August 21 Zodiac, Personality, Horoscope, and More

Updated September 6, 2023

What sign is August 21? People born on this day are Leos. They are born in the third decan of Leo.

These Leos are warm and caring friends and partners. They love being around others, and it is easy to form connections with them.

The Sun rules Leo, and the third decan has Mars as its subruler. These Leos can be more aggressive and fiery because of the influence of Mars.

These Leos are social, affectionate, and a little childish. They are fun to be around, and people tend to find them charming. They are easy to chat with because they can make others feel comfortable around them.

August 21 Leos have a dark side, though. They can become too childish if they aren’t careful. They can also become aggressive if they don’t get their way and haven’t learned how to deal with disappointment.

August 21 Info
DateAugust 21
SignLeo ♌︎
StrengthsHonest, Fun, Caring
WeaknessesPushy, Aggressive, Stubborn
Opposite signAquarius ♒︎
Best matchAries, Libra, Aquarius
Worst matchVirgo, Capricorn, Taurus
BirthstonePeridot, Spinel, Sardonyx
Tarot birth cardsThe High Priestess, Justice
Angel number11
Spirit animalsShark, Gorilla, Peacock


The August 21 horoscope has some opposing energies that need to be balanced if these Leos want to succeed.

These Leos want to connect with others. They can be affectionate, caring, and sometimes very generous toward the people they love.

On the other hand, these Leos can push others away and make forming connections difficult for themselves. They sometimes become overly aggressive and stubborn, making drawing people in more difficult.

The childish nature of these Leos can be entertaining at times. It can make them seem charming and affectionate. Their positivity can be infectious.

However, that childish nature isn’t always a positive thing. If these Leos have childish emotions and don’t know how to deal with not getting their way, they can become even more aggressive and lash out.


An August 21 Leo’s purpose is to balance their emotions and learn how to express themselves more constructively.

These Leos can lift spirits and spread positivity to the world, but they can’t do that if they are overcome with aggression and a need to always get what they want.

It can be disappointing when these Leos don’t get everything they desire in life, but learning how to deal with that disappointment and move on will allow them to get more of what they want in the long run.

Learning how to overcome their stubborn, pushy nature will allow these Leos to form closer bonds with others. These bonds are necessary if they want to stay motivated to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Positive Traits

The August 21 personality is sometimes extremely open, fun, and easy to get along with. These Leos have the potential to form incredible bonds with others.

Being warm, affectionate, and honest are all positive Leo traits that these Leos tend to possess. They genuinely care about the people in their lives and will do their best to show their love.

You can typically trust these Leos to tell the truth. They aren’t as blunt as Capricorn or judgmental like Virgo, but they are extremely honest. When they are in a good mood, they will try to be kind with that honesty.

These Leos can learn to work as a team with their friends and partners. They can form tight bonds with those they are closest to, and they will be able to maintain those bonds as long as they make an effort to.

Negative Traits

Being stubborn, aggressive, and self-focused are some negative Leo traits these Leos can express when they aren’t at their best.

When they allow themselves to be emotionally open, these Leos can express their “negative” emotions in a productive, healthy way. However, if they try to shut down those emotions, they are likely to explode and become aggressive.

These Leos also do not handle disappointment well. They must actively work on learning how to deal with that better, or they may become overly moody and pushy in their quest to get what they desire.


The best match for Leos born on this day is Libra. Libra is all about finding balance. They can help Leo to balance their personality and learn how to express themselves positively.

Leo and Libra can also have fun together! Libra has a creative side, and Leo loves that about them. Libra will also be down to socialize with Leo and try new things with them.

Aries and Aquarius are also excellent matches for Leo. Aries is spontaneous and passionate. Aquarius is free-spirited, but they have an intellectual side and can help Leo to calm down when needed.

The worst match for Leo is Virgo, Capricorn, or Taurus. While Leo can learn some lessons from these signs, forming a romantic connection will be difficult.

Leo tends to be too spontaneous and impulsive for earth signs, who crave stability more than anything else.


Leo’s communication style is honest and direct. Leos born on this day try to be honest in a way that doesn’t hurt the people they care about.

These Leos try to communicate in a way that is positive if possible. If they have to address an issue, they will try to do so thoughtfully. They typically do not want to hurt others or be overly critical of them.

However, these Leos can become aggressive when they aren’t in a good mood. They may say things they don’t mean or be harsh in a way that seems out of character.


These Leos are often attracted to people who are confident and lively. They love being able to connect with people who are adventurous and down for anything as well.

These Leos can be highly flirtatious. If they are attracted to someone, they will often act on that attraction immediately unless there is a good reason for them to hold back.

Leos born on this day can be a little forward, but they mean well. They are generally charming and fun to interact with. A more mature Leo will back off if necessary, but they may still be disappointed at being turned down.


Leos sometimes go a little overboard with the dates they plan. They have a flair for the dramatic and love impressing other people, especially those they are attracted to.

These Leos enjoy dating around but prefer when it’s their choice whether or not to continue dating someone. They won’t always take it well if someone ghosts them or cuts things off.

Dating these Leos can be fun and exciting, though. They will always dress to impress and do their best to treat their date to a good time.


Leo’s love language is gift-giving. These social Leos may also express love with words of affirmation.

Leos like to shower the people they care about with gifts. They may also give gifts as a way of attempting to impress someone they are trying to attract.

Some Leos will expect gifts in return, but not all of them will. These Leos won’t necessarily expect material gifts, but they may expect words of thanks and gratitude when they give you something.

Because of their honesty, if these Leos compliment someone, they mean it. They may show love by praising the people they care about and saying kind words to them, especially when their loved one is feeling down.


These Leos are capable of being incredibly warm and loving partners. They often need to grow up before successfully having a long-term, stable relationship.

If the childish and aggressive nature of these Leos is out of control, maintaining a relationship will be difficult. They may drive their partner away if they are too stubborn or immature.

When they can grow up and be mature about their relationships, they will be able to form solid bonds with their partners. These Leos will be easy to connect with. They will be loving and supportive.


These Leos often enjoy being married when they find the right person. They have a romantic side, and they can settle down with someone. They just have to genuinely be ready to.

These Leos might not always be marriage material when they are young and immature, but they will be able to grow up and become wonderful spouses. They have big hearts and a desire to love others.

Leos born on this day can form strong bonds with their spouses. They can learn how to balance their need for independence with the desire to spend time with their partner and support them.


Leos tend to be very exciting in the bedroom. They are spontaneous, passionate, and adventurous. Many of them are up for anything, especially if they are with someone they feel a connection with.

These Leos can be caring in the bedroom but can also become pushy. They typically need to learn how to respect boundaries and compromise in the bedroom. Not everyone likes all the same things they do, and that’s okay!

Having sex with these Leos can be a wonderful experience. Once they learn how to tone it down, their partners will find that they can be warm and affectionate in the bedroom.

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