August 14 Zodiac, Personality, Horoscope, and More

Updated September 7, 2023

August 14 birthdays fall under the third decan of Leo. Mars is the planetary sub-ruler of this decan.

People born on August 14 are bold, courageous, and determined. They are natural leaders who thrive on attention.

August 14 Leo people are ambitious and overcome the odds because they never give up. They are charming, bold, and energetic.

They are often healthy and resilient, coming out of crises with the motivation to succeed. Leo people born on August 14 are known for their focus.

They can be dramatic like all Leo people, yet they are also hard-working. They love proving themselves to others and testing their strength.

August 14 Info
DateAugust 14
SignLeo ♌︎
StrengthsConfident, Strong, Generous
WeaknessesPossessive, Materialistic, Stubborn
Opposite signAquarius ♒︎
Best matchAries, Libra, Aquarius
Worst matchVirgo, Capricorn, Taurus
BirthstonePeridot, Spinel, Sardonyx
Tarot birth cardsThe Emperor, Death, The Fool
Angel number22
Spirit animalsGorilla, Polecat, Macaw


August 14 Leo people maintain childlike innocence and wonder throughout life. They are confident and refuse to be limited. Leo people born on August 14 are dynamic and assertive.

They can be obsessive and never let their goals out of their sights. Leo people born on August 14 zodiac are independent. They are popular and friendly, yet they care less about others’ opinions than other people born under the sign of Leo.

They can be impulsive and spontaneous. August 14 Leo people are known for embracing challenges; they have a hero complex and thrive on admiration and recognition. Those born on the August 14 birthday zodiac sign go out of their way to show their strength and courage.

As typical fire signs, they are passionate and instinctual. Yet August 14 Leo people are also proud of their unique individual nature. They can be clever and strategic.

August 14 numerology corresponds to the number 4 and the Emperor Tarot card. August 14 Leo people are natural leaders aware of their power and influence. They are confident but don’t need to flaunt their power.


August 14 Leo people have a unique purpose. They are here to lead others and can be protective and loyal. They are on a mission to help others test their limits.

August 14 Leo people often rush to the front lines and use their skills and strengths to pave the way for others. They excel in military, law enforcement, and first-responder careers.

Leo people are here to help others recognize their full potential and strengths. August 14 Leo people have the additional task of protecting others as they uplift and inspire their passions.

August 14 Leo people help you reach success by encouraging you to believe in yourself. They are strong advocates and can be fiercely loyal and protective.

For people born on August 14 meaning is significant. They are attracted to work that matches their calling. Leo people born on August 14 won’t tolerate work that isn’t purposeful.

Positive Traits

What are the characteristics of a person born on August 14? Leo people born on this date are strong, energetic, and enthusiastic. They have keen focus and make great leaders.

They can be creative and ambitious as well. August 14 Leo people are loyal, authentic, and honest. They have no pretentious tendencies and tell you what they think without sugarcoating their messages.

August 14 Leo people can be generous. They look out for others and are great advocates for vulnerable people. Leo people can be confident and authoritative. They have strong personalities and know how to make an impression.

Negative Traits

August 14 Leo people have some negative traits which can undermine their successes. They can be self-centered and often prioritize their interests. They can be dominating and assume others agree with their perspectives.

Leo people born on August 14 can be grandiose. Their optimism is boundless. They may have unrealistic expectations because they refuse to accept anything less than the best.

August 14 Leo people can be focused, but they also can be stubborn. Rather than being flexible and accepting limitations, they may waste energy getting into power struggles and insisting on having things their way.

The August 14 zodiac rising sign can balance their negative traits. An earth rising sign can help neutralize their worst qualities; an August 14 zodiac Moon sign can also bring more compassion and flexibility.

A water or air Moon sign can make an August 14 Leo more adaptable and balance their obsessive nature. Other factors in their astrological chart help to amplify their positive traits.


August 14 zodiac sign compatibility is best with people born under the signs of Aquarius, Aries, and Libra. People born under the sign of Leo thrive in relationships with air signs and other fire signs.

August 14 soulmates can be people born under the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius and Leo are opposites on the zodiac wheel. They balance each other’s personalities.

Leo is dramatic, individualistic, and energetic. They are passionate and spontaneous; Aquarius people are erratic, eccentric, and forward-thinking. This couple knows how to fascinate each other.

August 14 Leo people are an ideal romantic match for their fellow fire sign of Aries as well. They share a love of adventure and continually surprise each other with their spontaneous nature.

They are loyal, protective, and passionate. Aries and Leo nurture a dynamic and exciting romantic relationship.

