August 30 Zodiac (Virgo) Horoscope & Info

Updated January 14, 2023
August 30 Zodiac (Virgo) Horoscope & Info

Which sign is August 30? This birthday falls in the first decan of Virgo.

People born on August 30 are influenced by the planet Mercury. They are analytical, intellectual, and can be quick learners.

People born on August 30 are perfectionists. They strive to be rational and to evaluate every situation with logic and neutrality.

They are humble and prefer service to others over personal gain. They seem shy at first because they observe their surroundings.

Virgos analyze you from the moment they meet you. They pay attention to details such as whether your nails are clean, tone of voice, and appearance.

August 30 Info
DateAugust 30
SignVirgo ♍︎
StrengthsAnalytical, Detail-oriented, Nurturing
WeaknessesEmotionally distant, Stubborn, Critical
Opposite signPisces ♓︎
Best matchPisces, Cancer, Taurus
Worst matchAquarius, Sagittarius, Aries
BirthstonePeridot, Spinel, Sardonyx
Tarot birth cardsThe High Priestess, Justice
Angel number11
Spirit animalsVulture, Deer, Bee


August 30 birthdays grant many gifts. People born on this date are conscientious and responsible. Virgos are organized and have a system for everything.

The August 30 zodiac makes an excellent assistant who prefers staying out of the spotlight. They can be helpful and love opportunities to serve others. They are often health-conscious and attentive to diet and nutrition.

The August 30 zodiac personality tries to help others live more productive, healthier lives. They are knowledgeable on many subjects. Virgo people are often well-read and intelligent.

They love learning new things and are fond of practical information that helps them improve their lives. They can be perfectionists, believing there is always room to grow and be a better person.

The August 30 zodiac, animal, and plant life are critical. They are attracted to agriculture and often work in veterinary offices, gardens, and farms.

The August zodiac sign is considered practical and rational. They remain calm in a crisis and can help others solve problems. An August 30 Virgo man or woman often assumes caretaking roles in their relationships.

August birthdays are associated with reliable people who can be great healers and advisors. They can be considerate and protective of their love interests.


People with August 30 birthdays have a unique purpose. They are here to create order and stability so others can thrive. Virgos nurture others through practical kindness.

They are here to encourage others to strive for health and wellness. Virgos assist others in their daily lives in several ways. They can be mentors, guides, assistants, teachers, and coaches.

Virgo people born on August 30 are here to help others improve their health, finances, and careers. They help people become more productive and efficient.

They can also bring greater comfort and stability into others’ lives. Virgos know how to encourage others to make changes to daily routines and details that have a significant impact.

They are excellent assistants, researchers, analysts, and caregivers. People born on August 30 can help others see details they otherwise overlook.

For August 30, meaning stems from helping others. They are happy to be of service to others and love sharing their talents with others.

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Positive Traits

August 30 Virgos have many positive traits. They are conscientious and responsible; they follow through when they make promises. People born on August 30 are dutiful and loyal as well.

They are great teachers and can be analytical, objective, and thoughtful. August 30 Virgos are nurturing and supportive. They give sound advice because they never let emotions get in the way.

They can also be helpful. August 30 Virgos love to serve others. They are friendly, polite, diplomatic, and helpful; they are also honest and transparent.

Negative Traits

August 30 Virgos have some negative qualities. They can be cynical and are accused of being critical and judgmental. Their rational nature can make them seem emotionally disconnected.

They lack sentimentality and this can make them seem unrelatable. Virgo’s perfectionistic side also makes it seem like they are elitists.

People born on August 30 can be methodical and reliable, yet they are too dependent on schedules. They struggle to improvise and don’t adapt to changing situations.

The August 30 rising sign in water, such as Scorpio or Cancer, can help balance Virgo’s personality. Their worst traits are balanced by a more emotional rising sign.


August 30 zodiac sign compatibility is best with Pisces, Cancer, and Taurus. This combination of water and earth signs knows how to accommodate Virgo’s unique personality.

Pisces is the sign opposite of Virgo on the zodiac wheel. August 30 Virgos are down-to-earth and know how to keep Pisces grounded. Pisces brings imagination and empathy to the relationship.

Virgos are also a great romantic match for Cancer. Both enjoy domestic duties and create a stable, secure home; they are also excellent business partners.

