August 16 Zodiac (Leo) Horoscope & Info

Updated February 24, 2023
August 16 Zodiac (Leo) Horoscope & Info

August 16 birthdays fall under the sign of Leo. Leos are passionate, generous, and charismatic.

The August 16 zodiac is in the third decan of this sign. People born on this day embody Leo’s best qualities.

Mars rules Leos born on August 16. Like this luminary, they are bright, bold, and warm. They are individualistic and love attention.

August 16 Leos are charismatic and entertaining. They can be great storytellers.

This Leo zodiac sign’s personality is more flamboyant and grandiose than the average person born under this sign. August 16 Leos are dynamic and courageous.

August 16 Info
DateAugust 16
SignLeo ♌︎
StrengthsDynamic, Bold, Creative
WeaknessesSelfish, Dominating, Materialistic
Opposite signAquarius ♒︎
Best matchAries, Libra, Aquarius
Worst matchVirgo, Capricorn, Taurus
BirthstonePeridot, Spinel, Sardonyx
Tarot birth cardsThe Lovers, The Devil
Angel number6
Spirit animalsGerman Shepherd, Hawk, Shark


Leos born on August 16 make powerful first impressions. They leave you smiling and can brighten your day. People born on August 16 have many creative talents, especially in the arts, humanities, and sports.

They have leadership potential as well. People born on August 16 inspire others. They can make you believe in miracles because they are so optimistic. They often succeed since they never let obstacles stand in their way.

The August 16 horoscope makes friends. They are outgoing and attractive. They succeed in everything they do because their positive attitude helps inspire others to come to their aid.

August 16 Leos are theatrical. They don’t just tell you a story but act it out using different voices. They are often gifted performers. People born on this day can keep others enthralled.

Leos have the qualities of fire (classical element) and can be as caring or temperamental as this element. August 16 Leos are obsessive and driven to succeed.


August 16 Leos are on a mission to help others live up to their full potential. They channel creativity and inspiration to empower others. People born on August 16 help others find the strength to be true to themselves.

They must walk their talk and are often leaders because they understand the importance of self-expression. People born on August 16 use the arts to encourage connection and healing.

They excel in entertainment, music, the arts, and athletics careers. They are often business leaders, motivational speakers, coaches, and CEOs.

People born on this help others recognize their talents. They can be uplifting and help you reconnect with your inner child.

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Positive Traits

August 16 Leos are creative, popular, dynamic, and courageous. They shine in the spotlight and aren’t afraid to take risks. People born on August 16 are natural entertainers and performers.

They are cheerful, caring, and generous. Leos believe in sharing wealth and abundance with others. People born on August 16 love opulence and enjoy extravagant social events.

Leos work hard and play harder. August 16 Leos are affectionate, protective, and loving; they give their energy and attention freely.

Negative Traits

August 16 Leos are used to taking charge. They are instinctual leaders but can also seem bossy and demanding. People born on August 16 have a bad habit of assuming they are in control.

They clash with others who have strong personalities. August 16 Leos need a lot of attention. They can be Divas, and their need for flattery and admiration makes them appear superficial.

People born on August 16 seem selfish at times. Their need for attention and recognition can lead them to eclipse others. They are often the loudest person in the room.

August 16 Leos must work on sharing attention and listening more than speaking. They can be assertive but seldom realize when they have gone too far.


August 16 Leo compatibility is best with the signs of Aries, Libra, and Aquarius. These powerful fire signs need to temper their strong personalities with air signs, and occasionally other fire signs.

Leo’s compatibility with Aries brings out the best in these two passionate signs. August 16 Leos are one of the few people born under this sign who can maintain a romantic relationship with Aries.

Both are willful, determined, and assertive. Yet Leo and Aries also have playful sides. Their optimistic, fun-loving nature makes them an inspiring pair. They share adventures and respect each other’s independence.

Leo and Libra’s compatibility is also ideal. August 16 Leos find romance and affection in their compassionate Libra partners. The sign of the scales knows how to bring harmony and balance to intense Leo.

August 16 Leo is also a solid match for their opposite sign, Aquarius. They complement each other perfectly. Leo is dazzling and confident, and Aquarius is quirky and inspiring. Their relationship is adventurous.

Uranus is Aquarius’s ruling planet, filling this sign with surprises and unusual habits. Leos born on August 16 are fascinated by the unpredictable Aquarius.

Leos born on August 16 is a poor match for the earth signs. Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is known for being serious and responsible. But Leos find this sign stifling and too practical.


August 16 Leos are intense and communicate with zeal and passion. They can be loud and dynamic. They speak as if on a stage, even when talking to friends and family.

People born on August 16 are honest and assertive, though they’re also known to exaggerate a great deal. They say what’s on their minds and never sugarcoat their message.

August 16 Leos have a gift for flattering others while being authentic and inspiring. They communicate their ideas in excessive ways. They often express themselves with exaggerated emotions.


August 16 Leos have tremendous attraction power. Their appearance is considered beautiful by most standards. Yet what’s more attractive is their charming and lovable personalities.

Leos born on August 16 have winning smiles that capture the hearts of everyone they meet. They inspire others to let their guard down.

August 16 Leos are attracted to bright, cheery, and optimistic people. They are attracted to those who have a great sense of humor. People born on this day can’t resist exciting and passionate people.

You can find August 16 Leos at poetry and open mic night events. They also hang out at theaters, networking events, sports arenas, the spa, and the gym.


You won’t be bored on a date with an August 16 Leo. People born on this day need consecutive dates that keep them amused for hours. Dinner and a movie are only appetizers for them.

This zodiac sign’s dates ideally involve interaction. August 16 Leos need attention, and participation in a date is a great way to keep them focused and engaged.

They must follow this conventional date with dancing, a romantic walk, and a late-night concert. People born on August 16 love dates that involve numerous activities.

They enjoy dating because it allows them to get to know people without commitment. You may take a date with August 16 Leo seriously, but they are usually just having fun.


August 16 Leos can be passionate and intense. They either casually date or fall in love right away. When a Leo born on August 16 is in love, they become protective and jealous.

They boast about you to others and see you as an extension of their success and image. Leos born on August 16 moves quickly in love. They may want to commit before you notice anyone else.

They can become competitive. August 16 Leos are quick to show their interest when they love you. They shower you with gifts and go to great lengths to surprise you.


August 16 Leos love to claim their territory in relationships when they are serious about you. They make sure other people know you’re with them. They walk hand in hand or show affection to assert their connection with you.

They are devoted and loyal in relationships. August 16 Leos may be slow to commit until they know you respect their independence and freedom. They need to see you won’t suffocate them.

People born on August 16 are demonstrative and want to define the relationship as soon as they feel a connection to you. They look for a relationship to last for the long run.


Leo born on August 16 fantasizes about marriage. Their ultimate desire is to be married when they are sure you’re the one. They are faithful and look for a spouse who can be part of a power couple with them.

People born on August 16 may procrastinate marriage at first. Yet once they are sure about their love for you, they want to marry you as soon as possible. They fear you’ll find someone else.

Leos born on August 16 are excellent providers in marriage. They love to use their abundance and prosperity to make their spouse and family comfortable.


August 16 Leos are sexually creative and experimental. They channel their passion and enthusiasm in the bedroom. People born on August 16 have kinky nature and love to push boundaries in bed.

They can be assertive in bed, bringing up new desires and fantasies. An open-minded and receptive partner is ideal for someone born under this sign.

They enjoy sexual games and role-playing. August 16 Leos love power plays in the bedroom. They can be affectionate and passionate in bed.

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