August 10 Zodiac, Personality, Horoscope, and More

Updated August 30, 2023

An August 10 birthday falls under the sign of Leo. Unlike typical Leos, people born on this date are in the second decan of Leo.

The planet Jupiter influences them, which gives them added luck.

People born on August 10 are unusually bold, creative, and eccentric. They are natural entertainers. Those born on this date love to show off and draw a crowd.

They are leaders who take pride in their work. August 10 Leos are conscientious and can be perfectionists. They have great potential for success in public careers.

They can’t keep silent. People born on this date need to be seen and heard. They are dramatic and have dynamic personalities. People naturally gravitate to them.

August 10 Info
DateAugust 10
SignLeo ♌︎
StrengthsCourageous, Theatrical, Energetic
WeaknessesGrandiose, Jealous, Self-centered
Opposite signAquarius ♒︎
Best matchAries, Libra, Aquarius
Worst matchVirgo, Capricorn, Taurus
BirthstonePeridot, Spinel, Sardonyx
Tarot birth cardsThe Hermit, The Moon
Angel number9
Spirit animalsPeacock, Monkey, Hawk


People born on August 10 are outgoing. They are well-loved by everyone who meets them. They can be boisterous and loud but seldom annoying. They amuse others with their storytelling.

This birthday grants many unique talents. People born on this date are caring and generous. Their destiny is to make an impact on others. They are creative and intelligent with many artistic gifts.

People born on this date are not shy. They love to be in the spotlight. They are often talented musicians or performers. They love attention and use their status to share inspiring and uplifting stories.

August 10 Leos love to help others find their confidence. They can be empowering advocates. They are willing to speak up for those who are more inhibited than they are.

The August 10 zodiac gives individuals high self-esteem and optimism. People born on this date expect to succeed. Their mindset creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.


People born on August 10 use their charm and attention-seeking nature to lead others. They thrive in careers that place them in the spotlight.

They can be successful in business and often reach celebrity status. They can become famous actors, musicians, or comedians. Their gifts for entertaining others and their love of humanity make them philanthropic.

They may have to overcome self-centeredness as part of their life lessons, and as they come to appreciate humanitarian issues, they use their talents to try to help others.

They make excellent spokespeople for different causes and crusades. Justice is important to them, yet they are generous and not self-righteous. They can be benevolent and love to bring people together.

The August 10 zodiac personality is well suited for public life. They thrive on attention and make great entertainers and performers. They can also succeed in politics or as influencers.

Positive Traits

August 10 Leos have an abundance of positive qualities. They are attractive, hopeful, inspiring, creative, and dramatic. They can be funny and honest. They love to share their wealth with others.

They prosper in every endeavor they pursue. August 10 Leos attract influential people and are friendly and charming. People born on this date can make others smile in an instant.

They make others feel good, and their positivity is contagious. August 10 Leos are spontaneous and passionate. They act on instinct without overthinking things.

The August zodiac sign of Leo is more flamboyant than the personality of Leos born in June. People born on August 10 have a larger-than-life presence, this helps others feel at ease.

Negative Traits

People born on August 10 can be impulsive and may regret making bold decisions before having all the necessary information. They can be divas because they need attention.

When an August 10 Leo feels neglected or ignored, they can become resentful. They are usually upbeat and cheerful but have a temper that emerges occasionally.

When they are angry, watch out! They are prone to saying things they later regret. They know how to lift people but tear people down when feeling vengeful.

Fortunately, their good-natured side usually wins over. They seldom show anger. They would rather have fun and enjoy the company of the people they love.

The August 10 zodiac sign cusp of the second decan gives people born on this date grandiose personalities. They can overestimate themselves and aren’t always grounded. Yet they usually end up succeeding against the odds.

For an August 10 zodiac, the Moon sign can help balance their temperament. They can be confident but need help being realistic.


August 10 Leos can be friends with anybody, but they have a few best matches. When it comes to love and romance, their best compatibility is with people born under the signs of Aries, Libra, and Aquarius.

Leos born on this date harmonize well with Aries. This is not the case for every Leo person. The August 10 Leo is good-natured enough to remain jovial in a relationship with an intense Aries.

This pair can get into power struggles, but Leos born on August 10 doesn’t feel the need to compete with Aries. They have a strong connection. They thrill each other and their relationship is full of excitement.

Libra provides romance and compassion, their personality perfectly balances an August 10 Leo. People born on August 10 are protective and affectionate with Libras.

Their relationship is a perfect blend of passion and romance. They fascinate each other and meet each other’s desires.

August 10 Leos love the unique and eccentric personality of people born under the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius people are humanitarians and this appeals to August 10 Leos.