Virgo attends to Cancer’s practical needs. Cancer is emotionally nurturing and soothes Virgo’s critical nature.

Taurus people are also earth signs, like Virgo. Yet Taurus is romantic and sentimental, whereas Virgo is rational and logical. They work well together and understand each other’s priorities and perspectives.

Virgos are not a good match for the air and fire signs. Aries, Aquarius, and Sagittarius are the worst combination for Virgo.

Virgo and Aries have no common ground. Aries is impulsive and intense. Virgo feels overwhelmed by Aries’ nature; Aries is too dominating and reckless for cautious Virgo.

People born on August 30 are not a good match for Sagittarius either. Sagittarius is free wheeling and won’t be confined. Virgo people feel reassured by a structure that Sagittarius resists.

Aquarius is rebellious and erratic. Virgo can’t tolerate Aquarius’s unpredictable nature; Aquarius feels stifled by Virgo’s perfectionistic personality.


People born on August 30 are excellent communicators. They are clear and concise, leaving out emotion helps them get to the point. They often communicate rationally.

Virgos are excellent instructors. They are adept at explaining things and conveying factual messages.

August 30 Virgos struggle to convey their feelings. They often suppress their feelings and instead focus on objective observations. This makes their friends and partners feel misunderstood and invalidated.

Yet their communication style is geared toward communicating factual information, not subjective experience. When Virgo’s partners and friends realize this, they can communicate with Virgo more effectively.


People born on August 30 are attractive in simple, modest ways. They avoid drawing attention to themselves. Virgos have a traditional beauty and fashion sense.

They are attracted to people who dress well but aren’t too flashy. Virgos born on August 30 are attracted to a neat, tidy appearance.

They also prefer people who are healthy and interested in fitness. Avoid looking sloppy or unhygienic if you want to attract Virgo’s attention.


August 30 Virgos love practical dates. They can be traditional when it comes to dating and prefer calm, lowkey settings. Virgos avoid chaotic environments.

Their ideal dates give ample space for conversation. When taking them out to a movie, stop for dinner or drinks first. They need time to talk to you before or after the entertainment.

Virgos don’t need to be entertained on dates. They prefer educational experiences. Walking through an herb garden or visiting a wildlife sanctuary are ideal dates for Virgos.


August 30 people slowly fall in love. They analyze their feelings for you rather than accepting their love. Virgo people show their love in unusual ways.

They are understated and never show passion and emotion in love. You’ll know a Virgo loves you when they change their schedule to accommodate you.

They start taking an interest in your health and recommend herbs, supplements, and dietary changes when they love you. People born on August 30 can be critical of the people they love the most.

They try to help you make improvements and may recommend lifestyle changes. Virgos also feed you when they love you. They cook healthy food for you and attend to your comfort needs.


People born on August 30 are cautious about committing to relationships. They maintain friendships first and date people they’ve been friends with for some time.

Eventually, they define the relationship. Virgos approach the relationship like a business partnership; they outline their expectations and may even establish rules for themselves and others in the relationship.

People born on August 30 can be considerate and thoughtful. They are nurturing and attentive in relationships and are often grounded and sensible.

Virgos are stoic, practical, nurturing partners. They manage the tedious work of the relationship. Yet they aren’t good at expressing their feelings. People born on August 30 have high standards in relationships.

They can be independent in relationships and can maintain separate households in their relationships. Virgos are protective and cautious in romantic relationships.


People born on August 30 often strive for marriage as the end game in their relationships. Yet they never rush to marry. People born on August 30 can wait years before actually settling down.

Virgos take marriage seriously and can be responsible and serious about their love life. They don’t need excitement in their marriage and prefer a calm, serene home life rather than drama in their marriage.

Let your Virgo spouse manage the finances, and you’ll be relieved. Virgos know how to make resources last. They are often nurturing and pay attention to the details so they’ll know how to make you happy.


People born on August 30 have a low sex drive. They are not a kinky sign and prefer traditional forms of sexual expression.

Virgos take their time in the bedroom and pay attention to your desires. They are sensual and respond to your desires. Take your time if you want to please a Virgo.

People born on August 30 are not inspired by passion. They need a cautious partner and never act on spontaneity. They can be methodical lovers who need consistency.

They are also obsessed with hygiene. Safe sex and planning for sexual encounters are also essential for Virgos. They never act impulsively. Virgos are practical in bed and have a few abstract fantasies.

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