What Body Type does a Sagittarius Man Like?

Updated February 22, 2023
What Body Type does a Sagittarius Man Like?

The body type a Sagittarius man likes is going to vary from person to person. Not everyone has the same preferences.

Even the same Sagittarius man might like multiple different body types! He likes to have variety in his life.

Regardless of the exact body type a Sagittarius man likes, there are a few things that are going to make a woman stand out to him.

One of these things is confidence. He’s a sucker for a strong, independent woman.

As far as specific parts of the body he likes, Sagittarius men are often attracted to a woman’s legs, backs, and thighs. Dress to highlight those areas and he’ll go wild.

Sagittarius men also like women who are active and fit. They want somebody who can keep up with them!

Likes Variety

A Sagittarius man’s likes and dislikes are going to vary from person to person. Each individual Sagittarius man will also like a wide range of body types.

Sagittarius men don’t always have a “type”. They are attracted to all different kinds of people.

A Sagittarius man’s personality makes him somebody who likes to mix things up. He’s not going to turn somebody down just because they don’t look like everyone else he’s dated in the past.

He might have certain preferences. Overall, though, Sagittarius men tend to like many different body types.

He might like athletic women. You can be athletic and have many different body types. A thinner woman might not be athletic at all. A heavier woman might be extremely athletic.

Image isn’t everything for a Sagittarius man. If something about you attracts him, he isn’t going to be too hung up on your body type.

Even if he says he has a specific type, that doesn’t mean he’s going to turn you down just because you don’t fit that type. Don’t be afraid to take a chance even if you don’t look like a Sagittarius man’s past loves.

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Finds Beauty Easily

What is Sagittarius attracted to? He finds beauty in people quite easily so he’s likely attracted to a lot of different body types!

He might be drawn to a woman’s eyes or her smile. He might hear her laugh and find himself attracted to that.

A Sagittarius man will notice something beautiful about a woman and give her a shot just based on that. He’ll likely find more to be attracted to as he gets to know her.

Sagittarius men aren’t image-obsessed either. He won’t turn a woman down just because she isn’t perfect. He’ll find beauty in her flaws as well as her strengths.

A Sagittarius man in love is going to be attracted to his partner for a variety of reasons. When he’s in love, he wants to see the best in the person he cares about. He’ll have no problem finding things to be attracted to.

Sexy Clothing

One thing that a Sagittarius man likes in a woman is her sense of fashion. He’s a sucker for sexy outfits.

You don’t have to reveal everything to be sexy. He does like to see a bit of skin but you should also be comfortable with whatever you’re wearing.

Whatever assets you have, don’t be afraid to flaunt them. Show off your curves. Highlight your favorite parts of your body.

You can also be classy and elegant while still being sexy. Silhouettes that flatter your form are always going to be sexy to a Sagittarius man. Dress in a way that flatters your body, regardless of what your body type is.

Many Sagittarius men like lingerie too. If you’re with a Sagittarius man, surprise him by wearing some sexy lingerie the next time you two are in bed together.

If you are dating a Sagittarius man, he might offer to buy you clothing he thinks will look sexy on you. Be willing to trust him. He likely won’t disappoint you. You two will both be happy with the results.

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What does a Sagittarius man like in a woman more than anything? A Sagittarius man’s type might be hard to pin down but whatever it is, it involves confidence.

Whatever you wear should make you feel confident in the way you look. When you are comfortable and confident, that will shine through.

Even if you don’t feel confident, you can fake it! Learn how to walk with confidence. Stand up straight and hold your head high. Don’t ever feel ashamed of who you are.

A Sagittarius man will always be attracted to a woman who is honestly herself. You don’t need to dress a certain way just to impress him. Dress to impress yourself and he’ll be attracted to all the confidence you give off.

Regardless of how you look, confidence is always going to make you more attractive. It’s sexy when somebody isn’t afraid to be themselves.


A Sagittarius man’s preferences might vary but all Sagittarius men tend to be attracted to a few different body parts.

One of these is the thigh area. This is one of the areas the sign of Sagittarius rules over so it makes sense he’d be drawn to the thighs.

If you want to catch his eye, wear clothing that draws attention to your thighs. Short skirts and dresses are one way to highlight your thighs.

You can also wear thigh-high socks or stockings. When they fit well, these items of clothing will make your thighs look amazing.

You can draw attention to your thighs in other ways as well. Rest your hands on your thighs when you’re chatting with a Sagittarius man.

When you’re sitting next to one another, press your thigh against his. He’ll be sure to take notice then.

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Another area of the body Sagittarius men are attracted to is the back area.

You can draw attention to your back area by wearing backless tops.

An open-back top or a backless drape top will drape nicely over your body and highlight your spine and shoulder blades. Cut-out back tops and twist backless tops will show off your shoulders.

If you’ve got a back or shoulder tattoo, definitely show that off as well! Tattoos are a great way to catch a Sagittarius man’s eye so take advantage of that if you’ve got one.

Many backless styles are very sexy. There are also multiple types of backless tops so you can find one to fit almost any occasion.

You can be classy and elegant or go for a more sultry look. You’ve got options and a Sagittarius man will likely be attracted to anything you choose.


Many Sagittarius men are attracted to the leg area in general, not just the thighs. Their sign rules over this whole area.

Again, short skirts and dresses can show off your legs. The right length and cut can make your legs look longer even if you aren’t tall.

Fishnets are another good fashion choice if you want to draw attention to your legs. Well-fitted stockings and socks will have a similar effect.

If you aren’t confident with your legs, don’t worry. Try doing some exercises to work on your leg muscles. You might also want to try using some self-tanner to give your legs a bit of a glow.

You can also do things like cross your legs at the ankle to draw attention to them. High-heels will also highlight your calf area.

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A Sagittarius man’s attraction to somebody is sometimes based on how active they are.

He likes to go out and enjoy the world. He loves to go on adventures. He wants somebody who can keep up with him.

Women with any body type can be active. Being active isn’t specific to one kind of look. There are also many ways to be active.

Show him how active you are by talking about the places you like to hike. If you play a sport, tell him all about that.

If you travel often, that’s another plus in the eyes of a Sagittarius man. If you can wander around a foreign city for hours on end, that will attract him.

As long as you’re able to keep up with his level of activity, he’ll be happy.


What attracts a Sagittarius man might be somebody fit.

You don’t have to have a specific body type to be fit. What “fit” looks like for you is going to be different than what it looks like for somebody else.

Again, if you play a sport or enjoy activities like hiking, let him know! You can invite him to go hiking with you or ask him to come to swim with you at the beach.

If you go to the gym or like to go for runs, you can ask if he wants to work out with you sometime.

If you’re fit, show off! Wear clothing that highlights your muscles. Dress so that you show off the best parts of your body.

Even if you aren’t in the best shape, that doesn’t mean a Sagittarius man is going to completely ignore you. If you want to get in shape, he’ll be more than happy to be your gym buddy. He’ll share tips as well if you ask him.

He is attracted to people who want to improve themselves. Fitness is an ongoing process and it is something that you can start working on at any time.

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