What Body Type does a Virgo Man Like?

Updated December 3, 2022
What Body Type does a Virgo Man Like?

There are many stereotypes about what physical traits Virgo men are attracted to. These may be true for some Virgos but not every single one is attracted to the same body type.

There are many elements that make up the “perfect body” for a Virgo.

Keep in mind that a Virgo man in love can overlook some imperfections. A Virgo man’s attraction to a person is also based on more than just their looks.

The stereotype is that Virgo men prefer people who are thin and fit but what they actually care about is health. You don’t have to be thin to be healthy.

Many Virgo men also pay more attention to a person’s mind in the long run. He might be initially attracted to somebody but if they aren’t intellectually stimulating, the attraction will fade.

Classic Beauty

A Virgo man’s type is often somebody who is a classic beauty.

He doesn’t care about current styles or trends. He’s not going to like somebody just because they’re fashionable.

Someone with classic beauty often has a timeless element to their appearance. A classically beautiful woman from 50 or even 100 years ago is still going to be aesthetically appealing nowadays.

Classic beauty is all about symmetry and a general elegant look. Even if somebody doesn’t naturally have a “classic” look, they can adopt one.

A neat appearance and makeup that highlights the features without drawing attention to the makeup itself is one way of adopting that classic look many Virgos look for.

The exact body type of the person doesn’t always matter. The key to attracting a Virgo is to look timeless and elegant.

He will be drawn in by women who don’t change their appearance to fit in with a new trend each week.

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Clean Appearance

What attracts a Virgo more than anything is when somebody is neat and clean. He appreciates good hygiene.

If you’re looking to attract a Virgo, don’t skimp on your morning routine. The basics are necessary of course (brushing your teeth, washing your face, etc.) Go beyond that, though.

Have a solid skincare routine so that your skin is always looking clean, whether or not you’re wearing makeup. Take the time to do your hair so it isn’t flying all over the place.

Make sure your clothing is neat. It should be clean but don’t stop there. Iron out any wrinkles. Check for loose threads. Be sure everything is in order before you leave the house.

Wear clothing that fits you well. Virgo can be highly critical. If your shirt is too small or too large, he will notice. If something doesn’t flatter your form, he’ll pick that out as well.

You can wear some light perfume so you smell nice too. That won’t hide the fact you haven’t showered or put on deodorant, so make sure you have those bases covered first. It will add a nice touch, though.


Virgo is a feminine sign (yes, even if the Virgo in question is a man). Virgo men are often attracted to people who give off feminine energy.

This can mean many things. Masculine and feminine energies in astrology do not have anything to do with the gender of a person.

Feminine energy is calmer than masculine energy. Reflection, observation, perception, and charm are all keywords to describe feminine energy. People with feminine energy think first and act second.

What does this have to do with body type and physical appearance, though?

One way you can pick up the energy somebody gives off is through their body language. Somebody with a calm, relaxed demeanor is going to be more attractive to a Virgo.

Even if you have a masculine sun sign, you can still adopt a more laid-back demeanor. Relax your shoulders. Put your hands behind your back instead of placing them on your hips or crossing them when you’re talking to somebody.

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What does Virgo like in a woman? One thing he likes is somebody who is health-conscious and cares about their well-being.

There isn’t one specific body type that is healthy. Showing a Virgo that you have healthy eating habits is one way to show him that you care about your health.

Health is often more about balance than anything else. Eating too much or too little can be unhealthy. Virgo won’t judge you for having the occasional drink but he might if he sees you drinking in excess.

Some Virgos will be more shallow than others. This is the case with any sign.

A Virgo who is more judgemental and who cares more about appearance than actual health might prefer a thinner person, even if being thin doesn’t mean somebody is healthy. Not every Virgo is like that, though.

This doesn’t mean that Virgo men won’t date people who are chronically ill or who have a disability. What it means to be healthy varies from person to person.

He just wants to see you take an interest in your own health. He wants to see you do what you can to be as healthy as you can be.


What is Virgo attracted to in a person? Fitness is one thing he always appreciates.

Fitness, like health, is subjective. There isn’t one way to be fit just like there isn’t one way to be healthy.

Some Virgos like to be physically active. A Virgo man might enjoy hiking, for example. Somebody who is willing and able to go hiking with him is somebody who might be a good match for him.

The type of exercise a Virgo enjoys is very different than what an Aries might like. He’s likely not hitting the gym everyday to lift weights. Somebody trying to attract his attention doesn’t need to do that either.

Virgos like activities that require endurance. Hiking is a good example of this. Swimming and biking are other examples. Somebody who can do these activities with him will be “fit” in his mind.

Virgo may also like activities that require discipline, such as yoga or pilates.

Yoga is as much about the mind as it is about the body so it makes a great workout for a Virgo. He likely thinks the people he sees regularly in yoga class are fit.

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Virgo’s idea of strength might be different from how others view it.

Virgo men often work long hours and will remain awake and focused on a task until it is finished. Being able to work for long periods is one thing a Virgo considers “strong”.

A person might not look strong but their endurance skills will show a Virgo that they actually are.

This fits in with health and fitness. Somebody who is healthy and fit will often have the strength Virgo is looking for.

Show him your strength by remaining energetic throughout long workdays or long hikes. A body that doesn’t easily tire out is one that is attractive to Virgo.

Physical Features

What a Virgo likes when it comes to hair color, eye color, etc. will vary from man to man. There are some types of physical features that he may be drawn to over others, though.

Well-groomed hair is one example of a feature Virgo men are attracted to. Clean nails are another. These things might seem minor but they can really make or break your overall appearance.

Dressing for your body type is also important. A Virgo man is more likely to notice you and be attracted to you if you are highlighting your best features and wearing clothing that fits correctly.

Virgo men also love a beautiful smile. You can show yours off by taking care of your teeth so they always look their best.

If you wear makeup, lipstick can be a good way to draw attention to your mouth. Just make sure the focal point is your smile not the lipstick itself.

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More Than a Pretty Face

A Virgo man’s personality makes him somebody who isn’t just attracted to a person’s physical appearance.

Saying he definitively likes one specific body type over another isn’t true. He is interested in more than just a person’s looks.

A Virgo’s preferences don’t just deal with physical appearance. A Virgo man’s likes and dislikes involve all aspects of a person.

A person could tick every box on his list of physical features he likes but if he doesn’t like their personality, he won’t date them.

More than anything, how you treat your body and how you choose to present it to the world are what matters. Somebody can be conventionally attractive but be unhealthy or unhygienic. A Virgo man won’t be attracted to that person.

Don’t focus entirely on how you look when you want to attract a Virgo.

Don’t wear something that makes you uncomfortable just because you think it will impress him. Don’t feel like you have to look a specific way just to make him like you.

Be yourself. Take care of your body. Be as neat and tidy as possible. Be relaxed around him and smile. That will all go a long way when it comes to attracting a Virgo.

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