How You Can Attract a Cancer Man at Work

How You Can Attract a Cancer Man at Work

Starting an office romance can be tricky, so how do you attract a Cancer man at work?

How can you make him view you as more than just a coworker and steal his heart?

It can be frustrating to see the person you have a crush on at work every day when you’re not even sure if he notices you.

So, what can you do to make certain that you catch his attention in a work-appropriate way?

Looking at his zodiac sign’s personality traits and psychological characteristics will reveal everything you need to know about how to attract a Cancer man at work.

Have a Strong Work Ethic

Cancers have a strong work ethic and they appreciate this quality in others. The best way to capture a Cancer man’s attention at work is by being an excellent employee.

If you want to know how to attract a Cancer man and keep him, do the very best job you can at work. He will admire your dedication to your career and your drive to achieve your goals.

Volunteer for extra projects, don’t gossip about your boss or coworkers, and do your job to the best of your ability.

Just make sure that you let him know that you have aspirations outside of work, too. As much as he is attracted to a hard worker, he needs to know you have room in your life for him, too.

Why your Cancer man might lie to you? Make sure he is always honest about his feelings for you.

Touch Him Appropriately

If he goes out of his way to be near you and finds excuses to touch you, it’s one of the obvious physical signs a Cancer man likes you.

When you want to show him that you return his feelings, don’t squirm away from his touch. Let him sit close to you or place his hand on your shoulder.

Of course, all physical interactions at work should be appropriate for the environment. You don’t want to be overtly sexual in the workplace.

But you can rest your hand on his arm to make a point when talking to him or let your fingers linger on his when you pass him a pen.

Dress Femininely

If you want to impress your Cancer guy at work, you’ve got to make him look at you as more than a coworker. What easier way to attract him than by dressing in the way he likes best?

Each zodiac sign correlates with a specific body part or set of body parts that are of special importance to that sign.

It could be the body part they struggle with in their health, the feature they are most attracted to, or their best physical asset.

You might be wondering, “What body type does a Cancer man like?” You can look to his sign’s correlated body parts to get an idea of his taste.

The body parts for Cancer are the chest, breast, and stomach. This means that he likes womanly curves and is attracted to large breasts or a slim waist.

If you want to know what to wear to attract a Cancer man at the office, dress to accentuate these features.

Wear a flashy belt that draws attention to your waistline or a top that clings tightly to your womanly curves.

When you dress to his tastes, you will have your Cancer work crush drooling over you constantly.

Here is the secret language of Cancer men to make him love you forever.

Be Reliable

A Cancer man craves a partner who is reliable and trustworthy. He is very sensitive, so someone unpredictable makes him insecure.

You can attract your Cancer man at work how reliable you are by being a dependable coworker and employee.

Show up for work on time every day, adhere to deadlines, and don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Be the person everyone at work can count on to do a great job and don’t be flaky or leave your work for someone else to do.

When he sees you as a trustworthy coworker, he will think that maybe you could be a dependable partner, too.

Don’t Gossip

Make sure not to gossip about your boss or coworkers in front of your Cancer guy and be extra careful never to say an unkind word about him behind his back.

This is a turn off for him and will make him wary of you. It’s not that he doesn’t want you to share your opinions, it’s just that he dislikes petty gossip.

He also won’t be attracted to you if he doesn’t think he can trust you, and you might make him insecure by being too critical of others.

Cancers love when other people confide in them and they guard secrets like a vault. If you are wondering how to make a Cancer man want you, show him that you can be trusted with secrets, too.

When he knows he can tell you his opinions and you won’t repeat them, he will open up to you even more.

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Bring Him Food

Since the stomach is one of Cancer’s significant body parts, the way to a Cancer man’s heart is truly through his stomach.

Showing up with snacks for everyone is always a good way to win over your coworkers. If you want to attract your Cancer coworker, start bringing food just for him.

When you bring donuts for everybody, save an extra one for him. When you use the office coffee maker, impress him by preparing his coffee just the way he likes and bringing it to him without him asking.

If you want to know how to keep a Cancer man hooked, show off what an excellent chef you are.

Make the treats you bring into work from scratch. When he tastes your delicious cooking, he’ll start to look at you in a new way.

Invite Him to Work from Home

If you want to start a relationship with a Cancer guy from work, you are going to need to get him out of the office.

Each zodiac sign is positioned in a “house” that conveys the values and ideals of that sign. Cancer is placed in the fourth house of the zodiac, the house of family and home.

Cancers are the happiest when they are in their own homes, surrounded by the people and possessions they love the most.

You won’t see a Cancer guy in his element until you see him at his place. When you are looking for signs a Cancer man likes you more than a friend, ask if he wants to work from home together.

If he invites you to his place, it’s a great indicator that he is comfortable with you and you’ll get to see him in his favorite spot.

If he would rather come to your place, you are still deepening your connection by meeting outside of the office.

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Have His Back

When a Cancer man has a crush on you, he will have your back no matter what.

If you give a presentation at work, your Cancer crush will clap the loudest when it’s over. If someone steals your idea, he’ll stand up for you in front of everyone.

A Cancer man wants a woman he can count on to be loyal to him. When he is in a relationship, he is completely devoted to his partner and expects the same in return.

Show him how loyal and dependable you are by having his back at work. Offer to help him when he needs it and stick up for him if anyone puts him down.

Collaborate on a Project

When you want to get closer to your Cancer work crush, use work as a way to get to know him better.

Collaborate on a project with him that requires you to spend more time with him. It’s an even better idea if the project is so time-consuming that you have to meet outside of work to get it done.

Arrange cozy nights together, working late on your laptops at a bar or a coffee shop. It’s impossible to spend that much time with somebody without discussing anything personal.

By setting yourself up to spend more time with him, you will get the chance to make him open up and get to know him on a more personal level.

Make your Cancer man forget every other woman and go absolutely crazy for you.

Flirt Only With Him

If you want to know how to get a Cancer man to chase you, don’t try to make him jealous thinking it will make him want you more.

If anything, it will make him insecure and push him further away. And if he realizes you’re trying to make him jealous, he’ll find it deceptive and will be less attracted to you.

Don’t flirt with other guys at the office in front of your Cancer man in an attempt to spark his jealousy. You will succeed at making him jealous, but his jealousy will only drive a wedge between you.

Don’t brag about all the dates you’ve been on recently or how many guys are asking for your number when you go out.

A Cancer man doesn’t want to compete for your affection, so trying to use other men to make yourself look more desirable won’t work.

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