If an Aquarius person can be communicative and resist their habit of ghosting periodically, they are a great match. Leos born on August 10 need attention, and Aquarius needs space.

Aquarius and Leo can be a perfect match if they accommodate each other. They bring stimulation and inspiration to each other’s lives. These zodiac signs’ compatibility is based on opposites attracting.

August 10 Leos can maintain friendships with people of any sign. But when it comes to romance, some don’t blend well with people born on August 10.

The earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, struggle to maintain a connection to Leo. Taurus shares the need for attention and pampering that August 10 Leos desire, but both see each other as high maintenance.

Taurus’s boundaries seem like rejection to an August 10 Leo. Virgo people are perfectionists, and their desire for routines and order feels stifling to a Leo born on August 10.

Capricorns are traditional conformists. They frustrate August 10 Leos. People born on this date love innovation and breakthroughs. They feel stifled by Capricorn’s meticulous nature.

The August 10 zodiac sign’s compatibility is best with people who are free thinking and flexible. They need a partner who can keep up with their high energy.


People born on August 10 have no filter. They say what they feel. Their passionate nature makes them intense. People born on this date project authority, which intimidates some.

They exaggerate at times but are honest. Their hyperbolic communication adds emphasis, not to deceive people. They need connections, you can expect them to text frequently.

Text a response right away, even if it is just a few words acknowledging you got their message. People born on this date hate feeling ignored. You can reassure them by sending a quick flirty emoji.

August 10 Leos talk a lot and are often positive and uplifting. They give numerous compliments. They expect others to be just as encouraging with them. If you complain a lot, they lose interest.

This zodiac sign’s meaning is not hard to guess. August 10 Leos say what is on their mind. They may exaggerate but make their point.


If you want to attract someone born on this date, your best bet is to go to exciting, loud venues. They love busy clubs and social events. Look for crowds of people. An August 10 Leo will be at the center of the gathering.

You can also attract August 10 Leos by getting involved in local theater. They love the arts. Support artists and patronize creative venues, and you’ll get their attention.

Wear bold colors and keep your appearance tidy. They notice people who dress in unique styles. Making your clothes or finding personalized outfits is a bonus.

Of all the zodiac signs, Leos born on August 10 have the strongest attraction energy. They instinctively know how to get others to notice them. Stand out from the crowd if you want them to notice you.


People born on August 10 love thoughtful, personalized dates. They frequently talk about themselves. Listen carefully, and you’ll know exactly where to take them on a date.

They give away all their secrets in casual conversations. They’ll tell you their favorite food and the bands they love. A concert or art show followed by dinner at an upscale restaurant appeals to them.

They are expensive dates. August 10 Leos expect royal treatment. You can impress someone born on this date if you surprise them with a combination of their favorite things.

Knowing their favorite drink, dessert, and favorite type of entertainment can help you personalize your date with an August 10 Leo. You can learn their favorites by checking their social media or listening to them.

For this zodiac sign, dates involving action and adventure are best. They love to have something to do during a date in addition to eating or passively being entertained.


August 10 Leo people are passionate and fall in love quickly. They don’t open their hearts right away. They wait to make sure you respect their space. They want to ensure you’re a perfect match before professing love.

You can tell an August 10 Leo is in love with you because they act obsessed. They also show jealousy when they’re in love. People born on this date are seldom negative.

When they are in love, however, they begin to show insecurities. They fear losing you and will get jealous. They also tell you they love you in the heat of the moment.

They are loyal partners and expect to be with you forever. Once an August 10 Leo is in love with you, they see you as perfect and put you on a pedestal.


An August 10 person in a relationship is loyal, faithful, and completely devoted. They are generous and caring. They show affection freely and expect the same.

August 10 Leos love to brag about the people they love. They’ll change their status on social media early in the relationship and frequently post updates about the relationship.

You may feel like you’re in a celebrity relationship because there is little privacy. People born on this date are transparent about their personal lives. They may share every detail of the relationship openly.


August 10 Leos want to marry as soon as they are confident about a romance. They are eager to make the relationship official because the thought of marriage eases their jealous nature.

They love elaborate weddings and expect their marriage to be an ongoing honeymoon. They never let a relationship grow routine, even after years of marriage.

Married August 10 Leos still expect to be courted. They still need to go on dates with you even if you’ve been married for years. They love to go out dancing and attend parties as a couple.


People born on August 10 are passionate and sexually expressive. They’re open about taboo sexual topics and may speak freely about their sex lives. Being with them is not for the faint of heart.

They are dramatic in the bedroom and love to explore sexual desires and fantasies. They love sexual games involving role play and imagination.

They also enjoy physically strenuous sexual marathons. They have a high sex drive and expect regular sexual connections. They can feel neglected if their sex life is not as active as they’d like.

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