August 12 Zodiac (Leo) Horoscope & Info

Updated August 30, 2022
August 12 Zodiac (Leo) Horoscope & Info

August 12 birthdays fall under the sign of Leo. People born on August 12 are in the second decan of this sign.

Jupiter is the sub-ruler of August 12, giving luck and confidence to people born on this day.

August 12 Leos are charming and attract friends from around the world. They are fascinated by different cultures and love meeting new people.

They are philosophical leaders with a solid moral compass. August 12 Leo people are ambitious yet principled. They strive to do what is right.

People born on August 12 are generous. They attract abundance and willingly share their wealth with others.

August 12 Info
DateAugust 12
SignLeo ♌︎
StrengthNatural leaders, Affectionate, Courageous
WeaknessPossessive, Dominating, Superficial
Opposite signAquarius ♒︎
Best matchAries, Libra, Aquarius
Worst matchVirgo, Capricorn, Taurus
BirthstonePeridot, Spinel, Sardonyx
Tarot birth cardsThe High Priestess, Judgement
Angel number2
Spirit animalsLion, Macaw, Shark


August 12 Leos are intense, and their personalities have an impact on others. They are grandiose and love being the center of attention. They are natural leaders who inspire others.

The August 12 birthday zodiac is courageous and often takes risks because they expect success. They are gamblers willing to live on the edge. Even when their plans fall through, they always land on their feet.

They seem lucky and often connect with influential people who help them accomplish their goals. The Leo horoscope can be determined and passionate. They never give up.

They are also creative. Usually talented in several performing arts, they are often busy with many projects at once. Leo born on August 12 loves being adored and admired by others.


People born on August 12 have personalities suited for their life purpose. They are here to inspire others to live life to the fullest. They remind others life is too short to waste time dwelling on small things.

They are big dreamers who help others believe in their full potential. August 12 Leos are often encouraging and are here to motivate others to pursue their dreams.

They excel in coaching, motivational speaking, leadership, and teaching careers. They can also be excellent rehabilitation therapists, politicians, entrepreneurs, and CEOs.

Their protective nature helps them succeed in advocacy careers as well. Sometimes they pursue legal careers to help give disadvantaged people a fair playing field.

They are charismatic and believe in doing the right thing at all times. August 12 Leos can be entertaining and use their platform to help others lift their voices, often drawing attention to alienated people.

Actors born on August 12 can be spokespeople for social causes. They are here to bring attention to pervasive issues.

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Positive Traits

The August 12 birthday personality has many admirable traits. They have integrity and pride themselves on following their spiritual values and morals; they can be charming, attractive, and entertaining.

Leo people born on August 12 are fun and have a great sense of humor. They cheer others up and can help people find the silver lining in any situation. Their optimism is contagious.

They are popular and loved by everyone they meet. Leo people born on August 12 are friendly as well. They are often lucky and believe in their full potential, never selling themselves short.

Among those with August 12 birthdays, celebrities are often entertainers or actors. People born on this day are often famous because they know how to get and keep the attention of others.

Negative Traits

August 12 Leos try to inspire others, but they lose patience with chronically negative and cynical people. They have a few personality flaws that can interfere with their relationships.

Their grandiose personalities can lead them to dominate others or become unrealistic. Not all their gambles work to their benefit, and they can be careless with money.

August 12 Leo people are also jealous and possessive in love. They go to extremes and can be excessive spenders and hoarders. They are also unrealistic at times.

The August 12 male zodiac can be obsessed with projecting a masculine image. They can be more insecure than they let on. An August 12 zodiac rising sign in Virgo or Libra can help balance their negative traits.


August 12 zodiac sign compatibility is best with Aries, Libra, and Aquarius. People born on this date need excitement and adventure in their love lives. They become bored and need a partner who understands their personality.

Leo is enticed by their opposite sign Aquarius. The August 12 zodiac’s compatibility with Aquarius is off the charts because opposites attract this pair. Leo is fascinated by Aquarius’s daring and unpredictable nature.

Aquarius finds Leo’s bold, creative style thrilling. Their love life can be dramatic, but that suits both partners. They enjoy surprising each other and introducing each other to new adventures.

Aries is an equally adventurous sign. As a fellow fire sign, Aries sparks Leo’s desire instantly. Leo is encouraging, and Aries is spontaneous. If they are careful not to compete with each other, theirs is a winning relationship.

