August 23 Zodiac (Virgo) Horoscope & Info

Updated January 5, 2023
August 23 Zodiac (Virgo) Horoscope & Info

What sign is August 23? People born on this day are Virgos. They are born in the first decan of Virgo, on the first day of the season.

These Virgos tend to have typical Virgo traits. As this is the first day of the Virgo season, they also feel the transitional energy of the sun moving into their sign.

The August 23 zodiac sign has Mercury as its ruler. The first decan has no subruler, so these Virgos feel the full influence of the planet of communication.

These Virgos are, in many ways, stereotypical Virgos. They are well-spoken, intelligent, and some of the best communicators you will ever meet. They are practical, nurturing, and excellent at fixing any problems they come across.

Virgos born on this day are also highly critical of themselves and others. Their high expectations for themselves can limit them in many ways. Their criticism of others can make forming connections difficult.

August 23 Info
DateAugust 23
SignVirgo ♍︎
StrengthsIntelligent, Well-spoken, Practical
WeaknessesCritical, Self-limiting, Easily depressed
Opposite signPisces ♓︎
Best matchPisces, Cancer, Taurus
Worst matchAquarius, Sagittarius, Aries
BirthstonePeridot, Spinel, Sardonyx
Tarot birth cardsThe Emperor, Death, The Fool
Angel number4
Spirit animalsVulture, Jellyfish, Cat


The August 23 horoscope is filled with a need to fix what is broken. These Virgos don’t always have the same concept of brokenness as everyone around them, though!

These Virgos want to help others and help them to be the best possible version of themselves. If they see a flaw in someone, they will genuinely want to help them work on overcoming that flaw.

This need to fix others comes from a place of compassion, but it tends to make these Virgos seem overly critical and judgemental. Their tendency to see others as broken people in need of fixing can get them in trouble.

These Virgos are also overly critical of themselves. They only see their imperfections and have difficulty seeing their talents and positive traits. They need to learn to bond with others and accept their flaws if they want to succeed and be happy.


An August 23 Virgo’s purpose is not to fix everyone else, despite what they think! Their purpose is to learn how to accept the flaws in others and themselves.

They need to find people who will love them as they are and be able to offer that same kind of unconditional love in return.

These Virgos have a lot of potential, but they will never realize that potential if they constantly focus on perceived flaws. They have to learn to focus on problems that need solving rather than trying to make everyone around them “perfect.”

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Positive Traits

The August 23 personality is intelligent, practical, and skilled at solving problems. If you’re ever stuck with a project and need some advice on how to proceed, these Virgos are great people to go to.

Virgos born on this day are excellent at noticing minor details. They excel in careers such as accounting, proofreading, editing, and other jobs that require attention to detail. They often pick up on things that others miss.

These Virgos are excellent communicators. They are well-spoken and carefully consider their words before they speak. If they say something, it is deliberate. They rarely say something they don’t mean or speak without thinking.

Negative Traits

The Virgo personality can be critical and judgmental. This criticism might be appreciated if Virgo is fixing errors in a paper you wrote.

Still, it won’t go over well if they constantly criticize every little flaw they notice in your appearance or personality.

These Virgos often have high expectations for themselves. This can end up limiting them, as they won’t pursue something unless they are confident they can do it perfectly. These high expectations can also lead to depression and anxiety.

Perfection doesn’t exist, and these Virgos have a hard time recognizing that. They look for perfection in everyone, especially themselves, and are constantly trying to fix things that aren’t broken.


The best match for Virgos born on this day is Pisces. Pisces is a creative dreamer who can help Virgo to find beauty in imperfections.

Pisces and Virgo sometimes seem like an odd couple, but they balance one another out. Virgo helps Pisces to be more realistic. Pisces shows Virgo how to express themselves and get in touch with their fantasies.

Taurus and Cancer are also excellent matches for Virgo. Taurus can be the stable partner Virgo needs while also showing them how to relax and loosen up.

Cancer is extraordinarily nurturing and will accept Virgo as they are, flaws and all.

The worst match for Virgo is Aquarius, Sagittarius, or Aries. The free-spirited, wild nature of these signs usually drives Virgo crazy. The stubborn nature of Aries rubs them the wrong way, as does the rebellious spirit of Aquarius.


Virgo’s communication style is analytical and honest. Virgos are often intelligent and well-spoken, though they can also be highly critical and are sometimes too honest.

These Virgos are eloquent and know how to get their point across. They think before they speak, but that doesn’t necessarily mean everything they say is kind or polite.

Virgos born on this day believe they are helping when they offer criticisms to others. They carefully consider how they will offer criticism, but it doesn’t always go over well because they will provide criticism without being asked to.

The intelligence of these Virgos will be apparent in the way they speak. They can explain any concept in a way that others can understand, and they will gladly chat about anything they are knowledgeable of.


These Virgos tend to be extremely picky about who they are attracted to. Sometimes, they look at someone and see only their flaws rather than their beauty.

Virgos prefer people who are well-dressed and well-groomed. They like it when someone cares about their appearance and makes an effort to look good. They don’t like anything too flashy and usually prefer simple silhouettes and practical clothing.

Physically, some of these Virgos prefer people who are fit or athletic. They are looking for someone who takes care of themselves and will be attracted to people who appear strong or healthy.

These Virgos won’t always act on their attraction to someone. They can quickly become unattracted to someone based on minor flaws and perceived imperfections.


These Virgos don’t tend to date around much. Their picky nature means their dating pool is small to begin with, and their tendency to criticize and try to fix people makes it even smaller.

Virgos often love to socialize, though. When they go on dates, they enjoy doing anything that allows them to chat with the person they are with.

They enjoy engaging in intellectual discussions and will be pleased with anyone who can keep up with them in a conversation.

Anything that appeals to their intellectual nature will be a great date idea. Going to a lecture, visiting a museum, or just sitting around having an academic discussion are all things these Virgos might enjoy.


Virgo’s love language is acts of service. Even if they sometimes miss the mark, these Virgos genuinely want to help others and care for their needs.

Try not to be offended if these Virgos point out your messy apartment and then clean it up for you. If they were that bothered by your untidy nature, they would just leave. Cleaning up is one way they show they care about you.

These Virgos often criticize the people they love the most. They honestly think they are helping most of the time and are not trying to be cruel.


Virgos can be loyal, nurturing partners. However, being in a relationship with a Virgo born on this day isn’t always easy.

It doesn’t feel good to be constantly criticized by your partner. Virgo’s judgmental nature is one of the most common reasons their relationships fail.

These Virgos sometimes end up in relationships with people just because they want to fix them. They might lower their expectations and date someone who isn’t perfect, but they will try to make them perfect.

Once they get over their need to fix everyone, these Virgos will be better partners. They will be able to offer stability and will be incredibly faithful and loving.


Virgos take marriage seriously. Many want to settle down and have a family with someone eventually, though it can take a while to find the right person.

These Virgos want to be sure that they are marrying the right person. If they have any doubts, they will put off marriage until those doubts are removed, or the relationship ends, and they move on to someone else.

Virgos born on this day are faithful and loyal spouses. They take their marriage vows seriously and will never purposely do anything to hurt their spouse or ruin their relationship.


A Virgo’s sexuality isn’t always apparent. They don’t typically enjoy discussing sex in mixed company and only show their sexual side to people they genuinely trust and are comfortable with.

The bedroom is not free from the critical nature of these Virgos. If they think their lover is doing something wrong or could improve in any way, they will have no problem letting them know.

These Virgos usually have to learn to be more gentle with the criticisms. They will have a better time when they can loosen up and just enjoy the experience for what it is.

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