August 29 Zodiac (Virgo) Horoscope & Info

Updated February 16, 2023
August 29 Zodiac (Virgo) Horoscope & Info

August 29 birthdays fall in the first decan of Virgo. Mercury rules this birthday and those born on August 29 have an amplification of Virgo’s best qualities.

They are analytical, practical, sensible, and intelligent. Virgo can be a perfectionist but are also highly successful.

August 29 Virgos are among the most helpful people you’ll ever meet. They dedicate themselves to serving others and are often intellectual and down-to-earth.

They can be grounded and excel during crises. When others panic, Virgo remains in control. They are attracted to work in healthcare and service.

Virgo people are excellent assistants. They enjoy helping others find their way through challenges. They are smart enough to lead the charge but avoid the spotlight.

August 29 Info
DateAugust 29
SignVirgo ♍︎
StrengthsReliable, Conscientious, Responsible
WeaknessesStoic, Cautious, Judgmental
Opposite signPisces ♓︎
Best matchPisces, Cancer, Taurus
Worst matchAquarius, Sagittarius, Aries
BirthstonePeridot, Spinel, Sardonyx
Tarot birth cardsThe Magician, Wheel of Fortune
Angel number1
Spirit animalsCat, Deer, Jellyfish


The August 29 zodiac sign personality can be well-read and intelligent. They have much to teach others and frequently give advice. Virgo is happy to help and often shares expert opinions and literary resources.

They are scientific and will research answers to your questions. Often, they seem like walking encyclopedias. Virgo can be eager to help you solve problems, and there is no challenge too great for someone born on August 29.

Virgo has an eye for detail. They examine every aspect of a problem before putting their energy into helping you. They are naturally curious and research their topics of interest.

Virgo never makes assumptions. They prefer finding concrete sources and getting down to the bottom of the questions that perplex them. They can be cautious and hesitate to commit to an opinion until they have all the information.

They are humble, caring, and nurturing. Yet Virgo doesn’t let emotion drive them; they remain rational when others lose control and panic.

August 29 lucky number is six. People born on this date are associated with the principle of service and spirituality.


People born on August 29 have a strong sense of mission. Their purpose is to help others understand the world around them. They can be somber and may seem to lack a sense of humor.

But Virgo is on a mission to create security for others and to help people improve their health, finances, and routines. They notice details others miss and are excellent researchers.

Virgo excels in research, data analysis, healthcare, dietetics, and agricultural careers. They have a connection to nature and animals and are conscientious about health and hygiene.

They help teach others to incorporate self-improvement and growth into their daily practices. Virgo is known for being practical, yet their devotion to service can be spiritual.

The August 29 birthday in history is seldom associated with fame. Virgo is humble and works behind the scenes to help others. They have a large-scale impact but avoid celebrity attention.

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Positive Traits

August 29 zodiac personality has many positive traits. Virgo people are helpful, rational, scientific, logical, and attentive. They are organized and cautious.

They make great assistants and mentors. Virgo is willing to help everybody and will research the answer to your questions if they don’t know the solution at first.

They are caring and responsible. The August 29 birthday personality is always honest. They tell you what you need to hear, even if it is not what you want to hear. They are reliable, and you can count on them to follow through.

Negative Traits

Although Virgo has many admirable qualities, they must overcome some obstacles. They can be judgmental. Their analytical gifts can also make them critical of others.

Virgo can be patient, but their cautious nature also makes them slow-moving. They often procrastinate. Virgo can take matters too seriously and forget to have fun.

They are hard-working and often don’t know how to relax. Virgo’s high-achieving personality can also lead them to be anxious and restless. Their minds never get a break, and they can overthink things.

An August 29 zodiac Moon sign can balance their personality and help counter negative traits. Virgo can become more empathic if they have a water Moon sign.


August 29 zodiac sign compatibility is best with people born under Pisces, Cancer, and Taurus. Virgo is most compatible with water and other earth signs.

Virgo and Pisces are opposite on the zodiac wheel. They bring out the best in each other and can help balance their strengths and weaknesses.

Virgo and Cancer share a love of security, tradition, home, and family. Virgo’s sensibility and rationality make Cancer feel reassured. Cancer brings emotion and compassion to the relationship.

Virgo and Taurus are both earth signs. They make each other feel secure and stable. Both are sensible with finances and keep their passions and emotions to a minimum. They have a down-to-earth, drama-free relationship.

