Why Has an Aquarius Man Stopped Texting Me?

Why Has an Aquarius Man Stopped Texting Me?

You were going in a good relationship, but all of a sudden the Aquarius man stopped texting you. What could have gone wrong?

There could be numerous reasons why your Aquarius man has distanced himself and has stopped texting you.

You can face a lot of questions when an Aquarius man you were having great conversations with, suddenly thinks it is okay to distance themselves from you.

While there could be numerous reasons behind why the Aquarius man has gone distant, your depressed mind wouldn’t be able to reach the conclusion that it wants.

While you might put the emphasis of the blame on yourself for scaring them away, there could be multiple reasons why your Aquarius man has suddenly gone distant.

He is Busy


We will start with the most probably and optimistic one out of the lot. Chances could be that the Aquarius man you are dating has suddenly got busy and doesn’t have the time to check on you.

With their busy routine, they cannot test you or message you. There could be numerous reasons why they have suddenly gotten busy. It could be work-related projects or a personal issue.

When an Aquarius man is ignoring you, they could also be looking for multiple side jobs to increase their cash reserves.

Making ends meet in this hyper age of competition can be hard, which is why your Aquarius man might be required to do multiple jobs for making ends meet.

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He Needs Space


Sometimes relationships can get a bit too much to handle for Aquarius men. When things are going too fast for their liking, they need satisfactory space to sort things out.

In a bid to get that space, you will see the Aquarius man distancing himself from you. Dealing with Aquarius men requires a lot of patience and you have to display that here.

Oftentimes relationships tend to be a bit too quick for the liking of Aquarius men. Hence, they try to distance themselves for a while, so that they can catch up on feelings around them.

The space they require is necessary here, as it allows them to take a breather and come with fresh and rejuvenated feelings.

However, there is also the off chance that they might not reply to your text ever again, as they don’t want to hurt you because of their shortcomings.

Due to Boredom


Boredom could also be a reason why an Aquarius man is avoiding you or not replying to your text. Aquarius men tend to dig mental stimulation.

And when they don’t get that kind of feelings towards a specific someone, they would rather distance themselves.

This action spurs from the reputation of an Aquarius man as someone who wants to be challenged at all times. They also have a thing for deep and personal conversations to keep the mind engrossed.

However, if you aren’t the kind of person to remain mentally stimulated at all times, or one who doesn’t like engaging in deep conversations at all times, you might bore them away.

Aquarius men want to date women that show the kind of mental activity they need. Thus, when they don’t get what they want, they might stop texting you back.

Additionally, if you have been lazy around them, the Aquarius man would find you to be a complete contrast and will get bored of whatever you have been up to together.

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Not Into You Anymore


We realize that this might be a particularly hard pill to swallow, but there could be the off chance that your Aquarius man just isn’t into you anymore.

You don’t have to pressurize your brain cells here, as their lack of interest could be because of no particular reason as such.

When an Aquarius man is into you, he won’t hold himself back from showing their interest to you whenever possible.

However, when he just isn’t into you, there isn’t much you can do to get them into texting you again. Their lack of interest could be fueled because of no specific shortcoming at your end.

You don’t have to ostracize yourself thinking that it was a shortcoming at your end that sent them away from you.

Aquarius men don’t really like conversing about such topics, which is why they would rather walk away then talk about them. So, this could be a reason why he has suddenly stopped texting you.

You Did Something Wrong


It is common for Aquarius men to give their partners the silent treatment when they have done something wrong.

The silent treatment could be a way to emphasize to their partners that something that they did didn’t go down well with them. Now, chances are that you ought to remember what you did.

If something doesn’t really come to mind, you can just go through memories from the last time you met and remember instances where they didn’t react as they should have had.

The fact that he has suddenly stopped responding to your texts or texting you by himself suggests that they have taken offense to something you have said or done.

You can make things right by apologizing to them about what has happened. Let them know that what happened was a sheer mistake on your part and wasn’t really intended that way.

Chances are that they would take your apology and give you another chance. However, these chances depend on the gravity of what you have done to make the Aquarius man upset.

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Figuring Out Personal Issues


Dating an Aquarius man isn’t really the easiest thing to do. He could be going through a lot mentally, and could put you in the back burner rather than coming to you for solace.

Aquarius men don’t really open up about the personal issues going on in their mind. They also don’t like when someone they aren’t that comfortable with is forcing themselves upon their personal life.

So, if they feel that their needs to be space for them to figure out their personal issues, they would stop responding to your texts.

If you two haven’t been together for that long a period, he wouldn’t be comfortable opening up his mind in front of you.

Involving you in his own personal issues would make things even more complicated for any Aquarius man.

So, what you need to do here is give your Aquarius man the space he needs to figure out whatever is going wrong in his personal life. Once figured out, he will definitely come back towards you.

However, if you try to impose yourself on them here, they might form a sense of deep resentment towards your presence, which isn’t something you would want to have.

Not Good Enough for You


Another reason why your Aquarius man could be avoiding you is the sudden realization within them that they aren’t good enough for you.

The thought could have just come across without any evidence as such, but it will slowly and gradually make them backtrack.

Aquarius men show love in practical terms, which is why they wouldn’t you to settle below your weight. Hence, they would rather ignore you and hope you get someone better soon.

When such a thought does hit an Aquarius man, they would start rethinking all that they have done for you and start looking for alternatives.

This could be a reason why your Aquarius man is avoiding you. They, however, still have feelings for you, which is why all is not lost for you in this specific case.

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You’re Controlling


While Aquarius men aren’t the ones to take out flaws in others and make them feel bad about them. They completely detest being controlled.

Aquarius men are all about their freedom, and they give that same freedom to you as well, because they respect your options. However, they require some freedom of their own in return.

No Aquarius man would want to spend the rest of their life with someone who doesn’t understand them or their life and is being a control freak.

This is more often than not, a huge red flag for any Aquarius man. In this case, he could be instantly looking for someone else, to ensure that the controlling stops and that they can have their freedom back.

You, also need to realize that controlling doesn’t do anyone good. By controlling an Aquarius man you are cutting off his wings and limiting him from his ability to fly.

Playing Hard to Get


Dealing with Aquarius men can be tricky because they often play hard to get at the start. They would probably be testing you here, to see whether you really like them or not.

Dating an Aquarius man can be fun, but getting to that stage requires you to invest your efforts in gaining their trust and confidence.

Once you have gained that trust, the Aquarius man wouldn’t want to play hard to get and would get back to messaging you the way you would want.

Playing hard to get can also be a bit adventurous for you, as you have to make sure that you lure over the Aquarius man with your A-game!

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  1. I was seeing an Aquarius man for a few months then found out he had a gf.. But we continue to have sex and hangout then we stopped having sex and became good friends then today he told me stay away from him after 11/2 years later.. Yes he was still with his gf

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