be very cranky… you might even say, crabby.

When a Cancer man is angry with you, it can feel like nothing you ever do is right. His moodiness and anger can be suffocating.

Even if you aren’t the person who angered him, if you are close to him he may take it out on you.

Sometimes, a Cancer man needs time to think to get out of his crabby mood. If he’s mad at someone or something else, you can help cheer him up and get him out of his funk.

But if he’s crabby because he’s mad at you, give him a little space to protect yourself. Let him work through his emotions on his own instead of taking them all out on you.

If He Repeated a Mistake

When a Cancer man apologizes, he truly means it. Even if he is just apologizing for upsetting you and not the actual deed that caused the problem in the first place, he sincerely doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.

A Cancer man apologizes not just with his words, but with his actions. He wants to show you that he really knows what he did to hurt you and that he won’t repeat the same mistake.

When a Cancer man does the same thing a second time to upset you, he feels even worse than the first time. It is rare for him to hurt you in the same way over and over.

He meant his apology the first time and didn’t want to cause the same problems again. If he makes the same mistake, his apology will be twice as big and sincere as before.

If He Wants to Lighten the Mood

Although he is typically quite serious about his emotions, sometimes even a Cancer man needs a break from all the drama.

He may apologize just to lighten the mood or improve the atmosphere, even when he doesn’t think he did anything wrong.

For example, if you and your Cancer guy are arguing while hanging out with friends, your Cancer man will apologize to ease the tension for the whole group.

He prioritizes his partner, but other people’s feelings are important to him, too. He wants you to feel better, but he also doesn’t want to bring everyone else down.

If you want to know how to win your Cancer man back after an argument, accept his apology, even when he’s just trying to lighten the mood for everyone else.

He will appreciate that you aren’t causing more problems or bringing your relationship drama out for everyone to see.

If He Takes His Feelings Out on You

Cancers can be temperamental, but they are usually aware of this personality trait. They know they tend to take their feelings out on others.

Cancers when hurt may lash out at anyone and everyone, regardless of who is actually upsetting them.

If you’re dating or are close with a Cancer man, then you are in the direct line of fire for his wrath, even if it’s not aimed at you.

Even though he may not be able to stop himself, a Cancer man knows that he is wrong for lashing out at you when he’s upset.

He will genuinely apologize when he does this, but because of his mercurial nature, it will probably happen again.

You have to have thick skin (perhaps even a crab shell of your own) to date a Cancer man. Don’t let his grumpiness get to you or take it personally.

Be patient and know that he’s truly sorry for his crankiness. The trade-off for his moodiness is a sweet and sensitive partner… most of the time.

If He Intuits You’re Upset

Because they are so tapped into their own emotions, Cancers are quite attuned to the feelings of others, as well.

Although telling a Cancer man how you feel is important, you may find that a lot of times it isn’t necessary. Your Cancer man might know how you’re feeling even before you do.

If something feels strange and you’re upset without understanding why, a Cancer man can help you figure out what’s wrong, even if it’s something he did.

He intuits your emotions, and might even apologize before you realize you are upset.

If He Really Means It

Cancers are willing to apologize, especially when they know and believe they are wrong.

A Cancer who doesn’t think he’s wrong will often invoke the phrase, “I’m sorry, but…” and then launch into an explanation of why he’s not really sorry.

But a true apology from a Cancer man is sincere and non-contentious. He is not afraid to humble himself when he knows he is in the wrong and wants to make you feel better.

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