Do Aquarius Men like Public Display of Affection?

Do Aquarius Men like Public Display of Affection?

So, how much do you know about Aquarius man PDA traits?

If you’re well informed, you know you have to keep your tendency for a public show of affection in check because Aquarius men and PDA do not go hand-in-hand.

For those people who do not see any problem in displaying a public show of affection, it is just something that comes naturally, especially if you’re into someone.

However, you would want to be careful with PDA, especially if you are dating an Aquarius man. It’s not because an Aquarian hates PDA; it is just that they do not find it important in a relationship.

This is mainly because Aquarians are expressive men, and look for something deeper and more meaningful in a relationship than being restricted to just PDA.

Use PDA to Flirt


Other than the preferences when it comes to a Cancer man’s PDA, or a Scorpio man’s PDA, with an Aquarius man, you would not have to dig deeper to know what they like when it comes to PDA.

This can be a problem for some women who are trying to figure out the answer to the question, “what are the physical signs an Aquarius man likes you?”

It is important to note that while you might want to use PDA to flirt with your Aquarius man, he will not necessarily want to do the same.

For instance, a kiss in public may be worth a 1,000 words to you, but for an Aquarius man, not so much.

This is because for an Aquarius man, making a connection on a much deeper level is considered to be far more important.

While Aquarius men do not necessarily hate PDA, it doesn’t mean that you should not use PDA as a way to flirt with your Aquarius man; you just need to do it sparingly.

But, most importantly, you should not take the Aquarius man’s lack of PDA as a sign that he is not that into you because there will be other physical signs an Aquarius man likes you.

All you have got to do is keep your eyes peeled for those signs whenever the two of you are together.

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Will Find Excuses to be Around You


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Aquarius men fall in love fast. This means that once you have met an Aquarius man, he will probably make excuses just to be with you.

It is not unheard of for couples who are just started dating to spend two to even three hours a day together.

While this is great for you if you are in a relationship with an Aquarius man, it could get challenging, especially if you have a penchant for some PDA, and your Aquarius man clearly doesn’t.

If this concern is not addressed soon, it could very quickly have a negative impact on your relationship. This is why you need to come clear and share your thoughts on the matter.

The best way to do that is by just being honest and straightforward about what you like and be sure to hear him out as well.

For any relationship to work, two-way conversations should be encouraged by both parties, or else, you might come across as someone who is selfish.

To avoid that from happening, all you need to do is simply tell the Aquarius man that you’re dating how you feel about PDA and see if they get annoyed with your public display of affection.

Normally, while an Aquarius man doesn’t tend to show PDA in a relationship, he won’t have a problem when his partner does show PDA.

That said, you should talk about it first, rather than expecting a smooch-sesh in public.

Isn’t Big on Holding Hands


When it comes to signs an Aquarius man is serious about you, holding hands is definitely not going to be one of them – mainly because an Aquarius man isn’t big on holding hands in public either.

While holding hands in public is a common way for couples to show their affection, for the Aquarius man, holding hands is not of much importance.

Again, an Aquarius man believes in having a deeper connection with their soul mate that goes beyond physical contact.

Since this trait may seem strange to some women, it is important to remember that it does not mean that an Aquarius man isn’t that into you.

If he does like you, then there will be many signs an Aquarius man has feelings for you. For instance, he will always call or text to ask how you are and what you’re doing several times during the day.

Another way an Aquarius man shows his affection to someone he likes is by going out of his way to make them happy.

So, if the Aquarian you’re seeing takes extra care of getting the details right, whether it is remembering your birthday or getting you something you like, there are plenty of hints to tell if an Aquarius man likes you.

But, again, do not expect the Aquarius man that you are dating to hold hands in public any time soon, because that may never happen.

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More Focused on the Physiological Aspect


When it comes to finding out signs an Aquarius man has feelings for you, it all comes down to how he treats you. The Aquarius man is always going to be more focused on making a connection with you.

This means that an Aquarius man will go out of his way to make sure that you feel comfortable whenever you’re with him.

For the Aquarius man, the most stimulating part of going out with someone is the psychological aspect of being in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean there’s no physiological aspect to it.

What makes an Aquarius man such fun to be around is that he knows exactly what it takes to make a person click.

Like a mind reader, the Aquarius man can pick on subtle cues that tell him what you want, whether that want is psychological or physiological.

For all those women who are trying to find out whether or not the Aquarius man they are dating really likes them, all you have to do is look out for these signs an Aquarius man has feelings for you.

Aren’t Too Keen on Traditional Seduction Techniques


But, what truly sets the Aquarius man apart from others is that he is not too keen on the traditional seduction techniques used in a relationship.

This means, if an Aquarius man is obsessed with you, then don’t just expect flowers and chocolates.

When in a relationship, the Aquarius man has no problem in expressing their true feelings for the person they love.

If you are lucky enough to be dating an Aquarius man, then you can rest assured that he will always do whatever it takes to keep things fresh in the relationship.

Since the Aquarius man is known for being creative both in and outside of the bedroom, you can expect many surprises while being in a relationship with an Aquarius man.

That said, since PDA is not something that the Aquarius man is interested in, you should expect it to be part of its seduction arsenal.

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PDA or Sense of Touch isn’t as Important


For any woman, being in a relationship with an Aquarius man can sometimes be challenging. This is mainly because it is hard to read what’s on the mind of an Aquarian.

This can also be the cause of some confusion when going out with an Aquarius man. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you want to look for signs an Aquarius man misses you, then all you need to do is stop calling him for a while.

You will definitely receive many phone calls and texts where the Aquarius man will reveal his concerns and ask you what is wrong.

While we have already established by now that the Aquarius man isn’t too big on PDA, but that doesn’t mean dating an Aquarian is vanilla.

Aquarians are very passionate, both in their careers and their personal life as well. So, the last thing you would want is to experience an Aquarius man in true love jealousy.

As mentioned, there are many other ways in which an Aquarius man tends to typically show his affection towards someone he cares about.

Since PDA or a sense of touch isn’t that important to the Aquarian man, they will tend to show their affection in other ways.

Some of the subtle ways in which an Aquarius man tends to show his affection can be remembering what you said in a previous conversation and making plans around your favorite things.

Another way how an Aquarius man shows his affection is being chivalrous whenever he’s around you.

This doesn’t necessarily mean he will be flexing his muscles while walking down the street with you, but rather, he’ll make you feel safe. You won’t be guessing for long since showing affection comes naturally to Aquarians.

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