How to Flirt with an Aquarius Man through Text

How to Flirt with an Aquarius Man through Text

Are you waiting for your Aquarius man’s text response to your flirtatious message? You are not alone!

In today’s world, it is essential to learn the art of flirting skillfully via text messages. However, an Aquarius man hardly makes this job easy.

The entire business of Aquarius man text messages can get very frustrating and can make you feel like you are always trying strange new things to get his attention.

However, whether you like it or not, a single conversation through text can make an Aquarius man fall in love with you or run in the opposite direction.

So are you wondering how to flirt with your Aquarius man through text in order to get his attention?

Text Him About His Interests


If you are wondering what to text an Aquarius man, thinking of things that he finds interesting should be a good start.

An Aquarius man is intellectual and creative so he will have lots of interests. There will always be something that you can use in your text messages that can pull his attention towards you.

Texting an Aquarius man about things he cannot stop talking about is sure to get you a response you are expecting.

Discussing his interests immediately triggers a stimulus inside the brains of this water sign since these are the kinds of conversations they are looking for.

If you know your Aquarius man is into Marvel movies, you might want to add certain references into your text messages. That is something that is sure to get him excited and wait for your next text.

You can also strive to make your text messages sound mysterious so that your Aquarius man is intrigued by them. This can make him thinking about your conversation for hours and figuring out the meaning behind your cryptic text.

This is one of the ways how to play mind games with an Aquarius man.

If he is not into these things and you cannot figure out what he likes, the easiest way to find out about them is to simply ask your Aquarius man.

Some foolproof choices of questions are “what type of movies do you like” and “Do you enjoy Broadway musicals?”

These types of questions can immediately perk up your Aquarius man’s interest and get you a quick response. They will also provide you with the required information to get the conversation going.

Although this does not mean that you will continue to get a barrage of text messages from your Aquarius man, you may be able to get more text messages than usual.

If he does start texting more than usual and often as soon as you text him, it may be one of the signs an Aquarius man is interested in you.

However, that still doesn’t mean you should flood him with a deluge of text messages at the first sign of interest.

Make an Aquarius man obsess over you, and make him love you forever.

Be Sweet and Caring


Aquarius is the most humanitarian and compassionate Zodiac sign and hence they feel deeply, even though much of the times they don’t show their emotions.

They do not bend over backwards just for anyone. However, if you get an Aquarius man to become interested in you, you are one lucky, lucky girl.

When the water-bearer does develop a crush on someone, you will see they will become the most caring and affectionate person is the world for you.

Therefore, you need to show them that you can be as caring and compassionate as the water-bearer as well.

Although texting them interesting stuff is always a great idea, make sure not all your texts are filled with it. Sometimes, all you need is to let him know you care about him. Period.

You can do that by asking him about his health and mood and texting him to let him know you are there if he needs someone to talk to.

This how you can get an Aquarius man to miss you.

If you have been going out with the Aquarius man for some time, chances are he will be more open and receptive towards you, so he may forget about some of the status quo once he is with you.

This is how you know an Aquarius man is serious about you.

However, make sure you do not say overly mushy things like “I love you” at least not in the first few months of your relationship.

Aquarius man have a phobia towards commitment and if you imply that you are hoping to rope him into a long-term relationship, it will have him running away from you before your text message even has a chance to reach him.

Text Him Flirty Things


If you are hesitating about sending your Aquarius man a flirtatious text, don’t be. There is nothing at all wrong with sending fun and playful texts to your Aquarius man from time to time.

The Aquarius man loves excitement and adventure and loves to be physical. He is the least uptight of all the Zodiac signs.

Depending on what stage of relationship you are in a few simple flirtatious texts or a fun photo of you will not go amiss and may make him excited to be with you.

Saying things like “Hey, handsome” or “How are you doing, sexy?” will quite clearly send the message that you desire him and sending him similar phrases can get him hooked.

However, not much is taboo for an Aquarius man and he doesn’t mind being naughty.

Flirting in just the right way is one of the way how to make an Aquarius man chase you.

However, whenever you send him something flirty, wait for his response. He may reply in a short while or he may reply after several hours or even a day.

Once you have sent it your flirtatious message, leave it at that. Don’t keep texting again and again to get a response out of him.

You have said all you needed to say and your Aquarius man has gotten the message. Now you need to just wait patiently until he replies.

When he does finally text you back, don’t jump to reply as soon as possible. This may make you look very needy which is a definite no-no for an Aquarius man.

Instead, wait for a bit before sending in your reply. Ignoring an Aquarius man’s message can create intrigue in him.

That’s because they are not in the habit of being ignored.

However, whether your flirtations are being well-received or not, one thing you must understand that you should only text your Aquarius man in moderation.

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But Don’t Be Too Brash


One thing you need to remember about the Aquarius man is that he is dominant. That means he doesn’t like people chasing him – he does the chasing.

So if you come on too strongly to an Aquarius man, be prepared to incur his disapproval.

Aquarius men do not appreciate very bold behavior early in the relationship because it can make them thing their lady love is getting a bit desperate.

And they do not like this behavior in any form.

The Aquarius male does not take his interests to just anyone. He is looking for romance and a potential relationship – even though he will never say it – rather than a one-night stand.

Since he is a sensitive sign, he will not be pressured into speeding up your relationship so learn to keep a little distance and let things fall into place naturally.

However, once you get there, you will find your Aquarius man very willing to spice things up.

Jealousy is also very unbecoming to a water sing like the Aquarius.

Water-bearers are very social and often have several friends of both sexes. If jealousy colors your text messages even a little bit, be prepared for the Aquarius man to drop you like a hot potato.

Don’t Text Too Often


The Aquarius man will require a lot of time before they develop a strong romantic relationship with you. We aren’t talking weeks, we are talking months, and even more in some cases.

However, you should know that the only reason that an Aquarius man waits this long is because he wants to be a hundred percent sure that you are the one for him.

This same thing is reflected in an Aquarius man’s texting habits.

He doesn’t care for needy, clingy people who text all day long about inane things.

So if you text him things like “feeling bored, thinking of eating lunch,” he will think you are incapable of keeping yourself amused and do not even have the ability of eating lunch alone.

Just texting because you have nothing else to do is an immediate turn off for an Aquarius man.

If you can find nothing particularly interesting to say and it has been a while since you texted, a simple “Good morning! Have a great day today” can still speak volumes to an Aquarius man.

It conveys the message that you are thinking of them and just this thought is appreciated by the Aquarius man.

However, do not expect an immediate response.

Aquarius men are busy people and don’t spend all day fiddling on their smartphones.

When an Aquarius man ignores your text, don’t automatically think he is upset with you. He is most probably busy with some other things that require all his attention at the moment.

Additionally, they hardly ever reply to most text messages but an Aquarius man in love will probably make more of an effort to do so.

So don’t let it get to you. Just know that this is one of their habits and do not make a big deal out of it.

Hounding an Aquarius man about why he won’t reply to your flirting is a sure fire way to stop him from ever replying to your text ever again.

Why your Aquarius man might lie to you? Make sure he is always honest about his feelings for you.

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