What to Expect Sexually From an Aries Man?

Updated August 6, 2023

An Aries man’s sexuality can be wild and adventurous. He likes to have sex and he doesn’t like to deny himself anything that he wants.

You should expect the unexpected from him. He can be surprising because of his impulsive nature.

What can you expect in bed from an Aries man? You shouldn’t really “expect” anything because he’s unpredictable.

There are a few things most Aries men have in common in bed, though.

Aries men love sex. If he gets the urge to have sex, he’s going to want to satisfy that urge.

He has a high libido and he can sometimes have high stamina as well.

Aries men are often adventurous and may enjoy some wild kinks. Sex with an Aries man is often exciting because of his wild nature.

He’s Charming

Many Aries men are naturally charming and magnetic. You’ll see this charming nature of his if you’re having sex with an Aries man.

This charm is one of the ways he gets people into bed with him in the first place.

Aries men are often entirely aware of their charming personalities and will use them to their advantage.

If an Aries man wants to have sex with somebody, he’ll turn up the charm. He knows that he’s appealing and attractive when he does this.

He’s often just as charming in bed. Many Aries men know just the right thing to say to turn their partner on and get them riled up.

If you’ve been dating an Aries man for a while, you’re likely used to his charms. If you’ve just started dating one or are having a one-time fling, his charm might seem overwhelming or intense.

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High Libido

Aries men love sex. They are driven by their passions and desires and they rarely want to deny themselves whatever pleasure they want.

Don’t be surprised if your Aries partner wants to have sex often. He might want to have sex every day, sometimes multiple times a day.

If you also have a high libido, excellent! He’ll be more than happy to dive into bed with you whenever you want to.

If you don’t have a high libido or if you don’t like to have sex as often as he does, don’t worry!

If you two are casual partners or in an open relationship, he’ll go to somebody else if you aren’t in the mood for sex.

If you two are monogamous, turning him down isn’t going to lead him to cheat, though. He’ll be fine taking care of himself until you’re in the mood for sex.

Varying Stamina

An Aries man in bed isn’t always consistent. Even the same man will have varying degrees of stamina from day to day.

High libido doesn’t always equate to high stamina. Sometimes, an Aries man might only have enough stamina in him for a quickie. Other times, he’ll be able to last longer.

Some Aries men can go for hours while others need long rest periods before having sex again.

Your Aries partner might seem to have endless stamina one day but only be able to have one round of sex the next day. This is normal.

Is an Aries man good in bed? Many are but even the best of lovers have their off days. If he doesn’t last long the first time you have sex, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s always lacking in stamina.

If he’s a person with lower stamina or if he finishes earlier than expected, that doesn’t necessarily mean the sex is over though. Many Aries men will be more than happy to focus on your pleasure until they’re ready to go again.

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He’s Impatient

An Aries man can be impatient at times. He wants what he wants and he wants it now!

This isn’t any less true when it comes to sex. Aries men aren’t always impatient but when they are, you’re going to have a difficult time convincing them to be patient.

An Aries man won’t always want to wait for you to get home to have sex. If he’s in the mood and you won’t be home for a few hours, he’s more likely to take care of things himself.

Some Aries men also skip the foreplay and try to just dive right into things when having sex. If you’re in the mood for something quick, this will be just fine. If you’re not, you might be annoyed by his lack of foreplay.

An Aries man’s ego can sometimes get in the way of his sex life. He’ll only think of himself and his needs if he’s feeling impatient.

He can sometimes be self-obsessed as well and that leads to him not being the most considerate lover.


Sex with Aries man is often unpredictable. You don’t always know what you’re going to get with an Aries man.

Aries men are ruled by their whims and desires. They don’t always think before they act. In fact, they act before a single thought has passed through their mind quite often.

Spontaneity can make sex exciting at times. You might love it when he surprises you with a sexy text while you’re at work.

If he suddenly does something new in bed and you like it, that spontaneity isn’t going to seem like a problem at all.

The thing about spontaneity is that it doesn’t always go over well. He might get the impulse to do something that you don’t end up liking.

The best way to avoid him surprising you with something you don’t like is to be upfront about any turn-offs or boundAries you have when it comes to sex.

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Sleeping with an Aries man is always an adventure. He likes everything in his life to be an exciting adrenaline rush and sex is definitely one way he gets that excitement.

Some Aries men get their sense of sexual adventure from doing things like having sex in public areas or engaging in group sex.

Some Aries men aren’t necessarily kinky or out there when it comes to their sexual preferences. They get their excitement from trying new things, even if those things aren’t always wild and kinky.

Having sex with an Aries man should never be boring. He won’t want to do the same thing every time you have sex.

If things do start to feel boring, mix it up! He’ll appreciate it when he’s not the only one trying to make things more exciting in bed.


Is an Aries man kinky? Not all are but most of them have at least one or two kinky things they like to do during sex.

An Aries man’s kinks are usually ones that allow for spontaneity. He doesn’t like anything that restricts him or holds him back from expressing himself.

One common kink for Aries men is public sex. He likes that rush he gets from knowing that anyone could see you two. He gets a kick from knowing that you two could be caught at any moment.

Some Aries men also like to have threesomes or engage in group sex. Others are exhibitionists and like it when other people are watching, even if they’re only having sex with their partner.

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If you want to know how to turn on Aries man, the first thing you need to know is that he likes surprises. You don’t always have to do the same thing with him, even after you find something he likes.

An Aries man’s favorite body part to be touched is often his hair. He goes wild when a partner plays with his hair during sex and he also sometimes likes to pull her hair as well.

An Aries man’s turn-ons might include dirty talk, body worship, and power play. Aries men love when the attention is on them. If you shower him with attention and praise during sex, he’ll love it.


Aries men are turned off by sex when it is the same every time. He doesn’t like to feel like he’s fallen into a routine when it comes to sex. Make sure to mix things up if you want to keep him interested.

He is also often turned off by sexual positions or acts that take control away from him. He likes to feel like he’s in control, even when his partner is taking on a dominant role.

Aries men don’t like being told what to do during sex either. Unless he specifically asks you to boss him around, don’t do it. Let him take the lead.

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Aries men have very strong, dominant personalities. They like to be in control.

They often take on more dominant roles when it comes to sex. They like to feel like they are calling the shots during sex.

Some Aries men are fine with letting their partner be more dominant sometimes during sex, other Aries men always want to be dominant.

If your Aries partner is an extremely dominant person, he might have a hard time letting go of some of the control. If you are also a dominant person, it’s going to be a struggle to get him to give you more control during sex.

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