5 Online Dating Tips to Attract an Aquarius Man

5 Online Dating Tips to Attract an Aquarius Man

An Aquarius man is a difficult sign to comprehend and attract online. He enjoys keeping a little mystery around him and might hide and seek.

Never readily available, you have to be his kind of interesting to keep him around.

Before you step into this mess called love, know that understanding Aquarius man is next to impossible, so don’t even try.

An Aquarius man’s personality is a paradox. You may not be able to comprehend. He is an open-minded and free-spirited yet fixed air sign. While his progressive views may attract you, his stubbornness can be off-putting.

An Aquarius man online is an even bigger challenge then he is in person. However, for him, the rules of attraction remain the same. A bit of sincere effort is all you need.

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1. Be Honest In Your Online Dating Profile


“No lies” is the policy here and always will be. If you genuinely want to attract an Aquarius man online, then be the most authentic version of yourself on your online dating profile.

If you hate eggs, but he likes them, don’t lie about liking them. If he finds out that you lied, he’ll take a step back, and he will feel deceived.

You may feel a lot of pressure when thinking about how to attract an Aquarius man. The solution, though, is simple. They love adventure and unique people, but they also love authenticity and originality.

Confidence is sexy, so be confident and be unashamedly you. Your bio is the key, and while you may not find yourself interesting enough for him, you can word your bio in a way to lure him in.

Use quotes, use song lyrics, or write something original if you can. Make it mysterious yet engaging and leave it on a cliff hanger. Aquarius is a curious soul, and mystery is what attracts an Aquarius man.

Make sure you only give an honest peek into your life to make him want to know more. Make sure you don’t lie, though, as Aquarius is incredibly intelligent and will figure it out.

They are quite skilled at investigation and are quite thorough as well. Don’t put out false information that you can’t back up. Don’t make false claims because they will cross-check on your very first date.

Never underestimate an Aquarius’s memory. If things don’t add up, they will be the first ones to notice and will remember each detail. They may even enjoy the thrill of the chase when trying to catch your lies.

Be confident, be opinionated, be honest, and make logical and consistent statements.

2. Don’t Bore Them Before You Even Meet Them


Getting him to swipe right might be the easiest step keeping him interested is the challenge. They are curious souls and will ask you a plethora of questions.

For them, you are a riddle they have to solve. Don’t give him the answer straight up and leave him wanting more. However, not responding to their questions or giving vague answers is also not the way to go.

Dating an Aquarius man means always being on your toes and keeping him on his. Doing so is by no means easy but is definitely necessary, especially in the beginning. They have the tendency to move on fast if bored.

The easiest way to do it is by taking the lead on the online platform, at least. Think of all the questions to ask an Aquarius man and be just as curious as he is to keep him interested.

Make sure you keep the conversation general and stick to politics and basic world views. Don’t let him talk about personal beliefs before you meet him in person and don’t give away too much.

Keep the conversation light and playful. Find paradoxes in his views and tease him on those. Don’t go overboard, though, as you may frustrate him before he even asks you on a date.

3. Appeal to His Inner Eccentric


There’s a slightly off-beat side to everyone. However, in Aquarius, their crazy side is pretty dominant, so try to appeal to that. Unleash your own eccentricity, and they will be attracted to you like a moth to a flame.

When you think crazy, think somewhere along the lines of Harley Quinn and Joker. These two characters best represent an Aquarius and his love interest.

A little impulsive, adventurous, extremely curious, and incredibly intelligent is the perfect description of what attracts and Aquarius man.

Don’t go overboard though, as they Aquarius are incredibly social and prefer someone who can move in social circles with poise and grace. A mad scientist is not what they want, but a scientist could interest them yes.

It will always be deep questions for Aquarius, so don’t go for the ordinary ones. He will avoid answering them in the beginning, especially if he is at risk of exposing his inner thoughts.

However, when he does know that it’s one of the sure-shot signs of an Aquarius man in love. It will help if you are good at reading the subtle signs because even when in love, they will remain mysterious.

4. Avoid Emotionally Charged Issues


Emotions and sentimental confessions are an absolute no for Aquarius at the beginning of the relationship. Even if you feel comfortable enough to share emotionally charged issues with him, don’t!

They take their time opening up and expect you to do the same. The chances of them getting comfortable enough in the online dating phase are next to none, so don’t take that risk.

That being said, they are incredibly passionate people with a dominant philanthropic side to them. If there is a cause you are passionate about, then talking about it is safe provided you can maintain your calm.

Here it is best to let your passion shine but do not get carried away and do not try to recruit them either. Aquarius hate feeling pressured into something and may run away if you get pushy or controlling.

Chances are, they will do their research when you mention your passion. As you chat, they may even be looking it up and cross-questioning you on it without you knowing it.

An Aquarius man in love will be very supportive, and once he is sure of his feelings, he will join in on your passions just to spend more time with you.

However, don’t scare him away with emotionally charged speeches because they are also quick to run if they detect a level of enthusiasm they cannot comprehend.

Dramatic expressions are probably the fastest way to get rid of an Aquarius man. They like their life uncomplicated and shy away from tangled emotional messes.

They sort out their own emotions into compartments, carefully choosing who to let into which and expect the same courtesy from others. They are deeply empathetic humans and take care not to let others’ baggage disrupt their peace and harmony.

5. Keep It Casual


Initially, keep it casual, light, fun, and entertaining. Aquarius is smart, witty, adventurous, and charming to the teeth. You may fall a little too fast but hold back and keep it a secret.

With Aquarius, it’s casual and flirty even after a few dates. If you manage to catch his eye, he may ask you out, or he may stick to online dating. Whatever the case is, be calm, cool, and collected.

Give him time and the space he needs while you maintain surface level communication. Don’t dive into childhood traumas and work stress until you are well into your relationship, and he starts to open up first.

His opening up is one of the major signs an Aquarius man is falling for you, and it is time for you to rejoice. When he exposes, his inner demons is when you know things are getting serious.

Aquarius man in love behavior is no different than that of a man’s best friend. He will be there for you whenever you need him to. He will tease you and have countless candid conversations.

However, to get to that point, you will have to go through a few months of reserved yet casually light conversation. They test the water for quite a while before they jump in, so bear with them.

On the bright side, though, the cause phase is where they will be enjoyable, and they make sure of it. Once you start dating, there will be endless adventures and shared moments of fun and laughter just without the commitment.

Aquarius enjoy that time the most, so try and keep up with them. Be their best friend before they make you their girl. In fact, doing so may be easier initially.

An Aquarius man online is super chatty, taking solace in the physical distance. They enjoy long conversations, video chats, and event texts. If they aren’t avoiding you, they’re into you.

Take solace in that fact and turn up the charm up a notch. Unleash your inner social butterfly and mesmerize them with your communication skills. With confidence, even casual becomes super attractive.

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