Why is Aquarius Man Slow to Commit to a Relationship?

Why is Aquarius Man Slow to Commit to a Relationship?

An Aquarius man is slow to commit. This is not because he hates being in a relationship. It also does not mean that he doesn’t like you.

The answer to his lack of commitments lies in his cautious approach.

Most Aquarius men don’t commit easily. An Aquarius man’s commitment is like being on a sinking ship, and not doing anything until a perfectly safe boat is found.

In other words, Aquarius men don’t commit until they are absolutely sure that she is the “one.”

A committed relationship with an Aquarius man can be a daunting task. But this does not mean that it’s impossible. You have to understand what’s holding him back and what you can do to make a commitment.

Women in love with an Aquarius man often wonder “will an Aquarius man commit?” Is it better to wait or just ignore an Aquarius man?

The fact is that an Aquarius man doesn’t know what he wants in a relationship. His indecision may seem like a personality trait. However, his ambiguity doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like you or doesn’t want to be with you.

1. Aversion to Closeness


A lot of Aquarius men confess of their aversion to closeness. Their deepest fear when in a committed relationship is falling deeply in love and losing their true selves.

Aquarius men value freedom more than closeness. They want time to achieve their life goals.

Aquarius men think that by being committed in a relationship, they won’t be able to accomplish anything — friendships, life goals, humanitarian efforts. They have a fear that by being close to their partners, they won’t be able to accomplish anything.

Aquarius men don’t want to be dragged into an emotional mess. They want to keep a safe distance from the emotional trauma involved in a committed relationship.

An Aquarius man doesn’t feel comfortable being in a close relationship since it feels emotionally taxing to him. The emotional realm of a close relationship feels like a dark cavern to him.

He won’t be willing to enter into what seems to him a dark dungeon of relationship until he thinks that she is the one for him.

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2. Think Relationship Is a Burden


Aquarius men often think of relationships as a huge burden. They feel that they would have to sacrifice their freedom in order to be in a relationship.

The fact that an Aquarius man is not committing to a relationship doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like you. He may be very much enamored about you. However, the fear of entering into a relationship may be holding him back.

A relationship is seen as something that will cause stress. He may feel distraught by the prospect of having to spend his life with only one individual.

3. Feel Claustrophobic in a Relationship


You need to understand that Aquarius men don’t like being restricted. They don’t think of trading their freedom for commitment.

Being in a relationship will mean that they will have to conform to certain standards. They don’t like the fact that they will have to act responsibly.

Aquarius men don’t think that commitment and freedom are mutually exclusive. They believe that choosing one will result in the loss of the other.

Relationships make an Aquarius feel claustrophobic. He may dread the responsibility of keeping someone happy. He would much rather be in a less committed relationship where there is an element of freedom and surprise.

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4. Prefer Lasting Friendship to Marriage


Aquarius men prefer being a good friend rather than a committed husband. They are open-minded and adventurous. And they feel that relationship will prevent them from being true to their selves.

They don’t rush into a commitment to form a friendly connection with others. That’s why you will find an Aquarius man surrounded by lots of friends.

Most of Aquarius men want a true friend first and a wife second. If you are not his best friend, your relationship with him probably won’t go far.

Aquarius person prefers a partner who is more of a friend than a mate. They want someone who shares their interests in life. They may love people in general, but not every individual.

5. Not Afraid of Being Alone


A lot of people enter into a committed relationship due to the fear of living the rest of their lives alone. However, Aquarius men don’t feel afraid of being alone.

People who are emotionally cold are not pestered about the prospect of living the rest of their life alone. What seems frightening to some will feel blissful to them.

Aquarius men have self-confidence, and they feel completely at ease being with themselves. Since Aquarius men like to be honest, they don’t pursue a committed relationship unless they believe that she is the one.

Most Aquarius men are always moving and looking for the next big adventure. They don’t have time to dwell over their own loneliness.

Aquarius men believe that the world is beautiful, and they don’t really want to waste their time embroiled in a relationship with the wrong person.

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6. Emotionally Distant and Cold


Aquarius men have a logical mind and can’t tolerate emotional outbursts. Being in a relationship seems to them as endless torment of emotional outbursts.

Aquarius men are emotionally unavailable. When it comes to the subtleties of human relationships, an Aquarius person will be unfeeling, rigid, and insensitive. They may sit like a stone while you pour out your heart.

For Aquarian men, getting into a relationship means having to emotionally invest in another individual. And this is something that they are not willing to do.

Emotions are seen as a weak thing. Something that should be avoided at all cost. Aquarius men don’t like the prospect of participating in emotional dramas when in a relationship.

The aversion of emotional connections may be due to pride in their independence or fear of its loss. It may also be due to the fear of being hurt or being unhappy.

Even when an Aquarius man loves a person, it won’t be emotionally driven. This is because an Aquarius man wants to avoid emotional drama. He can’t tolerate the emotional messiness involved in a relationship.

Whatever the case for the aversion to emotional connection, it stops them from getting into a relationship. An Aquarius man will be willing to wait until he finds the women of his dreams.

7. Have Other Commitments


An Aquarius man may be slow to commit because he gives priority to other commitments. He may feel that by entering into a relationship he may not be able to manage other aspects of his life.

For instance, an Aquarius man may give priority to his friends and career. The thought of being committed may make him think that he would have to make sacrifices. This may prevent him from entering into a long-term committed relationship.

In addition, the reason for not giving priority to a committed relationship may also be interlinked to his past.

An Aquarian man may have bad experiences with other women in the past.

Oftentimes, bad experiences with one woman make an Aquarius man fear commitment as he interprets all women the same way. As a result, he may be acting cautiously this time around.

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8. Intellectual Aspirations


Aquarius men have an intellectual mind. They think more than they feel. For them, love is not something that is essential in life.

Unlike most people, an Aquarius man will only commit to a relationship for a reason.

An Aquarius man will make the vow only if he feels that entering a relationship is worth it. That’s why he takes his own time in committing to a relationship.

Aquarius men tend to spend a lot of time wondering and thinking. They are cautious and thoughtful about big life decisions such as being in a relationship. They are so caught in their thoughts that they can’t feel emotions.

Similar to zodiac signs such Gemini and Libra, Aquarius men think a lot.

If they have nothing to do, they are probably thinking about something. They think before acting. As a result, they may not think it right to open up to other people.

Aquarius men think at an intellectual level. They enjoy things that elevate their consciousness and satiate their curiosity. That’s why a relationship is the last thing that they tend to think about.

9. Wait for the Perfect One


You will have a better chance in ending up with a long-term relationship with him if you have traits of an Aquarius.

You should be spontaneous, energetic, and eccentric. Also, you need to have patience in keeping up with the unusual quirks and actions of an Aquarius.

You should reassure the Aquarius man that you won’t restrict or try to control his actions. Tell him that there is unique freedom in the relationship itself.

Make sure that you communicate openly with an Aquarius man. You need to be clear about the important stuff. Otherwise, he will let you wait forever to be ever committed in a long-term relationship.

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