Virgo is not the best romantic match for everybody. Their worst compatibility is with Aries, Aquarius, and Sagittarius. Fire and air signs are not compatible with earthy Virgo.

Virgo is baffled by Aquarius’s rebellious personality. Aquarius is too erratic and unpredictable for Virgo’s comfort.

Sagittarius and Virgo frustrate each other. Sagittarius is independent and loves to travel and learn new things. Both are intellectual, but Sagittarius cares about philosophy and spirituality.

Virgo sticks to raw data and facts. Sagittarius sees Virgo as limiting and stifling. Virgo is uncomfortable with Sagittarius’s expansive nature.

Aries and Virgo are also a poor romantic match. Aries are demanding and dominating. They are spontaneous and act on instinct. Virgo is practical and grounded. They are strategic and dislike Aries’s carefree style.


August 29 Virgo people are excellent communicators. They stick to the facts and never get emotional when expressing themselves. They are direct and honest.

Unlike many other signs, Virgo excels at communicating in person and through text. They can be concise and never gossip. They focus on factual information and try to make helpful observations.

Virgo is thorough and direct when they communicate. They are great at giving instructions because they easily break abstract concepts into basic steps.

Skip nuances and subtle hints when you communicate with Virgo. They don’t understand inside jokes and take communication literally and at face value.


August 29 Virgo can be attractive in a traditional, sensible way. They avoid excessive accessories and makeup; Virgo radiates natural beauty and has a simple, innocent beauty.

Virgo people are attracted to vulnerable, sensitive, and compassionate people. People born on August 29 are also attracted to hard-working and reliable people.

They are not superficial, but notice if you take care of your appearance. Health is their priority, not appearance alone. Virgo detests sloppiness and carelessness.


Ideal August 29 dates are traditional, lowkey, and calm. They enjoy going to healthy restaurants. Movies are ideal for Virgo dates, yet it’s best to stick to documentaries or classics. Avoid action and horror movies.

Virgo also enjoys dates that are purposeful. Impress them by inviting them on a date to volunteer to help others. They love being productive and even their romantic dates may seem more like work.

Virgo dates include dancing, touring a historic site, or visiting a nature preserve or garden. August 29 Virgos love practical dates where they can learn new skills.


August 29 love life can be bland if you don’t understand their unique personality. Virgo people are cautious and never rush into love; they suppress their feelings and analyze their prospective love interests.

Virgo can be stoic and rational in love. When they love you, Virgo acts more like a friend. They often confuse their love interest because they are not passionate and demonstrative.

You’ll know a Virgo loves you when they spend more time with you. Especially when they change their schedule to accommodate you. Virgo people born on August 29 can be loyal and attentive.

They are caring and generous, but they don’t pour their hearts out. Virgo may tell you they love you but then repeat the phrase sparingly, leaving you wondering how they feel.

The August 29 zodiac cusp can be one of the most stoic when it comes to expressing love. They show love by doing things to help you, not by showering you with praise, gifts, or emotion.


August 29 Virgos are slow to define a relationship. They hesitate because they don’t want to make a commitment they can’t follow through on. They take relationships seriously.

Once Virgo commits to a relationship, they can be loyal and dependable. They take their time to warm up to you and let their guard down, but Virgo also commits to life.

They proceed with caution but will never let you down. You must be patient if you want a romantic relationship with Virgo. They need consistent reassurance of your stability and trustworthiness.


Virgos are eager to marry, but they are slow to make this milestone commitment. When Virgo marries, they are loyal, devoted, and faithful. They never stray from marriage and care about making a comfortable home.

They are nurturing and affectionate, but they steer clear of drama in the marriage. They can thrive in marriages that are serious, sensible, and calm. They don’t like complicated routines and chaotic lifestyles.

When Virgo is married, they enjoy quiet nights at home. They focus on providing for their spouse and family. Though they care about serving the larger community, Virgo’s top priority becomes their family.


Though Virgo is the sign of the Maiden, this is also a sensual sign. They have a lower-than-average sex drive and are minimally experimental in bed. Virgo needs repetition and consistency in the bedroom.

They often schedule time for intimacy and may seem to lack spontaneity. Virgo can also go extended time without sexual encounters and doesn’t feel deprived.

They are attentive in the bedroom and notice all of your favorite positions and techniques. They can be affectionate and are receptive lovers, but they shy away from kinky sex.

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