How To Beat a Cancer Man At His Own Game

Updated January 4, 2023
How To Beat a Cancer Man At His Own Game

If you want to beat a Cancer man at his own game, you must figure out what game he’s playing first!

Cancer men can be surprisingly sneaky and manipulative. You’ll need to recognize that he’s playing you if you want a chance at beating him.

If a Cancer man is messing with you and playing games, the most obvious sign will be frequent emotional outbursts or attempts at emotional manipulation. Don’t fall for it!

You can beat a Cancer man at his own game by remaining incredibly patient. Keep your cool if he’s lashing out. Do not get angry if he tries to pick a fight. Don’t let him get the best of you.

When your Cancer man acts out, ignore him. You can keep to yourself and avoid him until he’s ready to behave like an adult.

Be Patient

If you want to beat a Cancer man at his own game, you need to be patient. He can be incredibly patient, so you need to outlast him.

It will likely frustrate him if he’s trying to mess with you and you react with endless amounts of patience. If it’s clear your Cancer man is just trying to get under your skin, don’t let him.

You need to last longer than your Cancer man does. If he’s playing games and you won’t back down or show any signs of being irritated by him, he’ll likely stop because he won’t be able to win.

Your Cancer man will eventually realize that he can’t mess with you. If you only ever react with patience and a calm demeanor, he’ll realize that his dramatics will get him nowhere. He’ll stop playing games, and you’ll win.

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Don’t Take Him Seriously

Cancer men are genuinely emotional, but they try to keep most of that to themselves when feeling bad. Don’t take him seriously if yours is constantly lashing out and throwing tantrums.

If your Cancer man wanted support from you, he’d ask. He’d behave respectfully. He would not just sulk or act out dramatically.

When your Cancer man is in hysterics, ignore him. Make it very clear that you aren’t taking the tantrum seriously. Once he realizes that you won’t give him what he wants, he’ll stop.

Be careful not to ignore your Cancer man every time he displays emotion, though! If he genuinely seems upset, he might be. His actual sadness is usually quieter than his manipulative dramatics, and you should be able to tell the difference.

Don’t take his over-the-top hysterics seriously, but take his other emotions seriously. This will make it even more apparent that he can’t manipulate you because he’ll see that you know the difference!

Keep Your Cool

Sometimes, Cancer men are just trying to get a rise out of people. When they feel inadequate, they might also try to make the people around them feel bad. Don’t let him do that to you!

Keep your cool when your Cancer man is acting out. Don’t give him the reaction he wants. He’ll eventually stop when he sees that you’re calm and collected whenever he acts out.

If all your Cancer man wants is a reaction, he’ll quickly realize that he’s not going to get one out of you. Even if you’re irritated on the inside, hide it as best as possible!

It will likely irritate your Cancer man if he can’t get a rise out of you. You’ll win once he realizes you’ll remain calm no matter what he does.

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Don’t React To His Outbursts

A Cancer man hiding his feelings isn’t as common as a Cancer man openly expressing them. Most of the time, though, a Cancer man tries to be respectful in how he shows his emotions.

If your Cancer man constantly has outbursts, he’s probably messing with you or trying to manipulate you. This is especially true if he only has these outbursts in front of you!

Do not react to these outbursts. Don’t give your Cancer man what he wants just because he cries or lashes out in anger.

If your Cancer man is genuinely feeling down and wants your support, he’ll seek you out in a better way. He’ll have dramatic outbursts when he’s just trying to get under your skin or mess with you.

Tell him that you won’t respond or give him what he wants until he’s more mature. If your Cancer man cares about you, he’ll fix his behavior.

Ignore Him

If you want to get revenge on a Cancer man for messing with you, just ignore him. He’s probably messing with you for attention, so he’ll hate being ignored.

Ignoring him after a breakup is also a great way to make a Cancer man regret losing you. Show him that you’re not bothered, and you’ll win whatever game he’s playing.

If your Cancer man wants attention, he should be open about that. He doesn’t need to act out or be dramatic. Ignore him when he behaves immaturely, and he’ll realize that he needs to stop doing that if he wants to keep you around!

Leaving a Cancer man alone when he’s incredibly moody and refusing to see reason is usually a good idea in any scenario. If he won’t listen to you or calm down, he probably needs time alone to sort himself out.

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Don’t Get Angry

Don’t get angry when a Cancer man disrespects you or purposely says something hurtful. Do not rise to his bait or start a fight with him.

Remain calm instead. Act like you genuinely don’t care about what he said. Show him that his opinion doesn’t matter to you and that he can’t make you feel bad.

Cancer men sometimes try to make others feel angry when they are angry or upset. He is trying to project his emotions onto you when he purposely pushes your buttons.

Your Cancer man will quickly see that he can’t win against you when you refuse to get angry. Don’t let him get under your skin like he wants to.

Eventually, your Cancer man will realize that he needs to express himself more productively and positively. He’ll stop trying to play games with you.

Refuse To Argue With Him

If you’re arguing with a Cancer man, he’s already won. Sometimes, Cancer men pick fights as a way of messing with people. Don’t let him pick a fight with you.

If your Cancer man actually wanted to talk about a disagreement, he’d do so in a respectful way. He’d try to talk things through maturely and listen to your side without being combative.

A Cancer man who constantly picks fights with you for no reason is trying to manipulate you into doing what he wants. He may want to get a rise out of you and make you feel bad, especially if he’s in a bad mood.

You can beat him at his own game by refusing to play it in the first place. Don’t argue with him. Remain calm instead. Tell him you’re happy to talk to him about what’s happening but that you’re not interested in a fight.

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Keep To Yourself

Distancing yourself from a Cancer man when he’s playing games is usually your best bet. Once he realizes he’s legitimately pushing you away, he’ll stop playing games.

When your Cancer man is treating you poorly, just do something else. Hang out with some other friends or do something on your own! You don’t need to entertain his dramatics.

If you aren’t sure how to react when a Cancer man pulls away, letting him pull away is sometimes the best thing to do.

A Cancer man pulling away from you to get attention or manipulate you will quickly realize that his plan isn’t working when he sees that you’re keeping to yourself and not trying to make him come back.

Keeping to yourself might also make you realize that you’re better off without this particular Cancer man. He’s likely not trying to make you leave for good, so he won’t feel like he won if you never come back.

Acknowledge His Manipulation

If you want to make a Cancer man feel guilty while beating him at his own game, directly call him out when he tries to manipulate you.

Cancer men can be kind and compassionate people, but they can also be incredibly manipulative. It’s sometimes difficult to spot this because of their caring nature.

A Cancer man’s manipulation is sometimes successful just because he does have a reputation for being a kind person. Others might not believe he’s trying to manipulate you.

A Cancer man who is trying to manipulate you will behave passive-aggressively when he doesn’t get his way. He’ll openly sulk if you disagree with him about something or refuse to do what he wants.

When he does this, acknowledge it. Tell him you know he’s being passive-aggressive and that he can’t manipulate you!

Why do Cancer men play mind games? Sometimes, it’s the only way they know how to get what they want. Directly tell your Cancer man that you won’t play his games, and he’ll eventually stop playing them too.

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