August 1 Zodiac (Leo) Horoscope & Info

Updated January 15, 2023
August 1 Zodiac (Leo) Horoscope & Info

August 1 is under the sign of Leo. People born on this date are in the first decan of this sign, ruled by the Sun.

They are creative, loyal, protective, and passionate. August 1 Leos are attractive and confident.

People born on August 1 have more energy and confidence than the average Leo. They can be optimistic and love to cheer others.

August 1 Leos make great leaders. They inspire others and can be motivating and encouraging.

They crave the spotlight and thrive on attention from others. Leos born on this date tell stories and entertain people with their jokes and tall tales.

August 1 Info
DateAugust 1
SignLeo ♌︎
StrengthsBold, Energetic, Optimistic
WeaknessesJealous, Self-centered, Over-protective
Opposite signAquarius ♒︎
Best matchAries, Libra, Aquarius
Worst matchVirgo, Capricorn, Taurus
BirthstonePeridot, Spinel, Sardonyx
Tarot birth cardsThe Hermit, The Moon
Angel number9
Spirit animalsGorilla, Monkey, Hawk


An August 1 birthday is associated with strength, courage, and determination. People born on this date are outgoing and passionate. They are dynamic and strong-willed.

People born on this date can be adventurous. They love to act on impulse. August 1 Leos can be enthusiastic and energetic as well. They never get tired as long as they are having fun.

They know how to turn work into fun and games. They are great friends, often entertaining others with their wild antics. They are also dramatic and known to be grandiose.

Of all the zodiac signs, Leos born on August 1 are among the most entertaining. They know how to captivate an audience and keep others enthralled.


People born on August 1 have a strong sense of mission and purpose. They are motivated to succeed. They love to make people happy and use their charm to boost others’ confidence and inspire their dreams.

August 1 Leos encourage others to live up to their full potential. They love helping others recognize their talents. People born on this date can be exceptionally talented in the arts and humanities.

They are here to celebrate individuality and help people find pleasure and fun in life. They often work in careers related to recreation, entertainment, music, sports, and humanities.

They make great coaches, business leaders, and performers. Their path doesn’t follow tradition. Instead, they find their unique way to success. They are willing to take risks, and their impetuous nature helps them succeed.

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Positive Traits

August 1 Leos have a long list of positive attributes. They are devoted, optimistic, and confident. They have great senses of humor and can brighten your day with a few words.

They live to make others happy and have a good-natured disposition. Their positive attitude goes a long way. People born on this date can bring others out of a low mood and encourage them to reach for the stars.

An August 1 birthday is also associated with luck, wealth, and success. With the Sun as their planetary ruler, people born on this date seem graced with good health and a bright disposition.

This zodiac sign’s personality can seem larger than life. They often act like celebrities, but this only makes them more popular. They crave status and credibility.

Negative Traits

People born on August 1 can be great friends to have around. But like all of the zodiac signs, even Leo has some challenges. They can be grandiose because they overestimate themselves.

People born on this date have little tolerance for negativity and seem dismissive when others are in a crisis. They can be self-centered as well. But usually, they use their selfish tendencies to try to help others.

August 1 Leos need to learn to overcome impulsiveness. They are so optimistic they often take unreasonable risks. Luckily, they usually land on their feet.

Yet they also make life more complicated than it has to be because they insist on being in charge. When August 1 Leo learns to let go and have faith, they can be much more successful.


People born on August 1 have the best romantic compatibility with air and fire signs. Specifically, Aries, Libra, and Aquarius are their soulmates. Their passionate nature is well balanced by these three signs.

This zodiac sign’s compatibility is best with Aquarius. Leo loves learning new things from witty and intellectual Aquarius. Rebellious Aquarius keeps Leo intrigued with their shocking stories and many ideas.

Leo encourages Aquarius to focus and finish projects they start. These two succeed in romance and business when they work together. Leo’s compatibility with Gemini is also good if Gemini can give Leo the attention they crave.

Leos born on August 1 are also a good match for the sign of Aries. Both fire signs fan the flames of passion and know how to thrill each other. They share a love of adventure, and both are spontaneous.

They challenge each other to fulfill their dreams. Though they are both strong-willed, they don’t compete with each other for power. As long as an August 1 Leo lets Aries take the lead, these two have a great relationship.

People born on August 1 are also a perfect match for Libras. Libras are romantic, attractive, sweet, and accommodating. Leo and Libra love to entertain each other and share an interest in the arts.

They are social and popular. Both can become jealous of the other, but as long as they reassure each other, they can have a long-lasting romance.

Leo’s compatibility with Libra is high on the charts. Both partners know how to maintain balance in the relationship.

