How To Beat a Sagittarius Man At His Own Game

Published April 19, 2023

You can beat a Sagittarius man at his own game when you understand his unique personality.

You must be clever and energetic to stay ahead of him. Using his tactics against him pays off.

You can command his respect if you understand his personality. He needs a woman who knows how to keep him humble.

Sagittarius men are intelligent and optimistic. Get to a Sagittarius man by charming his friends and impressing him with your adventurous nature.

You can impress him by pushing his boundaries. If you are ambitious, you can beat him in his career. Sagittarius men love energetic, passionate women.

Outsmart Him

If you prove you are his intellectual peer, you can make a Sagittarius man chase you. He is intelligent and can be condescending. Show a Sagittarius man he’s met his match academically.

Study his favorite topics such as law, philosophy, medicine, and history. He respects you when you can hold your own in a conversation about ancient philosophers or comparative religion.

A Sagittarius man uses his intelligence and academic interests to outwit others. He backs down if you can turn his rhetoric against him and beat him on an intellectual playing field.

If you’re wondering how a Sagittarius man tests you, he often uses his intelligent nature to be patronizing. He may be condescending, but you can outwit him. Make him regret playing games with you by outwitting him.

Sagittarius men can feel jealous and threatened when someone competes with them. But if you show him you are clever and intelligent without undermining his accomplishments, you can get his attention.

Your Sagittarius man notices intellectual women. You can beat him at his own game when you match his intelligence. Show off your knowledge, and he is impressed with you.

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Charm His Friends

Sagittarius men are naturally social and extroverted. They have a long eclectic list of friends and admirers. You can outsmart a Sagittarius man by charming his friends.

Your Sagittarius love interest is more likely to fall in love with you if you form a bond with his friends. When his network admires you, he sees you in a new light. Sagittarius men love women who can impress their friends.

The fastest way to a Sagittarius man’s heart is through his social circle. When his friends like you, they speak highly of you, which makes an impression on your Sagittarius love interest.

For a Sagittarius man, red flags include a woman who doesn’t have a lot of friends. You can stay ahead of him by forming alliances with his friends. He assumes you’re a good fit for him when he sees how much his friends like you.

Make a good impression on his friends, and you can win a Sagittarius man’s heart. Your Sagittarius love interest becomes fascinated with you when you charm his friends. Become part of his social circle, and he wants to be with you.

Push Boundaries

Don’t accept everything at face value. When you are in love with a Sagittarius man, you can beat him at his game by testing his boundaries. He appreciates feisty women.

You can keep him fascinated with you if you push boundaries and test your limits. Your Sagittarius man can be dramatic and attracted to excitement. Don’t be too compliant if you want to keep him on his toes.

Avoid offending his morals. Sagittarius men can be idealistic. They have strong opinions about justice and social issues. Yet if you push the conventional boundaries and show him you are eccentric, a Sagittarius man becomes attracted to you.

When you understand how a Sagittarius man pursues a woman, you can be strategic. When you push boundaries with a Sagittarius man, you ignite his passion.

If you agree with everything a Sagittarius man says, he becomes bored. If you want to beat him at his game surprise him. Push boundaries, and you can keep him on his toes.

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Be Independent

If you are independent and adventurous, you can impress a Sagittarius man. Beat him at his own game by disappearing when he shows interest in you.

Sagittarius men are notorious for ghosting women. They wander off and chase their interests even when they love someone. If you are independent and don’t act needy your Sagittarius man gets a taste of his medicine.

He misses you and fantasizes about you if you are not available. When you make him guess where you are and what you are doing, he is fascinated with you.

The more independent you are, the more a Sagittarius man becomes obsessed with you. You can make a Sagittarius man want to be with you if you are adventurous and don’t wait for him.


You can beat a Sagittarius man at his game if you share his love of traveling. He enjoys exploring new places. The farther from home you wander, the better.

You can excite a Sagittarius man by taking an interest in visiting different places and learning about various cultures. Your love of seeing the world can incite a Sagittarius man’s passions.

You can impress him by telling him about all the places you’ve visited. Your Sagittarius man wants to see photos from your tours around the world. You can make a Sagittarius man fall for you if you are an experienced traveler.

You may wonder how to beat a Sagittarius woman at their own game. The rules are the same. You can make a Sagittarius chase you if you are a world traveler.

The best match for a Sagittarius man for marriage is a woman who is eager to see the world. A Sagittarius man becomes obsessed with you if you are spontaneous and willing to share his adventures.

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Be Popular

Build up your social network if you want to get a Sagittarius man’s attention. Sagittarius men are attracted to popular women. You can stay ahead of him if you are busy making new friends.

Fill your social calendar with meetings and dates. Let your Sagittarius love interest see that you are busy. The more you are preoccupied with social functions, the more fascinated he becomes.

You can keep a Sagittarius man chasing you if you have an eclectic list of friends and admirers. Sagittarius men love popular women who have status. If you have many friends, your Sagittarius man wants to chase you.

A Sagittarius man’s mixed signals can be frustrating. Yet if you are prepared for his inconsistency you can stay in control. The more popular you are, the more friends you have to support you and intrigue a Sagittarius man.

Be Ambitious

As a fire sign, Sagittarius is known for being ambitious and bold. If you want to beat a Sagittarius man at his game, you must be active and confident. Show him you can exceed his ambition.

When you get a promotion or succeed in your career, your Sagittarius man notices. You can stay ahead of a Sagittarius man if you are more energetic and motivated than he is.

Your Sagittarius man feels grandiose and can seem entitled to success. When you beat him by receiving accolades and gaining accomplishments your Sagittarius man respects you more.

The best match for a Sagittarius man is a motivated woman. You can make him fall for you if you are energetic and bold. Beat him at his game by being determined and obsessed with success.

If you are motivated and ambitious, you can achieve more than you expect. Your Sagittarius love interest is also surprised when you show your determination. You can keep him on his toes by showing your ambitious side.

Set stretch goals and strive for your dreams. A Sagittarius man has no limits and loves women who dream big. You can captivate a Sagittarius man by aiming for your higher goals.

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Ignore Him

Sagittarius men are known for ignoring people when they are busy or distracted. They don’t empathize with your pain when they ignore you. You can beat a Sagittarius man at his game when you ignore him.

A Sagittarius man doesn’t notice initially when you ignore him. When he realizes you haven’t been around, he panics. He tries to get your attention and chases you again.

When you ignore a Sagittarius man and show him how it feels to be shut down, he empathizes with you. You can get his attention and make him interested in you when you ignore him.

Knowing when to leave a Sagittarius man alone is crucial. Never pursue him when he’s distant. You can beat a Sagittarius man with patience and boundaries.

If you say, “Help! My Sagittarius man is confusing me!” you must stay calm. You can outwit him and turn the tables by ignoring him when he is inconsistent.

Knowing how to keep a Sagittarius man on their toes is essential. You can make him wait for you and give him a taste of how it feels to be ignored. Your Sagittarius man doesn’t expect you to ignore him. He’s used to having the upper hand.

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