How You Can Attract a Taurus Man at Work

Updated February 9, 2022
How You Can Attract a Taurus Man at Work

If you have a crush on a Taurus colleague, then you probably want to know how to attract a Taurus man at work.

How can you make him see you as more than just a coworker?

Taurus men are very hard workers who put in long hours at the office, so you should have plenty of opportunities to flirt with your Taurus coworker.

But what should you say, do, and wear to attract him and make him want to get to know you outside of the workplace?

By learning more about his sign’s typical personality traits and what he likes and dislikes in a woman, you will know exactly what you need to do to attract a Taurus man at work.

Dress Up for Work

Each sign of the zodiac is guided by a particular heavenly body that tells us something significant about that sign.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. This tells us that Taurus men are very interested in aesthetics and can even be a bit superficial.

Make sure you dress nicely and look put-together for work if you want to impress the Taurus man at the office.

Wear clean, flattering outfits that are work-appropriate, yet eye-catching. You don’t need to look sexy, but you should always look professional and well-groomed.

When he looks you up and down and tells you how nice you look, it’s one of the signs a Taurus man is into you.

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Have a Strong Work Ethic

If you are wondering how to attract a Taurus man at work, then you need to be the best employee, boss, and coworker you can be.

Taureans are very hard-working, so a Taurus man is impressed by a woman who has a strong work ethic similar to his.

Don’t think that you can slack off, push responsibilities onto your coworkers, or constantly complain that you hate your job and still attract your Taurus coworker.

But if you always show up on time, work diligently, be a good team member, and avoid office gossip, your Taurus coworker is sure to notice.

When he tells you that he admires your work ethic and says you motivate him to be a better employee, it’s one of the signs a Taurus man is in love with you.

Get to Know Him Personally

If you’re trying to make a Taurus guy fall in love with you, you should be warned that it’s going to take some time.

His need for a deep mental and emotional connection before settling down with a woman makes a Taurus male slow to commit.

Luckily, when you work together, you have plenty of time and opportunity to get closer to your Taurus man and show him that you’re the right person for him.

Ask him how his day is going, what his weekend plans are, and how his family is doing. Try to ask him non work-related questions to get to know him better.

Don’t just ask him about himself, but also share things about your life with him. Get to know each other as friends and make a connection that goes deeper than coworkers.

The more you get to know him and let him get to know you, the more likely your Taurus man will become attracted to you.

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Collaborate on a Project with Him

If you’re wondering how to handle a Taurus man at work to make him like you, you can’t just pine for him from across the office.

You need to find excuses to communicate with him, and even collaborate on a work project together if possible.

If he stays late at the office, stay late with him so you have the chance to be alone with him with fewer distractions.

Once he is comfortable with you, you might even suggest meeting outside of work, like at a coffee shop or one of your homes, to work.

Show Off Your Creativity

Every zodiac sign correlates with one of the four natural elements: fire, air, water, or earth. A sign’s element reveals a great deal about that sign’s strengths and values.

Taurus is an earth sign, and earth signs are known for being grounded, logical, and down to earth.

While earth signs have many excellent qualities, exceptional creativity isn’t usually one of them. They are typically more likely to be good at subjects like math and science than creative ones like art and music.

Taurus men are impressed by creativity because it is a trait they usually lack. Look for opportunities to show off your artistic side at work, and your Taurus coworker will admire you.

You can attract your Taurus colleague by offering to help him jazz up his presentation, decorating your office space, or suggesting inventive solutions to work problems.

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Be Ambitious

Not only are Taureans very hard-working, but they are also goal-oriented and ambitious. A Taurus man is always seeking to advance in his career and get promoted at work.

Because he is so ambitious, a Taurus man is attracted to a woman who is as determined and enterprising as he is.

Talk to him about your career goals and ask for advice on what you should do to move up at work or get a raise.

When he goes out of his way to support and encourage you to achieve your goals, it’s one of the signs a Taurus man has a crush on you.

Wear Perfume

Taurus men are very in touch with all of their physical senses, and they are known to be a bit gluttonous and hedonistic. They can’t resist delicious food, good sex, or tantalizing scents.

If you want to know how to get a Taurus man to chase you, you need to appeal to all of his senses.

You not only need to look good at work, but you should strive to smell amazing, as well. When your Taurus coworker stands near you at the copy machine, he will notice your scent.

Choose a signature perfume and wear a little bit every day to work. Don’t put on so much that you overwhelm your coworkers, but enough that anyone near you can smell it.

You can even keep the bottle in your car in case you forget to apply it at home, and dab a little on your neck, wrists, and behind the ears before going into the office.

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Find Excuses to Touch Him

Taurus men are very sensual and tactile, so they often use physical touch as a way to form or enhance a connection with someone.

If he finds excuses to high-five you, hug you, or sit and stand super close to you at work, it’s one of the subtle signs a Taurus man likes you.

You can show him that you’re into him while creating a bond with him by finding excuses to touch him, too.

You need to keep your physical contact work-appropriate, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of ways to touch him.

Shake his hand when you make agreements, rest your hand on his arm when you talk to him, and always choose the seat next to him in meetings.

If he eagerly accepts your physical advances and reciprocates them, it means he is open to building on your professional relationship.

Keep Your Space Neat and Organized

The truth about a Taurus man is that he is an obsessive neat freak. He needs his home and other personal spaces to be clean and organized.

A Taurus man won’t respect a colleague who keeps her desk or office a total mess. He might think you are lazy or disorganized if your workspace is dirty and cluttered.

You can impress your Taurus work crush by keeping all of your workspaces tidy and well-organized. If you keep cute office supplies at your desk, like pencil holders or other organizational tools, that’s even better.

You could even bring cleaning supplies into work and help tidy up the break room or other shared workspaces, and make sure your Taurus guy sees you making an effort to keep the office clean.

When he sees that you’re a fellow neat freak, he will recognize that you’re a kindred spirit who finds cleanliness as important to productivity as he does.

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Bring Him Snacks

If you want to know how to make a Taurus man miss you on sick days or when you’re working from home, you should strive to make seeing you his favorite part of the workday.

You should always be polite and friendly, and offer him a smile and a wave whenever you see him.

But if you really want to endear yourself to your Taurus coworker, you should know that the way to his heart is through his stomach.

If you bring your Taurus guy snacks or coffee at work, his eyes will light up every time he sees you.

He will look forward to whatever treats you bring in for him and will appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity.

A Taurus guy loves a woman who knows how to cook, so you will get extra points if you bake or prepare the goodies yourself.

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