What Attracts Libra to Someone?

Updated September 11, 2023

If you want to attract Libra, you need to show off! Physically, you can catch their eye with trendy fashion.

Libras need more than physical attraction to truly be into someone, though. Be expressive, have a positive attitude, and show your true self to win Libra over.

Libras are very focused on beauty and aesthetics, so you can attract them by appealing to that. That will only attract Libra temporarily, though. They aren’t shallow and need more than looks to be attracted to someone.

Personality-wise, Libras are attracted to creativity, independence, and generosity. They love being around people who are optimistic, positive, and compassionate. If you want to attract Libra, be kind and caring.

Engaging in conversation and a good sense of humor will also attract Libra. If you can make them laugh and keep them interested in what you’re saying, they will find you attractive.

An Open Mind

Who attracts Libra most? Libras love open-minded people. If you are open to hearing other people’s views, Libra will enjoy being around you!

Generally, Libras prefer to be around people who are free from prejudice against people who are different. If you are willing to learn about different cultures and hear opinions other than your own, Libra will find that attractive.

Libra will still interact with people who aren’t open-minded, typically to open their minds more. They won’t be attracted to those people, though. If you want to catch Libra’s eye, show them you can respect other points of view.

When Libra talks, listen to them. Even if you disagree with something they say, show that you respect their opinion. They will enjoy talking to you more when you’re open-minded and will more easily become attracted to you.

Trendy Fashion

You can physically attract Libra with trendy, bold fashion. Libras are often some of the most stylish people you will ever meet. They’ll find you attractive if you can impress them with your fashion choices.

How you dress is sometimes more important to Libra than what you look like. If you know how to flatter your best features, Libra will find that attractive!

Libra will love it when you get creative with fashion. If you know how to put an outfit together that will flatter you and catch everyone’s attention, Libra will be impressed.

Libra’s favorite body part tends to be the lower back, as this is one of the areas Libra rules. Show off this body part if you want to get Libra’s attention! If they think your back is sexy, they’ll be more attracted to you.

Engaging Conversation

If you want to know how to win over a Libra, you must engage them in exciting discussions. They are attracted to skilled conversationalists who enjoy chatting about a wide variety of topics.

What should you talk to Libra about? Libras are easy-going and will happily talk about most topics. You’ll draw them in when you speak about something you already know interests them, though.

When you’re chatting with Libra, be expressive and lively. Joke around and tell wild, exciting stories. Do everything you can to keep them engaged.

Libra will also be more engaged when you keep the conversation balanced. Don’t dominate the discussion, but don’t just sit there and let others talk, either. Listen as much as you speak, and Libra will find that attractive.

Wit & Intelligence

How do you impress a Libra? Show them how witty you are! If you can come up with witty remarks during a conversation, Libra will find that impressive and attractive.

Libras are attracted to intelligence, but they need more than dry intellect. They like it when someone is funny and sharp-minded as well!

If you want to attract Libra, you need to be able to make clever remarks during a conversation. The key to wit is that you don’t need to think too hard before saying something intelligent and funny.

Try not to be too self-conscious around Libra. Just say the first thing that comes to mind! Show off your intelligence, and let your humorous personality shine through.

Some people are naturally witty, but this is a skill you can learn! Try to have a good time and speak your mind. Your wit will start to come out, and you will attract Libra.


If you want to know how to catch Libra’s eye, show off your creative side! Libra has a love of art and beauty. You’ll have no problem getting Libra’s attention if you’re an artist.

This will be easy if you create art. Show off your paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc., and you can attract Libra. They’ll love hearing about your artistic process and sharing their own with you!

Libra will be attracted to you if you write poetry or music as well. Show off a little by writing something for them if you want to impress and attract them!

You can still be creative and attract Libra without being an artist. If you’ve got some creative ideas, tell Libra all about them! They’ll also be attracted to a creative sense of fashion or way of speaking.


If you want to know how to make a Libra chase you, show them how independent you are. Let them see that you can care for yourself and won’t rely on them for everything. They will find that incredibly attractive!

While Libra themselves isn’t always the most independent person, this is a trait they are attracted to. They love it when other people are self-sufficient because that means Libra won’t need to always take care of them!

Libra will love it if you can handle yourself, especially in challenging situations. If you are independent and don’t need to depend on other people for everything, Libra will find that attractive.

Independence will be essential if you want a healthy relationship with the Libra you’re trying to attract.

You’ll need to be by yourself while they’re out with friends. You’ll need to be able to contribute equally to the relationship and things like household chores too!


Libra’s ideal partner is kind and generous. They care about the people around them and gladly share and help others when they can.

Libras love the finer things in life and will be drawn to people who are happy to share those things with Libra. You can start attracting Libra with your generosity by giving them a few small gifts here and there.

You can’t completely buy Libra’s love, of course. You must be generous in other ways to attract them! They will find you attractive if they see you volunteering, donating to charity, or being generous toward other people in your life.

Let Libra see that you are a giving person. If they know that you try to give more than you receive, they will find you attractive and want to be around you more too.

A Sense of Humor

How do Libras act when they like you? Libra will likely joke around a lot and try to make you laugh. If they know you have a good sense of humor, they will find that attractive!

What types of humor does Libra like? Many Libras enjoy wordplay, satire, and niche humor about specific interests of theirs. If you’re being light-hearted, Libra will likely enjoy any joke you tell, though.

What Libra does not enjoy is jokes at other people’s expense. Try to be kind when joking around. Don’t poke fun at other people, especially not the Libra you’re trying to attract!

A Positive Attitude

If you want to know how to attract a Libra you’ve just met, have a positive attitude! Libra will always be more attracted to positivity and optimism than negativity and pessimism.

Have a lively, confident demeanor when you’re with Libra. Try to look on the bright side and focus on the positive when chatting with them.

Libra knows that nobody can always be positive, of course. They will sometimes discuss challenging social issues or bad things that are happening in the world around them.

If you can come up with solutions to problems or ways to make positive change, Libra will find that attractive.

Your positive attitude will draw Libra in. They’ll want to be around you if you’re always smiling and laughing! If you know how to cheer everyone up and put a positive spin on things, they’ll be attracted to you.


What are Libras attracted to? Libra might initially be attracted to a wide variety of people. Libras can find beauty in anyone, after all! However, you must be compassionate if you want to attract Libra and ensure that attraction doesn’t fade.

Compassion is something that Libras don’t always know they’re attracted to, but they are. They might end up in a few relationships with insensitive and unempathetic people before they realize this.

Show Libra that you care about the people around you. Be kind and considerate of other people’s feelings. Even if you don’t know Libra well yet, show that you care about how they feel.

The more compassionate you are, the easier it will be for Libra to bond with you too. This is a necessary trait if you eventually want a relationship with the Libra you’re trying to attract.

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