August 14 Leo people find romance, love, and sentimentality in relationships with Libra people; Libra needs Leo’s focus and courage. Leo needs Libra’s empathy and sensitivity. They share a harmonious, sensual love life.

People born on August 14 are not the best romantic match for everybody. August 14 zodiac compatibility is worst with people born under the earth signs.

Leo and Taurus are materialistic and romantic. Yet their personalities and styles are different. Leo needs admiration and recognition; Taurus craves attention but sees Leo as high maintenance.

Leo becomes frustrated with Taurus’s cautious nature. Taurus is too slow-moving for adventure-seeking Leo. Leo and Taurus clash with each other in many ways.

August 14 Leo people are also a bad romantic match for Virgo. Virgos are perfectionists who analyze every decision and rely on reason and logic when making decisions.

Leo people become bored with Virgo’s methodical, controlled lifestyle. Leo needs adventure but Virgo never follows their whims. Virgo and Leo frustrate each other.

Capricorn is traditional and hard-working. They can be self-sacrificing, disciplined, and timely; they see Leo as too frivolous and impulsive. Leo seems extravagant and stubborn to Capricorn.

Capricorn seems stuffy and pretentious to Leo. Leo becomes impatient with Capricorn’s slow, strategic routines. Capricorn is a rule follower and Leo needs spontaneity and drama.


August 14 Leo people are dynamic communicators. They are intense and can be dramatic and insistent. They assume their ideas and opinions are right for everyone and can be dogmatic speakers.

They prefer addressing large audiences and can be persuasive. When August 14 Leo people speak, they use bold statements and obvious body language to convey their messages.

August 14 Leo people are honest and sincere. They never use deception to get their message across but they can be opinionated and outspoken. They are enthusiastic communicators and may be obsessive about making their points.

When August 14 Leo people send text messages, they avoid small talk. They go right for the main point and can seem abrupt. They aren’t trying to be rude; they hate wasting time.


August 14 Leo people are considered attractive. They have a unique style and stand out from the crowd. They often dress in bold colors and styles. Leo people are serious about making a first impression.

They are image-conscious and often judge others by appearances. You can attract an August 14 Leo by being a sharp dresser and having a unique fashion style.

Leo people born on August 14 are attracted to unique people who are true to themselves. Be authentic and adventurous and an August 14 Leo will notice you.


Ideal Leo dates must involve crowds and excitement. They become bored easily and prefer adventurous, dramatic dates to quiet date nights. You can impress an August 14 Leo by planning a series of fun events for date night.

August 14 Leo people love dates at crowded, trendy venues. They want to go to places associated with status and power. They enjoy dancing, listening to music, clubs, and entertaining others with their stories.

They love dates at venues where they can show off their strengths and talents. Plan an ax-throwing date or go rock climbing or hiking. Take them out Salsa dancing or challenge them to a tennis match.

August 14 Leo people love being the center of attention. Invite them to a party and let them shine in the spotlight telling jokes and chatting up the room. They get bored with quiet, candlelight dinners though they are romantic.


August 14 Leo people fall in love instantly and can be single-focused when in love. When a Leo born on August 14 falls in love with you, they stop at nothing to win your heart.

They never hide their desire, but they don’t show vulnerability. August 14 Leo people show you they love you by courting you obsessively. They try to impress you and show off around you.

August 14 Leo people act chivalrous around you when they love you. They make you their top priority and go out of their way to please you. They show initiative when in love and try to convince you they are perfect for you.


August 14 Leo people can be devoted and loyal in relationships. When they fall in love, they are eager to formalize the relationship. Unlike other Leos, they never procrastinate in love.

They fear you’ll lose interest and find someone else if they don’t commit right away. August 14 Leo people are enthusiastic partners. They need attention but begin relationships by showering you with admiration and praise first.

People born on August 14 have a jealous side in relationships. They can be possessive in love. Never play mind games with a Leo born on August 14. They are more sensitive than they appear.


August 14 Leo people have a one-track mind in love. When they are serious about you, they are eager to marry. They may be spontaneous when it comes to proposing or planning to marry you at a moment’s notice.

Leo people born on August 14 are committed, loyal, and faithful spouses. They can be motivational and supportive. They ensure their spouse is successful and invest in uplifting and promoting their partner.


August 14 Leo people are sexually expressive and have a higher than the normal sex drive. They can be sensual and erotic. Leo people have a kinky side and aren’t afraid to explore their fantasies.

They are passionate and instinctive in the bedroom. August 14 Leo people need a sexual partner who is attentive and responsive. Their ideal partner can’t be inhibited or they lose interest.

August 14 Leo people are exhibitionists who fantasize about sexual encounters in public or where others may see them. Leo people born on August 14 can be dramatic and open to trying new things in bed.

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