Do Aries Men Like to Cuddle?

Updated August 22, 2022
Do Aries Men Like to Cuddle?

When you are dating an Aries man, is a cuddle session what he wants from his partner, or is he not a touchy-feely guy?

Does this zodiac sign like to snuggle?

According to astrology, some zodiac signs are naturally more affectionate than others. Some love to cuddle, while others prefer to keep their hands to themselves.

So, how can you tell which category an Aries guy falls into?

Once you gain a better understanding of his zodiac sign’s typical personality traits and behaviors in love, you will know whether or not an Aries man likes to cuddle.

He is Very Cuddly

If you like snuggling and are dating an Aries guy, you are in luck because Aries is one of the more cuddly signs of the zodiac.

Aries are very physical people, so an Aries man is the type of guy who will pull his friends and loved ones in for a big bear hug as a greeting.

Although he may seem like a tough and macho man, he is really a sweet teddy bear at heart.

When he snuggles up to you and is as cuddly as a lap dog, it’s one of the signs an Aries man is falling for you.

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He Uses Cuddles to Express Love

Every sign has its preferred love languages, and one of an Aries man’s ways of expressing his feelings is through touch.

This comes as no surprise since Aries is such a physical sign. Many Aries become professional athletes because they are so energetic and in touch with their bodies.

If he likes you, he will hug, kiss, and cuddle with you because that’s how an Aries man shows his love.

Touch is meaningful to him and he won’t be nearly as affectionate with someone he isn’t comfortable with or dislikes.

He is Only Cuddles His Partner

Although an Aries man is very cuddly with his romantic partner, that doesn’t mean he is a touchy-feely guy with everyone.

Many Aries men are physically affectionate with friends and family, but some prefer not to be hugged or touched at all by anyone other than their lover.

Even the most affectionate Aries guy reserves cuddling just for his partner. If he snuggles up to you and spoons you, it’s one of the signs an Aries man is in love with you.

You don’t have to worry about him snuggling up to any other ladies when he’s in a relationship with you, because that’s something special just for you two to share.

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He Cuddles Comfortably

An Aries man loves to be close to his loved one, but he won’t sacrifice comfort for cuddling.

When he is too hot or in an uncomfortable position, an Aries man will roll over to his side of the bed and get some space.

If your Aries man is acting distant suddenly and isn’t snuggling you the way he normally does, don’t take it as one of the signs an Aries man doesn’t like you.

When your Aries guy is feeling sick or is losing sleep because he can’t find a comfortable position to cuddle with you, he will take some room for the sake of comfort.

It’s not a sign that your relationship is in trouble or that your Aries guy doesn’t care about you anymore.

He isn’t the passive-aggressive type, so if he has a problem with you, he will tell you directly rather than show it by withholding his touch.

He Cuddles to Initiate Intimacy

Aries has one of the highest sex drives of any of the zodiac signs. This energetic and frisky sign enjoys expressing his passion physically.

An Aries guy will occasionally use cuddling as a way to communicate that he wants sex. He will start spooning you from behind and kissing your neck when he wants to get closer to you.

This doesn’t mean that every time an Aries guy expects or even wants sex every time he cuddles with you. He is perfectly happy just to snuggle most of the time.

But there will also be moments when he pushes for more intimacy during a cuddling session.

If you want to know how to attract an Aries man sexually or seduce him, start by cuddling.

When you’re with your Aries man in bed, pull him close and press your body against his for a sweet and sensual snuggle.

When you start kissing him and touching him in his most sensitive places, he will understand that you want more than just a cuddle.

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He Plays With Your Hair During Cuddling

Every zodiac sign has a specific set of body parts that are significant to that sign. They could be that sign’s most attractive features, the parts that cause the most health problems, or what they find most attractive in others.

The body parts associated with Aries are the head and the face. When you are cuddling with an Aries guy, you can expect him to incorporate his sign’s favorite parts.

When you are lying in bed or on the couch snuggling with your Aries man, he will run his fingers through your hair or twirl it playfully.

If you are wondering how to flirt with an Aries man, try stimulating his sign’s correlated body parts, especially during cuddling.

Scratch his scalp or give him a head massage while he holds you close. Run your hands through his hair or push a stray lock out of his face.

Just as he loves playing with your head and hair during cuddling, he loves when you play with his, too.

He Strokes Your Face while Cuddling

Along with stimulating your head and scalp, an Aries man will also touch your face while snuggling.

The face is another one of his sign’s correlated body parts, so it makes sense that he is innately drawn to this feature as well.

He will stare into your eyes, give you a tender smile, and gently stroke your face. He will gather up your hair or push it out of the way so he can see all of you.

An Aries guy might even get playful with your face while cuddling by sticking his fingers in your mouth or up your nose just to get a reaction from you.

His zodiac sign is so attracted to heads and faces that he can’t help but make physical contact with these parts any way he can.

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He Is a Playful Cuddler

Every zodiac sign has a spiritual “age” based on that sign’s order in the zodiac. A sign’s age tells us how new or mature their soul is.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, making it the “youngest” of all the signs. While people born under the later signs are often called old souls, an Aries man is a child at heart.

His sense of playfulness and merriment can be explained by his sign’s mental age. He sees the world through fresh, curious eyes and finds delight and wonder in even the smallest things.

The way an Aries guy cuddles matches his sign’s mental age. He clings to his partner like a newborn to its mother, and he is very mischievous and silly.

If an Aries man likes you, he treats you like his best friend, even while you’re cuddling. He will crack jokes, tickle you, and try to make you laugh in your most intimate moments because he’s so childish and playful.

He Cuddles in Public

Some signs are reluctant to express their love physically in public, while others can’t get enough PDA. An Aries man typically falls into the latter category – at least, when he’s in love and in a good mood.

When an Aries man loves you, he wants to show the world and he doesn’t care what other people think of his aggressive PDA.

He will kiss, hug, cuddle, and hold you in public, no matter who is watching. He might actually do it in public on purpose to mark his territory and show that you are taken.

Don’t hesitate to snuggle up to your Aries guy in front of people. He won’t mind that others are looking and he will embrace your affection no matter what.

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He Wants to Be the Best Cuddler

Aries is perhaps the most competitive sign of the entire zodiac and his aggressive nature extends even to his cuddling.

An Aries man wants to be the best at everything he does, including snuggling.

Don’t be surprised if your Aries guy gives you tips on how to cuddle him better. He may move your arm or position your leg in just the right way for the best snuggle.

He also wants to wipe the memory of any other many you’ve cuddled in the past out of your brain.

He will pay attention to your reaction when he holds you in different ways and will adjust himself so that he always finds the most comfortable position for both of you.

A competitive Aries guy wants you to feel more loved, safe, and warm than you have ever felt while cuddling with any man before, and he won’t rest until he gets his technique just right.

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