Libra brings sensitivity and romance to the relationship. Leo people born on August 12 love acting protective of their Libra partner. Libra helps them balance their personality.

August 12 zodiac compatibility is not an ideal romantic match for everybody. Their worst compatibility is with earth signs. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn have no common ground with passionate Leo.

Taurus is sensual and romantic but can’t keep up with Leo’s antics. Leo’s flair for drama turns Taurus off. The sign of the bull wants a peaceful, stable relationship. Leo resents Taurus’s demanding nature.

Virgo is a perfectionist, and their cautious, slow pace makes Leo lose interest before the relationship starts. Leo is motivated, but their impulsivity gets under Virgo’s skin.

Leo people born on August 12 repel traditional Capricorns. Capricorn needs a gradual path to love, and Leo leaps without looking. They end up frustrating each other from the start.


The August 12 zodiac personality can be a great communicator. They are assertive and aren’t afraid to say what they mean without mincing words. They can also gauge what their audience needs to hear to be motivated.

They tell stories and jokes to keep their audience interested in their message. Leo born on August 12 can be a determined and influential communicator. They easily influence others.

They love speaking in person but can also text effectively. They enjoy texting many times throughout the day and become impatient if you don’t text back immediately.

They crave attention and must feel heard and seen. Leo is optimistic and communicates their ideas with excitement and enthusiasm.


People born on August 12 are attractive because they are obsessed with their image and keep up their appearances. They are stylish and well-dressed, always attentive to the latest trends.

Leos want a partner who is also physically attractive. They can be judgmental and seem superficial, but they believe their partner reflects their standards.

You can attract a Leo born on August 12 if you pay attention to fashion trends and act confident. Be optimistic and limit your complaints. They are attracted to active, spontaneous people.


Impress your Leo love interest by treating them to an active series of dates. They need engaging and exciting events to keep their attention. Keep dates exciting and playful.

They enjoy trivia night and take games and competitions seriously. Leo also enjoys creative dates like paint and sip events or dates involving crafts.

Leo people born on August 12 like to go on dates to concerts and the theater. They are spontaneous and need a variety of different types of activities to avoid boredom.

They enjoy hiking, bicycling, boating, and other dates that bring them in touch with nature. They can be materialistic and love going to high-end restaurants.


Leo people born on August 12 fall in love quickly but are slow to commit. They are passionate and enthusiastic when in love. They let you know they love you by doing things for you.

They also surprise you with expensive gifts when they love you. Leos born on August 12 can be affectionate and become protective and possessive when they love you.

They remain independent when they love you, so never expect them to settle down. Avoid quiet romantic nights at home, Leo needs exciting nightlife even when they love you.

They also maintain connections to their numerous friends. Never give an August 12 Leo an ultimatum. They may be in love with you, but they remain social and need to keep their attention divided among their friends.


People born on August 12 commit slowly. They must see that you are willing to respect their space and independence. They are among the most headstrong of all Leos.

They never rush to define a relationship because they fear losing their freedom. When committed, August 12 Leo people ensure you respect their boundaries.

They are impulsive and can change their minds frequently. In relationships, they are not the best planners. You have to catch them in the right mood to get them to follow through on plans.

But they are passionate, inspiring, and encouraging. Leo loves traveling with their romantic partner and needs to feel both admired and challenged. Drama helps them maintain interest in the relationship.


August 12 Leo people often avoid marriage until later in life. They want to travel the world and indulge their many fantasies before settling down. Even when married, they never truly adjust to the quiet life of a homebody.

They remain social and go out with friends routinely. They can be adoring and attentive parents but are not the best at managing money. Their spouse should handle the household budget.

Leos born on August 12 take their vows seriously when they finally settle down. They don’t stray from marriage but need plenty of attention and reassurance of your ongoing devotion.


Leos born on August 12 have one of the highest sex drives in the zodiac. They are assertive in the bedroom and can be dominating lovers. They also have fantasies about numerous partners.

They crave variety, and in a monogamous relationship, they satisfy this urge through role play. Leo people born on August 12 need excitement, drama, and mental stimulation to remain aroused.

They are enticed by fantasies about having sex in public or that others may accidentally see. They can be passionate lovers but also become jealous in the bedroom.

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