Aquarius Man & Pisces Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

Aquarius Man & Pisces Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

Being a Pisces woman, what better way is there for you to know if that Aquarius is your kind of guy than through knowing about the Aquarius man and Pisces woman compatibility?

Are Aquarius men and Pisces women soul mates?

It is important to think about all the important facts about what an Aquarius man finds attractive in a Pisces woman among other things to be sure that you’re getting into the right thing.

Knowing about the compatibility of an Aquarius man with a Pisces woman beforehand saves both of you a lot of trouble moving forward.

The fragrance of the air sign Aquarius and the clarity of the water sign Pisces make these two sun signs work out just perfectly for each other given the right knowledge of course.

Aquarius Man & Pisces Woman in Friendship

The compatibility for the two works on different levels. It’s not always about the compatibility of Aquarius and Pisces sexually; it can also become a matter of a Pisces woman and Aquarius’ compatibility in terms of being friends with him.

As friends, Aquarius men and Pisces women make a good combination. They are both very different. Aquarius men are intellectual and detached, while Pisces women tend to be naïve and sympathetic. A Pisces and Aquarius friendship can be very fragile.

The thing about an Aquarius and Pisces friendship is that the man is more likely to become distant from someone that doesn’t share his opinions while the woman is more likely to empathize with everybody. This can cause conflicts.

Now bear in mind that the conflicts can happen quite often between an Aquarius man and Pisces woman, they can also be easily forgotten and reconciliation is not difficult. Their opposite natures make it easier for them to connect again.

You see, as friends, both of them bring different qualities to the table. Aquarius men are driven by intellectual pursuits while Pisces women are driven by their emotions. The absence of corresponding qualities helps them cover for each other’s shortcomings.

An Aquarius man and Pisces woman friendship involves a lot of excitement for both the air and water signs. This is because their different natures mean they have a lot that they can teach each other as they interact.

Being the more logically driven of the two, the Aquarius man can teach the Pisces woman the ability to come up with newer schemes and plans in their life. Their creativity also comes into play here to teach Pisces women.

Being more sensitive and emotionally-driven, Pisces women can teach Aquarius men some better ways to show tolerance. They can also teach the Aquarius man to get in touch with his emotions instead of completely ignoring them all the time.

The thing is that Aquarius men are pretty much a fixed sign. Pisces women on the other hand, are a mutable sign. Aquarius men will rarely cave into their emotions in preference to their logic and Pisces don’t like that.

The best aspect of the Pisces and Aquarius friendship is the fact that they both share the thirst for knowledge. This mutual pursuit makes it possible to remain very good friends no matter how much they argue with each other.

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Aquarius Man & Pisces Woman in Relationship

As neighboring signs, the Aquarius man compatibility with a Pisces woman is actually good because of the karmic link between them when they are trying to build a relationship together. Needless to say, it’s an odd pair even as friends.

While the two always will feel an attraction towards each other, the initial stages of the relationship between an Aquarius man and Pisces woman will have that element of an odd pairing. This is because they both have volatile personalities.

Both of them have big visions and see a larger than usual future. It’s just that the Aquarius man is more of an aloof thinker, while the Pisces woman on the other hand is best described as an emotional dreamer.

The Pisces woman is someone that wants security while the Aquarius man is quite detached. They clearly have different outlooks on life but when it comes to the qualities they align, there is no better match than Aquarius and Pisces.

An Aquarius man and Pisces woman both have the ideals of making the world a better place. Both of them also happen to have a common world view. This commonality brings out an impossibly strong bond between the two zodiacs.

Extremely dependable, if she has what an Aquarius man finds attractive in a Pisces woman, she will find a loyal partner who might not seem like it initially because all Aquarius men are initially very afraid to commit to someone.

The Pisces woman is instinctive and highly sensitive. There is this sense of innocence in which she sees things, which can make her seem naïve. However, this is the quality which she uses to inspire sensitivity in the Aquarius man.

An Aquarius man and Pisces woman are soul mates. From the first time that they meet each other, there will be a feeling of kindred spirits with one another. The Aquarius man and Pisces woman compatibility in relationships is high.

One more thing that helps them stick together as a stronger couple is the fact that both the zodiacs are often misunderstood by others. Their ability to understand each other because of shared ideals creates a stronger bond in relationships.

Aquarius Man & Pisces Woman in Marriage

The Aquarius man and Pisces woman compatibility when it comes to the prospects of a long- term relationship and eventually, a marriage is actually quite good. This is mainly because both the zodiacs are quite alike in some key factors.

The Aquarius compatibility with a Pisces woman is very high when it comes to marriage because both of them want to have a comfortable home in which they can foster a strong bond and a happy life with each other.

The fact that they are married now means that the Aquarius man will always love the Pisces woman. Aquarius men are only afraid to commit in the beginning but once the Pisces woman has his heart, he is hers forever.

The two zodiacs together make the perfect combination for a long-term couple because they can create an imaginative and dreamy life full of fun, excitement and adventure. The marriage depends on him and his ability to finally commit to her.

This may require some work and understanding, but once the Aquarius man is ready to commit, the Aquarius-Pisces marriage is like no other. It will be a happy, healthy marriage as both stars want the same things from their marriage.

Generally speaking, both zodiac stars want love, comfort and safety when it comes to marriage. Keep in mind, marriage is only possible when the Aquarius man is ready to take this huge step.

As soon as the Aquarius man is ready and willing to take that crucial step and finally commit to her, they’ll get married because she is actually a lot more confident about her emotions than he is about his feelings.

A woman who is highly empathetic and understanding of other people’s emotions, she will be the perfect person who the Aquarius man can confide in with all his desires and secrets. She will always be loved by him.

There will be issues in their marriage because of their opposing views on a lot of things but nothing too drastic or permanently damaging to their long lasting relationship will happen. They will both inspire the best in each other.

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Aquarius Man & Pisces Woman in Bed

The Aquarius man and Pisces woman compatibility is pretty great all around. As far as their compatibility goes when it comes to what goes on under the sheets is concerned, Aquarius and Pisces sexually vibe with each other pretty well.

The sign of Aquarius exalts Neptune, which is the ruler of Pisces. This translates to a very strong link between these two signs and it works its way into their sexual relationship. Of course, it doesn’t start off so well.

Initially, the Pisces woman will be fully invested in the intimate aspect of the relationship but the Aquarius man will take some time to open up with his sexual involvement. It’s not that he has no feelings. He’s just shy.

For an Aquarius man, he needs a sexual muse to trigger those emotions and that is an important role that the Pisces woman needs to take on in order to make sure that their relationship has that vital aspect there.

Initially, he might not seem too emotionally invested in the intimate activities. This is because his aloof and shy nature can get the better of him even in the bedroom. Pisces women can get a little frustrated by this.

She has to be willing to be a little more patient with expecting his affection in intimate settings while showing openness to work with him and understand what he is thinking about. That will set the right things in motion.

Once he opens up, that creativity and excitement of his in life generally will brilliantly foster when it comes to what they do in the bedroom. Aquarius and Pisces sexually complement each other the best.

Usually aloof, intimacy allows the Aquarius man to truly connect with Pisces on a mental level. He will feel free, smashing his barriers of limitation in his thinking and embrace his emotional nature.

For the Pisces woman, she finally gets to experience the fulfillment of her desires to get a deep and intimate connection with her Aquarius partner.

The Aquarius man and Pisces woman compatibility really comes to life when it comes to their sexual endeavors.

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