Aries Man in Marriage: What Kind of Husband is He?

Updated March 6, 2023

It’s the end goal of most romantic relationships, but how does an Aries man see marriage?

There’s no one way to have a good marriage, but it’s helpful to know what kind of husband an Aries man makes.

To an Aries man marriage is generally something they are into. It appeals to the romantic side of their personality and their protective, old-fashioned approach to wedlock.

An Aries man usually has quite a clear idea of his ideal wife, and it’s not a short list! However, what exactly does he bring to the marriage table?

Marriage is a genuine commitment, and being a good husband matters to the Aries male. Understanding what that means to him gives you a glimpse into your potential future.

Can Be Quite Traditional

Aries men are generally big fans of marriage, but they do tend to have a rather old fashioned view of it. Perhaps that’s the influence of the Aries ram symbol, making him aware his first responsibility is to protect his family.

Although they are not particularly bossy, as husbands, Aries men are not afraid to take charge. He will show off his masculinity by enjoying his hobbies and adventures, while feeling confident his wife will always be somewhere in the background.

It would be unfair to see the Aries husband as a dominating figure that relegates his wife to second place. The truth is that if his spouse plays along with his attitude, she can easily be the power behind the throne.

Ultimately the Aries man approaches marriage like a potluck table. His first choice is some emotional nourishment from the traditional dishes, before adding a side serving of support from the contemporary recipe plates. Something works, as Aries men and divorce don’t sit right.

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Spontaneous & Unpredictable

Of all the words you could use to describe an Aries husband, boring isn’t one of them. His nature is to have fun and adventures, and marriage doesn’t change that. Marrying an Aries man means your life together will never be dull.

Aries men can plan, but they love nothing more than doing things simply because the idea just came to them. The payoff is you can enjoy having a husband who is happy to do something at short notice.

The free spirit approach to life can have its drawbacks, too, of course. Having a spontaneous life partner may help keep that sparkle alive, but it can be frustrating too. Tackling the fallout from sudden decisions and changed plans may cause friction.

A typical Aries man’s maturity level means they make better husbands to extremely patient and tolerant women. Those that can actively embrace his erratic ways and scatterbrain approach to life will find their Aries man makes an excellent husband overall.

Not Very Domesticated

Home is where the heart is, but the responsibility for how it’s organized and cared for is not something an Aries husband thinks about. It’s not that he doesn’t care about the space he lives in; it’s just not a priority.

Men born under the Aries sign often love tinkering with all kinds of things. From fixing up cars to taking on a home DIY project, the Aries husband will happily have a go. He’ll probably be very keen, at first.

The potential problems begin as that first wave of enthusiasm wears off. Sure your Aries spouse may have sanded the floors, but if the varnish isn’t there at the right moment, his attention will wander.

Aries men like things to move at warp speed, and being married doesn’t change that. He needs action, achievement, and visible results, which is why he avoids domestic chores like the plague, though yard work is not such a problem.

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Flirtatious & Sociable

Aries men are social butterflies. They are friendly and love to be in the middle of whatever’s going on. Married Aries men still thrive on positive communication with others, and this sociability makes them popular hosts.

You can expect an Aries husband to be a ladies man, someone who flirts as easily and naturally as he breathes and often with as little effort. A happy and settled husband will relish a little risqué chat, but he won’t stray.

As socializing is a huge part of what makes an Aries man happy, it’s vital to forge a solid, trusting connection at the start of your marriage. Committing yourself to an Aries man is tricky for women with jealousy issues.

Ironically, Aries husbands hate their wives flirting with other people, no matter how harmless it is. That might sound like double standards, but in reality, it comes from a deep ridden insecurity that Aries men try to keep well hidden.

Often Passionate

Aries men are known for their fiery natures, drive and ambition, and an overwhelming passion for life. This plays out through an active social life and an even busier dating schedule as single men.

Many Aries men choose to extend their bachelor life because they love the freedom it grants them. Of course, the Aries man’s appetite for adventure and new experiences means they are rarely short of female admirers.

As a husband, the Aries man still has plenty of that fire sign fuelled passion to share, because once he commits, he is focused only on his wife. Marrying your Aries sweetheart guarantees plenty of thrills and spills in the years ahead.

A burning desire to be the best at everything is what drives an Aries husband. He may have an unconventional approach to marriage, but his heart is one hundred percent committed to it.

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Probably Competitive

By nature, Aries men are action-driven, influenced by Mars being the ruling planet. He’s bold, brave, and confident, and he needs to triumph in everything he does.

Once he becomes a husband, this competitive streak doesn’t fade. In fact, every day of an Aries marriage life will probably feature fun rivalry. In this context an Aries man’s need to win is not a sign of aggression or dominance.

Aries men are hard-wired to push boundaries. His need to be the best drives an Aries male’s behavior, and that’s why competition is a part of his everyday life. Taking on the role of a husband can strengthen this desire to achieve.

Marriage can work wonders on dulling some of an Aries man’s sharpest edges. This commitment can help him be less stubborn and experience the benefits of being a team player.

Sometimes Selfish

It’s sad that the fiercely independent, self-indulgent streak Aries men openly display is often misinterpreted. Consequently, Aries men are at risk of being unfairly seen as selfish husbands. Indeed that’s a label nobody is rushing to adopt for themselves.

The truth is that although an Aries man may not be obvious marriage material, he’s not a thoughtless monster. True, with his multiple personal needs he can be a tricky man to understand.

An Aries husband can indeed be selfish sometimes, but it’s not a deliberate behavior pattern. He is the guy that happily commits all he has to the task of being a loyal, caring partner.

Your Aries husband may sometimes act like he’s lazy, thoughtless and selfish, but there’s a lesson we can learn from him. That self-sacrifice has a place in committed relationships, but so does self-care.

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Deep Down, a Romantic

Aries husbands are not often openly romantic, perhaps because they’re too busy being sociable and edgy. Still, he’s a man of flesh, not stone. Underneath that macho man exterior, there will be at least one romantic soft spot.

For an Aries man marriage compatibility is based on agreeing that his priority is to provide and care for you. His broadly traditional approach to being a husband involves being strong, or at least appearing that way to an observer.

However, whatever impression he likes to give people, we know that an Aries husband does enjoy some indulgent romance. He simply doesn’t need to know about it in advance.

Imagine if his ever-patient wife booked a surprise trip to a romantic spa resort and only told him about it five minutes before leaving. That would transform him into super-romantic Aries husband of the year.

Dislikes Routine

One of Aries man’s negative traits is their allergy-style reaction to routine. It’s a dominant feature of the Aries personality, so beware. If you own and use a daily planner, you’re not the best match for an Aries man for marriage.

The typical Aries husband may be sexy, fun, and up for an adventure, but it all happens on an unpredictable timetable.

Sure, he may surprise you on a Friday evening with news of a weekend trip to Vegas, but you can’t rely on him to remember that Monday is the kids’ swimming club.

Aries men make loyal and caring husbands, with a never-ending supply of energy and the fun factor, but they are clueless about domestic tasks and chores. Be prepared for this when marrying an Aries.

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