What Body Type does a Libra Man Like?

Updated October 5, 2022
What Body Type does a Libra Man Like?

What body type does a Libra man like? Libra men love beautiful, graceful women with balanced bodies.

Libra men tend to like curvy, feminine women but Libra can find beauty in anything! They will not strictly date only one body type.

Libra men appreciate beauty. They want lovely, elegant women in their lives. They tend to find features like smooth skin and confident walks beautiful.

A Libra man may also like a well-endowed woman. Libra men love curves! If you have full breasts or wide hips, a Libra man may be attracted to you. Flaunt these assets, and you can get his attention.

The way you carry yourself is meaningful too. No matter how beautiful you are, if you can’t be confident and hold your head high, you might not catch the eye of a Libra man.


What kind of woman attracts Libra men? Libra men want women they find beautiful. This can mean a lot of things, though!

Venus, the planet of beauty, rules Libra. This means that Libra men appreciate all the beauty in the world. A Libra man wants a beautiful woman, but each Libra man’s opinion of beauty may vary.

A Libra man will likely be attracted to your natural beauty. You can wear makeup or clothes that show off your features but don’t try to cover up what makes you unique! He will find you beautiful for who you are.

Many Libra men enjoy classic features, but that’s not the only thing they find beautiful. That will depend on the individual Libra man.

A beautiful personality is just as important to a Libra man. No matter how attractive you are, a Libra man won’t be into you if you don’t treat him well.

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Many Libra men enjoy feminine features. A Libra man will want you to show off your natural femininity.

If you want to know how to dress for a Libra man, focus on soft, feminine styles. You can get creative and stick to your own aesthetic, but he will appreciate anything that highlights your feminine features.

If you wear makeup, try out some classic looks. Winged eyeliner and a nice red lip are always a good choice when trying to attract a Libra man.

Of course, you don’t have to wear dresses or makeup to be feminine. Those are options, but if they aren’t part of your natural aesthetic, don’t worry! Blouses and well-fitted pants can also be feminine.

You can wear flowing styles of clothing. You can also do certain hairstyles that highlight your face and show off your lovely face.


What body type does a Libra man like? Libra men tend to prefer curvy women. They love soft, natural curves.

You might be self-conscious of your wide hips or thicker thighs, but a Libra man will love them! A Libra man’s love of curves goes hand-in-hand with his love of femininity.

Show off your curves whenever you’re with your Libra man. You can wear lower cut tops to highlight your breasts. Wear skirts that show off your shapely legs. Dress in tops that accentuate your hips instead of hiding them.

If you aren’t naturally on the curvy side, don’t worry. You can wear clothing to draw attention to your best features anyway. Some clothing may even make you appear curvier than you are.

Libra men do prefer natural curves. You don’t need to get plastic surgery or procedures to add curves where you don’t have them. He likely won’t be attracted to that anyway.

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What kind of woman does a Libra man like? Libra men love elegant, sophisticated women. Regardless of your exact physical features, a Libra man will be more attracted to you if you’re elegant.

Try mixing up your style if you want to appear more elegant. Look for simple articles of clothing. A sophisticated black dress or a well-fit blouse with a pair of jeans can be elegant enough to attract a Libra man.

You can be elegant with any aesthetic. Regardless of your favorite colors or specific style, you can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your look.

If you are going to a fancy restaurant with your Libra man, look the part. Wear your best clothes. If you wear jewelry, don’t go too overboard. Wear some lovely earrings or a necklace if you want, but you don’t need more than that.


The sign of Libra is all about balance. It makes sense that Libra men would enjoy “balanced” body types because of this. What does a well-balanced body look like, though?

A Libra man’s idea of a balanced body will change from person to person. Libra men tend to enjoy people with bodies and faces that are more symmetrical, but that’s not the only way to be balanced.

Libra men enjoy proportional bodies. Your curves should “fit” the rest of your body. Regardless of your size, each part of you should look balanced compared to the rest of your body.

This is one reason why many Libra men enjoy women who are curvy all over. If you just have curvy hips, that one body part might seem out of balance with the rest of your body.

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What attracts Libra men? Because they tend to like curvy women, they enjoy it when a woman is well-endowed in certain areas.

Libra men tend to enjoy full breasts. While this isn’t necessary for a Libra man to be attracted to you, it does help!

Even if you’re not confident with your large hips or butt, your Libra man will likely be attracted to those parts of your body. Show them off in a way that makes you feel confident. He will appreciate it!

Low-cut tops or ones that have a tighter fit will show off your breasts. “Fit and flare” style dresses can cinch your waist and make your hips look nice. Skinny jeans will show off your thick thighs and calves.

Again, don’t worry if you aren’t well-endowed. That’s not the only thing that is important to a Libra man.

Smooth Skin

Attracting Libra men is easier if you take care of your skin. Don’t skimp on your skincare because Libra men love soft, glowing skin.

Feeling your smooth skin is one of a Libra man’s turn-ons. If you two are together, brush your skin against his. Hold hands with him or caress his face.

Skincare is essential to a Libra man. This is one simple thing you can do to show your Libra man that you take care of yourself and care about your appearance.

At the very least, you should be cleansing your skin and moisturizing. This applies to your whole body, not just your face!

If your skin is smooth and taken care of, you will look more attractive. Your Libra man will notice when you’ve got silky smooth legs or arms, and he’ll be drawn to that.

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Confident Walk

If you want to know how to attract Libra man, you need to have a confident walk. No matter your exact body type, a Libra man will notice you if you’re confident.

This is one area you can develop if you’re not naturally confident. You might not be able to change your body type or natural looks, but you can make yourself more confident.

Hold your head up high when you walk into a room. Have good posture. Look over at your Libra man and make direct eye contact.

A Libra man will look your way when you exude confidence. He’ll be attracted to that vibe, regardless of your physical features.

Favorite Body Parts

What is a Libra man’s favorite body part? As mentioned, Libra men love smooth skin. This isn’t the only body part that attracts them, though.

One area of the body Libra men enjoy is the back. This is because this is one of the body areas that Libra rules. You can wear backless tops to show that part of your body off.

As mentioned, Libra also appreciates it when you care for your skin. The sign of Libra rules the skin as well.

How do you make a Libra man obsessed with you? Show off your best assets. He has certain ones he likes more than others, but he’ll love seeing whatever your favorite part of your body is.

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Libra men enjoy graceful women. Grace is just another thing that fits their aesthetic and appeals to their love of beauty.

There are many ways to be graceful. Some people are more naturally refined than others, of course. If you aren’t naturally graceful, you can take steps to have more grace in your life.

When you walk around with your Libra man, confidence is essential, but you also need to be graceful. Be light on your feet and mind where you’re going as you walk. You don’t want to trip in front of your Libra man!

You can dress with a graceful aesthetic as well. Look for timeless, classic styles when choosing your clothing.

Libra men also enjoy women who speak gracefully. It’s not all about looks! Libra men want the total package. No matter how beautiful you are, you need more than your looks.

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