What Happens After a Cancer Man Breaks Up with You

What Happens After a Cancer Man Breaks Up with You

There are a few things that can happen with a Cancer man after a breakup. Even if you follow no contact rules with a Cancer man, don’t assume it’s over.

He needs time to get over his hurt feelings. He may have a change of heart.

A Cancer man can change his mind about a breakup many times. How do you know when a Cancer man is over you? You’ll ask yourself this question many times.

You can bet he’ll be back. Even if you don’t know how to make a Cancer man miss you after a breakup, chances are he’s already pining for you.

Though he’s already plotting how to get you back, you may not know it. A Cancer man can hide his intentions and feelings at first. He may act like he’s done but he isn’t.

He May Shut Down

How Cancers deal with breakups is similar to their style of dealing with any stressful situation. They don’t address it directly. Instead they hide their deeper feelings and try to act tough.

A Cancer man, after being dumped, will either try too hard to act like he’s doing fine when he isn’t or will go to the other extreme and show you he’s an emotional mess without you. Usually he’ll go quiet for a period of time first.

Usually he tries to deal with heartbreak by suppressing his feelings or shutting down altogether. He doesn’t like to show his vulnerability. Yet even when he shuts down, his actions after a breakup speak volumes.

Everyone around him will know he’s not himself. He may not eat as much or may be comfort eating. He may not openly talk about his feelings for you but everyone will be able to tell something is off, he’ll be quiet, withdrawn and moody.

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He’ll Try to Keep in Touch

After his initial brooding period in which he gives you the silent treatment, a Cancer man will come around. He’ll miss you and start to regret the breakup. He’ll try to keep in touch by sending you texts again.

He may try to act like nothing ever happened. He may then act unusually sentimental, bringing up old memories and talking about all the wonderful times you both shared together. Sometimes he’ll be slightly possessive with his communication.

He may act as if he thinks you’re still together. It isn’t above a heartbroken Cancer man to even use guilt trips to try to get you to change your mind if the breakup was your idea. Cancers usually see themselves as the victim, no matter what the story really was.

He’ll sway the narrative, so it seems like he’s the good guy who just needs another chance. You can also count on a Cancer man trying to keep in touch so he can look for “proof” of your continued feelings for him.

He’ll Get Jealous

No matter who initiated the breakup, a Cancer man will still be jealous. Sometimes he’ll keep in touch in order to keep tabs on you. He will also show interest in getting back together with you the minute you show an interest in someone else.

Generally, it’s not a good idea to use this to your advantage. The jealousy that is provoked if you intentionally flirt with another guy to mess with his head is not worth the results.

A Cancer man may act like he has a right to your exclusive attention after a breakup even. If it is not your intention to get back together with him, you’ve got to use strong boundaries to make that clear. When a Cancer man is done with you, he’ll be so detached emotionally that he’ll no longer get jealous.

Yet when he has any remaining connection at all, the slightest thing can provoke his jealousy. Even when you’ve broken up. If you’re not there when he calls, he’ll think the worst and assume you’ve moved on with someone new.

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He May Rush into a New Relationship

Ironically, while a Cancer man will become jealous if you talk to someone new, he may be quick to find a new love interest of his own. This is because he can’t stand being alone. He may need to be in a relationship in order to feel secure.

He’s infamous for getting into rebound relationships, so don’t be surprised if he rushes to start something new. If you want to know how to tell a Cancer man you miss him, the best thing you can do is to come right out and be honest.

He can take hints, but he prefers the reassurance of direct communication. Not only that, he needs to hear again and again how much you are thinking of him and how much you want him back. If he’s showing interest in someone else, it’s a good time to let him know you want him back.

A Cancer man may get into a rebound relationship with someone he’s not really into. Yet if he stays with her long enough, he’ll convince himself he’s in love. If he finds out early on he still has a chance with you, he may reverse course.

He’ll Need His Own Territory

If you want to know how to get a Cancer man to forgive you, you’ve got to take things slow. Give him space to decompress. Generally speaking, after a breakup it’s a good idea to leave a Cancer man alone for a bit.