People born on August 1 have less compatibility with the earth signs. Leos need a daring partner. The earth signs are notorious for being cautious and slow-moving.

Leo’s compatibility with Virgo is challenging. Virgos are perfectionists who live by routines. They stifle Leo’s carefree nature. An August 1 Leo feels suffocated by Virgo’s critical nature. Virgo thinks Leo is too careless.

An August 1 Leo’s compatibility with Capricorn is not much better. People born on this date need to savor life’s pleasures. Capricorn is too cautious and self-disciplined to relax and enjoy the kind of fun Leo craves.

Leo’s compatibility with Taurus may seem tempting at first. They both have a hedonistic side. But people born on August 1 need to take charge and no one tells Taurus what to do. Leo is offended by Taurus’s boundaries.

People assume August 1 Leo’s compatibility with Scorpio is good because both signs are dynamic. Yet Leo and Scorpio push each other’s buttons. They frustrate each other, and the relationship is filled with conflict.

Leo compatibility percentage drops in relationships with water signs. People born on August 1 can be encouraging, but they don’t have the patience to reassure insecure, emotional people.


August 1 Leos are expressive and passionate. They speak with a loud voice and are often emphatic. They may seem theatrical, but they want to be understood.

Others accuse them of exaggerating. Their hyperbolic style of communication is part of their charm. They are excellent storytellers and know how to keep people entertained.

You can’t take everything they say literally, but they know how to get their point across. They often send long text messages but may not read your lengthy reply carefully.

When you text someone born on this day, it’s best to keep your message focused and to the point. Using humor and jokes to lighten the mood helps keep Leo focused on you.


August 1 Leos are attractive. Their unique fashion sense reflects their personality. They know how to turn heads when they walk into a room.

You must also be creative, individualistic, and stylish to get their attention. You can attract an August 1 Leo if you have an inspiring laugh. Sharing fascinating stories is another way to get them to notice you.

Be daring and take risks when you’re out in public, and someone with an August 1 birthday will appreciate your courage. You can attract them by attending parties and festivals.

Spend time in chaotic, loud, boisterous venues. They love to be around people who are having fun. Don’t shy away from the spotlight, but also don’t upstage them. Leo compatibility requires the right mix of assertiveness and cooperation.


The best dates for someone born on August 1 are places where people gather to talk, laugh, and seek entertainment. They love to be in a crowd and need mental stimulation to stay focused.

Lively pubs, concerts, movies, and sports events appeal to people born on August 1. You can also make them happy by taking them to a restaurant with a group of friends.

Though you may crave intimacy, Leo people born on August 1 love to be surrounded by admirers. Don’t get jealous. Use your charm to stand out from the crowd.

This zodiac sign’s dates need to be a source of attention not only from you but from everyone in the room. An open mic night or other opportunities for them to perform or tell stories is an ideal date.


People born on August 1 wear their hearts on their sleeves. They fall in love quickly and can’t hide their feelings. You know someone born on this day is in love with you if they can’t stop blushing when you make eye contact.

They find excuses to visit you and text you to say hello. They become jealous and act protective of you. When someone born on August 1 loves you, they pamper you and surprise you with gifts.

Even if they don’t say I love you right away, you know their feelings because they show off to try to impress you. Encourage their attention, and eventually, they let down their guard and profess their love.


August 1 Leos are courageous and confident, but when it comes to love and romance, they’re protective. They take their role as a romantic partner seriously. They may insist on doing things for you that you can do yourself.

They are excellent providers. They work hard to make sure you have whatever you want. They are assertive in relationships and may assume you want the same things.

You need to be clear if you have different plans. Be careful not to criticize them. They are sensitive regarding the people they love. People born on this date can be hurt even though they try to hide it.


When an August 1 Leo gets married, they see their spouse and family as an extension of their personality. They celebrate your successes and mourn your losses with you.

They can be jealous even in marriage. Never intentionally provoke this reaction. Trust is important to them and they secretly fear abandonment, even when they are married.

Keep the romantic energy alive when you’re married to a Leo. People born on August 1 must continue the fun and games well into the relationship. Marriage can’t be the end of their pleasure and adventures.

They are loyal, devoted, faithful, and caring. They want marriage to last forever but need a lot of attention and reassurance to avoid making assumptions.


A Leo born on August 1 needs consistent sexual connection. They feel neglected if their sexual needs aren’t met. They are creative in the bedroom. Sexual games turn them on.

They also love to experiment and try new things in bed. The more you learn how to turn them on, the more exciting your love life will be with an August 1 Leo.

You’ll know someone born on this day is upset with you if they are suddenly not in the mood for sex. Usually, they have high libidos and can stop in the middle of almost any activity for flirtation and sex.

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