August 27 Zodiac, Personality, Horoscope, and More

Updated September 20, 2023

What sign is August 27? People born on this day are Virgos. They are in the first decan and have classic Virgo traits.

These Virgos can quickly become stressed out because of how hard-working they are. They need to learn how to rely on others to avoid this stress.

Mercury is both the ruler and subruler for the first decan of Virgo. These Virgos feel the full influence of the planet of communication.

August 27 Virgos can be introverted and aren’t always social, but they are well-spoken and good at communicating when they do talk to others. They sometimes need help opening up, but general communication is never an issue for them.

Virgos born on this day are reliable, stable, and highly intelligent. They often have surprisingly creative or strange careers, but they excel at them and can bring stability to even the wildest jobs.

August 27 Info
DateAugust 27
SignVirgo ♍︎
StrengthsFlexibility, Hard-working, Logical
WeaknessesOverworking, Self-criticism, Self-esteem
Opposite signPisces ♓︎
Best matchPisces, Cancer, Taurus
Worst matchAquarius, Sagittarius, Aries
BirthstonePeridot, Spinel, Sardonyx
Tarot birth cardsStrength, The Star
Angel number8
Spirit animalsBee, Owl, Jellyfish


The August 27 horoscope is a typical Virgo horoscope in many ways, but these Virgos also have some surprises up their sleeves.

Virgo is a logical, rational sign. Virgos are often brilliant and well-spoken. They can also be introverted, so they don’t always put themselves out there.

Virgos born on this day can be like that, but those who know them best will also see a different side of them.

When these Virgos are confident and fully accept themselves, they will start to think outside the box. Virgo is not a rigid sign. It is mutable and adaptable. Virgos born on this day will display more flexibility in comfortable environments.


The purpose of an August 27 Virgo is to become wholly comfortable with themselves. They can do great things and develop innovative ideas when they let go of their self-esteem issues.

Virgo can be overly critical of themselves, and this is something that Virgos born on this day struggle with. They don’t always voice their creative ideas because they fear judgment from others.

When they get over this, they can live more authentic lives. They will also be able to do great things! Coming up with creative solutions to problems or differently from how others do is not bad. They just have to realize that.

Positive Traits

The August 27 personality is practical and reliable. These Virgos are people you can go to when you need something done, and they will be able to handle it for you.

Some positive Virgo traits people born on this day have are excellent problem-solving skills, quick wit, and flexibility.

Virgo is a sign that values security and stability, but they are also very flexible. Virgos born on this day might like to plan and stick to a schedule, but they can handle it if things don’t go according to plan.

These Virgos always have a backup plan. If something isn’t working, they can quickly develop a new solution. They won’t become stressed out if their original plan isn’t the best one.

Negative Traits

Some negative Virgo traits common in people born on this day are being overly critical of themselves, overworking, and low self-esteem.

Virgos born on this day won’t become stressed if a situation goes wrong, but they will stress themselves out if they think they’ve made a mistake or are the reason things aren’t going according to plan.

These Virgos are their own worst critics. They make themselves anxious because their expectations for themselves are often too high. They strive for perfection and don’t always realize that perfection doesn’t exist!

Virgos born on this day often overwork themselves as well. They don’t always know when to take a break and may even purposely avoid resting because they think it’s better to be productive at all times.


The best match for a Virgo born on this day is Pisces. These two might seem like an odd match, given Virgo’s need for stability and the instability of a Pisces, but opposites can attract.

Pisces can be the supportive partner that Virgo needs. They will help their Virgo partner loosen up and happily compliment them when Virgo needs an ego boost.

Cancer and Taurus are also excellent matches for Virgo. Cancer can comfort Virgo when they are stressed and overworked. Taurus can teach Virgo that it’s okay to relax sometimes!

The worst matches for Virgo are Aquarius, Sagittarius, and Aries. Air signs like Aquarius and fire signs like Sagittarius and Aries won’t always be able to offer Virgo the emotional support they need.

These signs are intensely independent and more likely to let Virgo overwork themselves instead of telling them to slow down. They won’t always be able to push Virgo to take care of themselves as other signs can.


Virgo’s communication style tends to be more analytical. They communicate facts and details and don’t always focus on their emotions. It can be difficult for them to talk about their feelings.

Virgos born on this day are well-spoken, and their rational nature is always apparent when they speak. They are often good communicators, as Mercury rules Virgo, and they are great at getting their points across.

Virgo tries to be fair when they are having a conversation and will ensure that whoever they speak to gets their turn. They want to avoid any misunderstandings, so they are happy to explain things further if necessary.


Virgos often have high standards. They don’t necessarily have a specific type when it comes to looks, but there are certain things they are attracted to in a person.

Virgos don’t always care about specific traits like hair color or body type. How well someone takes care of themselves and their appearance is something Virgo cares about.

Virgos born on this day are attracted to people who have good hygiene and care about their appearance. Clean skin, well-manicured nails, and well-kept hair are necessary if you want to attract these Virgos.

Intelligence is another thing that these Virgos are attracted to. Someone’s mind is often far more attractive to them than their physical appearance, even if that also matters.


Dating isn’t always something that Virgo prioritizes. Virgos born on this day are sometimes too focused on other things in their lives to date a lot.

However, Virgo can be extremely picky when they do go on dates! They are the type to go on one date and stop seeing someone over a minor thing.

These Virgos usually prefer well-planned dates. They tend to enjoy things like going to museums or going on hikes. They are okay with simple things like dinner and a movie. Make sure you tell them what the plan is before you go out.


Virgo’s relationship with love and romance can be challenging at times. Virgos born on this day can have self-esteem issues and may not always think they are worthy of love.

These Virgos might not focus on finding love and may ignore it when someone does love them.

If they think they are not “perfect” or not living up to their expectations for themselves, they might not allow others to love them. They do deserve to be loved, though!

Having a loving, supportive partner who will love them anyway is what Virgo needs. They need someone who will tell them that they are worth it!

Virgo’s love language is acts of service. They will show their love by doing chores or running errands for the people they care about.


It can sometimes be difficult for these Virgos to settle into a long-term relationship. Their high expectations for themselves and others make relationships challenging at times.

That doesn’t mean these Virgos can’t have happy, fulfilling relationships, though! They need partners who will stick by them and offer them emotional support.

Virgo is not always a very emotional sign. Virgos born on this day need partners who are more emotionally open than they are. They will be happiest when they have someone to help them open up more.


Virgos usually take marriage seriously. They typically prefer to be in a committed relationship for a while before they get married. They want to be sure that things will work out long-term.

Virgos born on this day might not always be emotionally open, but they are loving spouses. Their love is more practical than passionate, but they have good hearts and will do their best to take care of their spouse.


Virgos can sometimes be shy about sex. Virgos born on this day are also prone to self-esteem issues and a lot of self-criticisms, which can make sex difficult at first.

Virgo can be an attentive, caring lover. They need a lot of patience at first because it can take them a while to open up.

Virgos born on this day can get creative in the bedroom once they are comfortable with their partners.

One reason they are compatible with Pisces is that they will happily go along with their Piscean partner’s fantasies in the bedroom after they have had a chance to build trust with their partner.

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