This gives him a much needed time out. He needs to re-establish his own routines and ground himself. During this time, he also makes himself feel secure again. He does this by being in his own home base.

You may think it’s a good idea to surround him with reminders of you, but this can backfire. He needs a disconnect so that he can realize how much he misses you. Give him space to really understand what it means to live without you.

Once reality sinks in and he sees what it’s like to not have you in his life, you’ll see a complete turnaround take place. A Cancer man will realize he’s got to take the breakup seriously. He’ll try to get you back and you’ll see just how much you really matter to him.

Paradoxical as it seems, if you want to know how to make a Cancer man come back to you, the best thing you can do is to leave him alone. Give him space in his own territory. It will be the most powerful wake-up call you can give him. Sooner or later he’ll be in touch with you.

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He’ll Find Excuses to Stop By

After he’s had some time to himself, a Cancer man will find excuses to stop by. He’ll “suddenly remember” he left his socks at your place. He’ll find something he bought for you before and forgot to give you.

He’ll stop by with some extra groceries he picked up from the store or with dinner he made too much of. Even after a breakup, a Cancer man is still trying to be your caretaker. If you’re sick or he doesn’t hear from you, he’ll stop in to see if you’re ok.

He may not try to stay longer than just to say a quick “hello.” See these situations for what they are, a chance for a Cancer man to keep tabs on how you are doing. It’s also a way for him to maintain a connection to you.

In this way, he remains in his favorite caretaking role, even if the romantic relationship is over. He can fantasize that nothing has changed because he’s still looking out for you and taking care of your needs.

He’ll Try to Get to You Through Friends

All of a Cancer man’s ex girlfriends will tell you, he is still thinking of you and in his own way, he’s still trying to get through to you. Even after a breakup, a Cancer man doesn’t fully understand that it’s the end of the relationship.

He’ll try to check in with your friends to see how you are and what you’re up to. At best, he’ll learn valuable information about you and feel like you’re still a part of his life. At worst, he may not learn much at all but he will hope your friend at least mentioned he reached out.

In his mind, this helps a Cancer man feel like he’s still got a connection to you. He loves to feel like he’s still in your life even in these roundabout ways. If you have mutual friends, he may use these connections to try to influence you or get messages to you.

No need to get jealous. If you see your Cancer ex spending a lot of time talking to your friends, it’s usually because he’s talking about you. He isn’t likely trying to hook up with your friends.

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He’ll Stalk Your Social Media

A Cancer man is also one to stalk social media. If he can’t keep in contact with you through your friends, you can bet he’s looking at your social media feeds. If you drop hints to him through social media posts, he’ll get it.

In fact, sometimes he’ll read “personal” messages in your generic posts that have nothing to do with him. He’s already looking at your feed for signs of remaining interest or to see if you’ve moved on.

He may not directly comment but he’ll start “liking” your posts eventually. This is a Cancer man’s way of testing the waters after a breakup. He’s trying to see if the door is still open for him.

He’ll Feel Sorry for Himself

A Cancer man will always spin the story so he is the victim in a relationship. When you recognize this, you’ll be able to deal with his moods much more easily. Naturally, after a breakup he’ll feel sorry for himself.

He’ll tell your friends a version of the story which may not actually be true, but which justifies his victim narrative. Don’t try to change his mind. The best thing you can do is try to soothe his emotions and reassure him.

When his mood changes, the storyline will automatically shift. You’ll be transformed from the woman who broke his heart to the love of his life. Let him take a while to feel his emotions. Self-pity is part of the grieving process for a Cancer man.

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He’ll Start to Pursue You

When he’s a bit more settled after the breakup, a Cancer man will usually regret ending the relationship. If you ended it, he’ll become more assertive about trying to get you back.

At some point, a Cancer man will outright pursue you again. He does this because he never really wants a relationship to end in the first place. When it does, he may be hurt and sulking for a bit.

But when he’s done with wallowing in his emotions, a Cancer man will start to actively chase you. He’ll make it clear he is out to win you over again and will stop at nothing to get your attention.

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