Aries + Cancer Compatibility: Love, Sex, and More

Updated November 11, 2022
Aries + Cancer Compatibility: Love, Sex, and More

Aries and Cancer’s compatibility tends to be low. These are very different signs that usually want different things from relationships and life in general.

A lot of compromise is needed to make this relationship work. Both partners must adapt and learn how to best meet the other’s needs.

Aries, a fire sign, and Cancer, a water sign, are incredibly different. Aries is impulsive, while Cancer is cautious. Aries is highly independent, while Cancer can sometimes be a bit clingy.

These two signs can be intensely emotional, but they view emotions differently. Cancers wear their hearts on their sleeves and will openly discuss how they feel. Aries is often too proud to express their true vulnerability.

A patient sign like Cancer can balance an impatient one like Aries. Both partners have to want that, though. This relationship can end in pain if these two aren’t careful.


Aries-Cancer friendships aren’t that common. These two often have a hard time becoming friends.

When these two do become friends, it’s usually because they are part of the same friend group. If they are forced to be in the same social circle, they might be able to figure out how to get along.

It’s usually Cancer who makes an effort to befriend Aries first. Aries doesn’t always notice quiet, shy Cancer amongst the crowd. Cancer is better at paying attention to everyone around them.

If these two do become friends, they won’t always see eye-to-eye. They have a lot they can learn from one another, though!

Aries is incredibly independent. They might like socializing sometimes but don’t feel like they need people. If they aren’t vibing with someone right away, they won’t always make an effort to get to know them better.

Cancer is all about community and connections. They are patient and like to take the time to get to know people. If Aries is in their social circle, they will try to get to know them.

Aries can usually teach their Cancer friend to be more assertive. Cancer is terrible at focusing on their own needs. If Aries befriends a Cancer, they will ensure that Cancer stands up for themselves.

Cancer can teach Aries to be more compassionate and patient. Aries sometimes has trouble making and keeping friends because they seem rude or pushy. Cancer can help bring out Aries’ soft side.

These two can only learn from one another if they want to, though. There are times when Cancer will find Aries too pushy, and Aries will consider Cancer too clingy.

Aries will likely hurt Cancer’s feelings, and even patient Cancer will turn away from them after a while. If these two want a lasting friendship, Aries needs to be more compassionate, and Cancer may have to develop a thicker skin.

Overall, this friendship isn’t likely, but it isn’t impossible. If these two can get over their differences and form a bond, they can make it last.


Are Aries and Cancer soulmates? It won’t always be easy for these two to get together. They can find balance in each other if they make their relationship work.

The Aries-Cancer relationship typically has a lot of issues. This relationship isn’t impossible, and it can end up being fulfilling for both partners. It just takes a lot of effort.

Trust, communication, and emotional intimacy are all things Aries and Cancer tend to struggle with within a relationship with each other.

Aries is honest, sometimes to a fault, but they aren’t emotionally open. They don’t openly talk about their feelings or express vulnerability. That can make it difficult for Cancer to trust them.

Cancer, on the other hand, is sometimes too emotional for Aries. They aren’t ashamed of their emotions at all. They want to open up to their partner and share as much with them as possible.

An Aries-Cancer couple sometimes ends up in a relationship that feels lop-sided to both of them because of the different ways they express love.

Cancer will sometimes feel like they are laying their heart on the table for Aries, while Aries refuses to open up and give Cancer anything. They will show compassion and support for Aries but won’t feel they are getting any in return.

Aries will feel like Cancer is clingy and moody a lot of the time. Aries will try to express love with physical affection or by offering “helpful” advice, but Cancer may get upset and think that Aries is constantly criticizing them.

Sex is a big part of how Aries expresses love, but Cancer won’t want sex if they don’t feel an emotional connection. This can lead to a lot of frustration for both partners.

These two don’t always realize how much the other loves them. Aries sees Cancer as clingy and controlling, not supportive and caring. Cancer sees Aries as aggressive and pushy, not passionate and affectionate.

If these two want to be together, they must learn to see eye-to-eye. Communication is essential, but both partners must be willing to sit down and talk things through.


Aries and Cancer’s marriage compatibility will be higher if these two can work through their differences before marriage. They can both be devoted and loyal partners, but there are issues they need to overcome first.

An Aries man and a Cancer woman’s compatibility will be higher when Aries learns how to be more compassionate. His Cancer wife wants a marriage based on mutual support, and he needs to learn how to support her the way she needs.

Cancer won’t always be satisfied with sex or physical affection. If she’s feeling down, gifts won’t cheer her up. She wants her Aries husband to listen to her and offer emotional support.

A Cancer man and Aries woman’s compatibility will be higher when these two learn how to speak one another’s love languages.

When a Cancer man offers assistance or support, it’s not because he thinks his Aries wife can’t do it herself! He just thinks things are better when you can do them with a loved one.

An Aries woman won’t always open up emotionally, but she will open up physically. Her Cancer husband might need to accept hugs or kisses in place of emotional discussions sometimes.

Aries and Cancer can both be incredibly dedicated partners. Aries might be impulsive at times, but they will genuinely try to make a marriage work once they’ve committed to one.

These two just need to learn to accept each other for who they are. Cancer will likely always be a homebody. Aries will probably always be a little loud and impulsive.

Cancer and Aries will need to compromise about how they spend time together. Sometimes, they should stay home and watch movies as Cancer wants. They should also go out and be a little adventurous like Aries wants.

This relationship can work. Cancer and Aries can find deep, affectionate love in one another. They just have to try to develop that love and learn how to satisfy each other.

In Bed

Are Aries and Cancer a good match in the bedroom? Unfortunately, these two don’t always have good sexual compatibility. They can build up to that, but both partners need to put in the work.

Aries is all about desire and the physical side of sex. Cancer is focused on emotional intimacy. These two won’t always get what they want in the bedroom when they have sex together.

Aries’ compatibility is higher with someone who brings a lot of physical passion to the bedroom. They want spontaneity and adventure.

Cancer’s compatibility in the bedroom is highest with someone they feel a strong emotional bond with. Cancer can enjoy sex just as much as Aries, but they need more than a physical connection.

Cancer can sometimes seem shy when it comes to sex. They may appear reserved and inexperienced, even when they aren’t. Aries sometimes isn’t able to see Cancer’s true sexual nature.

Aries is an incredibly sexual person. They can sometimes be selfish in the bedroom, though. They focus more on what they want at the moment than what their partner might want.

Aries also doesn’t always pay attention to the emotional side of sex. They are in a rush for the finish line. They don’t care about the journey and the intimate connection they should have with their Cancer partner.

These two need to learn how to meet each other in the middle. Both partners need to pay attention to the physical and emotional sides of sex.

When Aries opens up and gets vulnerable with Cancer, Cancer will feel more comfortable exploring and being more spontaneous during sex. These two can find passion together, but only when they trust one another.

Aries must learn how to be more tender. They will need to discuss boundaries and talk about feelings during sex. They will need to be gentle with Cancer and focus on their needs.

Cancer must learn to be more spontaneous and enjoy the physical side of sex sometimes. If they trust Aries, Cancer can unleash their wild and adventurous side. That trust is essential, though.

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