13 Aries Spirit Animals Best Representing The Sign

Updated August 30, 2023

The Aries animal everyone knows comes from the symbol for Aries, the ram. Many other animals can represent this sign, though.

Aries is a dynamic and daring sign. The animal symbols for Aries show the passionate spirit Aries people tend to have.

Many of the animals representing Aries show Aries’ self-reliant, bold nature. Aries are incredible leaders who know how to take care of themselves, just like these animals.

Aries’ stubborn, argumentative nature can make them seem intimidating to some. Wolves, tigers, and cougars are animals that can intimidate as well.

Aries has a softer side, though, and some of these animals show that. You might not be able to get the whole picture of Aries from just one animal, but combined, they show how versatile this sign can be.


Aries animal wolf

What is Aries’ spirit animal? The wolf makes a great symbol for this sign, mainly because of its association with leadership.

Just like an alpha wolf leads its pack, Aries tends to wind up in leadership roles. This is the first sign of the zodiac, and they tend to be first in many other ways!

Wolves are self-reliant, but they are also social creatures. Aries can sometimes be incredibly self-involved, but they also work best on a team! They must have people around to lead them, after all.

Wolves are also incredibly loyal. They stick with their pack and will fight off any threat that gets in their way. Aries is brave and does not back down when faced with obstacles.


Aries animal hummingbird

This animal might seem like an odd choice for Aries, but it embodies some of the lesser-known qualities of Aries.

Many of the animals representing Aries are predators, but the hummingbird represents the more vulnerable side of Aries.

The hummingbird can be a symbol of innocence. Aries can be highly optimistic, sometimes to the point of naivete. As the first sign, they also represent youthful energy like a hummingbird does.

Hummingbirds also seem to have endless energy, just like Aries! Their vibrating wings resemble the restless and impulsive nature of an Aries.

Aries is not always tough. Sometimes, they are just as fragile as this tiny bird can be.


Aries animal tiger

Big cats are common spirit animals for fire signs, so it makes sense that the tiger would be one of Aries’ spirit animals!

Tigers are mighty creatures. They are independent and often hunt by themselves rather than in large packs. They are also highly independent and know how to get what they want.

Aries is fierce and fearless, like a tiger. They know they are at the top of the food chain and go into any situation they find themselves in with a bold, brave attitude.

The tiger and Aries are not afraid to escape their comfort zone. They know what they want and are willing to go out into the world and do whatever it takes to get it.


Aries animal ox

The phrase “strong as an ox” definitely applies to Aries! Aries has strong convictions. When Aries digs their heels in about something, it’s impossible to make them change their mind.

Aries people are incredibly passionate about their opinions. When they make up their mind about something, they won’t change it. They can be incredibly obstinate and might not listen to others even when they should.

Oxen are also incredibly hard workers. They have seemingly endless energy and can get far more done in a day than others, just like an Aries.


Aries animal porcupine

The porcupine is a clever and aggressive creature that knows how to protect itself from harm.

Porcupines have multiple defenses to ward off predators and other threats. Aries also has many traits that help them defend themselves when needed!

The porcupine is known for its sharp quills, but that is not the only tool they use to fight off predators.

Porcupines are incredibly combative. They will make loud noises, adopt an intimidating stance, and even release an odor similar to how skunks do.

It is incredibly difficult to fight an Aries, just like it’s hardly worth it to most predators to fight a porcupine.

Tasmanian Devil

Aries animal tasmanian devil

As a spirit animal, the Tasmanian devil can represent some of the negative Aries traits.

Tasmanian devils can be highly aggressive and competitive creatures. They compete to survive and take what they need from the moment they are born.

This animal is known to be aggressive. It can lash out violently when threatened, and there is always a possibility it may strike without warning.

Aries can also have a temper. They are impulsive and do not always know how to control their anger.

Aries men, in particular, are known to be argumentative and aggressive, so this is the Aries man’s animal. It represents the parts of Aries that others don’t always like.


Aries animal ram

What animal represents Aries? The ram is the most well-known. This is Aries’ traditional symbol and the one most tied to the sign.

The ram is a great representation of Aries because it is stubborn, aggressive, and combative. It is also protective of both itself and its herd.

Aries won’t back down from a fight, nor will a ram. They can sometimes be a little too aggressive, but this is one of the ways they keep themselves safe.

Aries is also incredibly willful. It’s nearly impossible to change their mind about something if they don’t want to. This perfectly goes along with the fighting spirit of a ram.


Aries animal horse

It is not the domestic horse representing Aries, but the wild horse. Wild horses run free and cannot be controlled, just like Aries.

Aries is a leader, not a follower. They are in charge of their fate and do not let others push them around.

You’ll likely never truly tame a wild horse. You might capture one and break it in, but it will never be as docile as a domestic horse can be.

Aries cannot be broken, either. They might get knocked down sometimes, but they’ll always get backed up. They have the same determined and passionate spirit as wild horses.


Aries animal cheetah

The cheetah is another predator with many Aries characteristics. This graceful animal is one of the fastest runners in the animal kingdom, just like Aries is one of the most fast-paced people you will ever meet!

Aries doesn’t stop to think about something before they do it. They dive right in with a speed that rivals that of a cheetah.

The cheetah is one of the Aries woman’s animals. Like cheetahs, Aries women have a majestic and regal nature. They are just as ruthless as Aries men, though, sometimes even more ruthless, just like female cheetahs are typically faster than males.

This animal is a great representation of Aries’ determined and competitive nature. It’s unlikely anyone is going to outrun a cheetah!


Aries animal hawk

The hawk represents many positive aspects of the Aries personality. This apex predator is independent, sharp, adaptable, and highly powerful.

Hawks are self-reliant. As spirit animals, they represent leadership skills. Just like a hawk is vigilant and observant of its surroundings, so too is an Aries.

The hawk has a quick and highly successful hunting style. Once it is ready to swoop in, it does so with complete confidence. Aries is equally confident in their abilities, sometimes to a fault.

Aries is a sign that symbolizes strength and power. They dive right into everything they do, knowing they have what it takes to reach their goals the same way a hawk captures its prey.


Aries animal cougar

Cougars are self-reliant creatures. As spirit animals, they represent a free and independent spirit. They also have a certain charm that fascinates humans, even though they are dangerous!

Aries can be aggressive, but many people are drawn in by their warm and passionate natures.

Aries also seems to have endless energy at times. Cougars are highly energetic creatures capable of climbing up tough cliffsides and even trees. They will stop at nothing to get what they want!


Aries animal badger

As a spirit animal, the badger represents determination. Many species of badgers are skilled diggers who can expend a lot of energy burrowing into the earth in search of food.

The badger eats insects, grubs, worms, and even bird eggs. They may also forage for fruit and roots. Nothing can get in their way in their quest for food, either!

Nothing can get in the way of an Aries, either. When they are on a mission, they will complete it. They won’t stop to rest until they’ve gotten what they want.

Sugar Glider

Aries animal sugar glider

A sugar glider might seem like an odd choice for an Aries symbol at first glance, but the personality of this animal matches up well with Aries.

Aries is a fearless sign. They dive into things headfirst and do not stop to think before they make a decision.

The way sugar gliders get around is a bit reckless. These brave creatures have skin on their sides that act as wings so they may glide around, which is where they get their name.

The sugar glider cannot actually fly, though. They simply jump into the air, extend their arms, and trust that they’ll get from point A to point B safely.

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