Top 10 Aquarius Man Needs in a Relationship

Updated June 2, 2022
Top 10 Aquarius Man Needs in a Relationship

The things an Aquarius man needs in a relationship are fairly simple. He’s not an overly picky person. He won’t demand things his partner isn’t able to give.

A feeling of excitement and a deep connection on many levels is what he craves most.

Any romantic relationship with an Aquarius man needs a connection on an emotional, physical, and intellectual level. He needs to feel like his partner understands him in multiple ways.

Friendship is important in a romantic relationship with an Aquarius man as well. He doesn’t just want a sexual partner or somebody to go on dates with. He needs somebody he can talk to and just hang out with sometimes.

Aquarius men are exciting, eccentric people. It makes sense that they’d want their relationship to be fun and exciting too! He never wants to feel bored.

1. Excitement

Excitement might be what an Aquarius man wants in a relationship more than anything. He needs many things in a relationship and excitement isn’t the only thing but it’s the icing on the cake.

If he’s bored in a relationship, that will put a damper on things even if his needs are being met in other ways.

If you don’t understand his need for excitement, he might also feel like you two aren’t as connected as he originally thought.

Fun and excitement in any relationship make things more likely to last. You two don’t need to constantly be going out. Everyone has a different idea of fun.

You two should always be able to have fun together, what that means for you. He should be able to count on you to keep things interesting if he’s ever feeling understimulated.

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2. Independence

One of the signs that an Aquarius man has feelings for you is he’ll make more time for you. He’ll be willing to be a little less fiercely independent. He’ll ask for help and he’ll lend a hand when needed as well.

He does need independence in a relationship, though. Just because he likes spending time with his partner doesn’t mean he wants to be attached at the hip with them.

You need to both respect his independence and be independent yourself to have a successful relationship with an Aquarius man.

He’s going to want time alone. He’ll want to spend time with his friends without you.

He doesn’t want you to be moping around the house when he’s out either. He wants to know that you’re able to also have alone time or go out with your friends when you two aren’t together.

3. Understanding

Understanding the Aquarius man is an uphill battle sometimes. Aquarius is one of the more eccentric signs and these men are often misunderstood.

He knows that you might not always be able to relate to every single interest of his. Sometimes he’s going to say something that catches you off guard. He’s expecting that.

He needs you to at least attempt to understand him if you two are going to have a successful relationship.

When he’s telling you something important, listen to him! If he’s being serious about something, don’t brush him off or ignore him.

You also need to understand that he’s not always the best with emotions. He won’t always be physically affectionate in public either. You’ll get to see a side of him nobody else does.

Your relationship will be better when you try to understand his eccentricities. If you can be understanding about any mismatches in how you two express affection, that will help as well.

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4. Freedom

Part of an Aquarius man’s personality is his eccentric, free nature. He has his head in the clouds. He dreams big. He never wants to feel like he’s being held down.

Don’t ever tell him his dreams aren’t achievable or try to stifle him in any way.

He might need somebody to bring him down to earth sometimes but you’ll need to know when to do that and when to just let him go.

Never try to control him. If he thinks his partner is controlling, the relationship isn’t going to last very long. He does see any controlling behavior as a red flag, no matter how minor it is.

If you’re an earth sign or just someone who is more tied to routine, you’ll need to learn to accept his free-spirit nature. You might even find that you enjoy it! Everyone needs to loosen up sometimes.

5. Emotional Connection

It’s not always easy figuring out how to win an Aquarius man’s heart but it’s a much easier task when you two can establish an emotional connection.

Aquarius men aren’t always outwardly emotional, especially with people they don’t know well. If he’s in a relationship with you, though, he’ll let his emotions out more often.

He will often rely on his friends and partner to help him deal with his emotions. If he’s ever confused about how to handle something, he’ll likely come to you about it.

Knowing how to cheer up an Aquarius man when he’s down is a vital part of the relationship. If you can’t see to his emotional needs, the relationship is doomed to fail at some point.

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6. Physical Connection

When an Aquarius man wants you, he wants you in many different ways. In a romantic relationship, a physical connection is often just as important as an emotional connection for him.

If you two just have an emotional and/or intellectual connection, he’ll be more than happy to be your friend. You two might not be compatible as partners, though.

Physical and sexual chemistry is important in any relationship. If you are a highly sexual person but your Aquarius man isn’t, or vice versa, having a relationship may be an uphill battle.

He wants to feel chemistry with you. Even if sex isn’t the most important thing to him, he will want affection from you. He won’t always want public affection but when you two are alone, he’ll be all about it.

7. Intellectual Connection

An Aquarius man’s compatibility with a person is based on many things.

If you’re only physically compatible, you’ll make a great fling or casual relationship for him but not the best partner. If you’re only emotionally compatible, you two will be the best of friends but nothing more.

He also needs to feel an intellectual connection with his partners. He needs to know that if he wants to sit and talk about something that they will be able to keep up with him and at least listen.

He’s not going to care if you’re the smartest person in the room. He won’t judge you for not knowing everything he does. In fact, that will make things more exciting!

An Aquarius man just wants somebody he can have intellectual and philosophical conversations with. Sometimes, they’ll be a little off-the-wall. His opinions might be strange. He needs somebody who understands that and who can join in.

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8. Fun

If an Aquarius man can’t have fun with his partner, there’s honestly no point in having a relationship for him.

Somebody he can’t have fun with might just remain a casual acquaintance. He might enjoy talking to them at parties or doing a specific activity with them. He won’t want to be in a relationship with them, though.

Fun means many things for him. He likes to go out sometimes and that is fun for him. Other times, he has fun by just having a silly conversation or even doing some research on a new topic.

He also has fun doing things other people might not like. He’s a hard worker. He’s a humanitarian. He may have the time of his life volunteering or working hard on a project.

9. Spontaneity

What does an Aquarius man like in a woman? Spontaneity is one thing he loves in any relationship he has, be it romantic or platonic.

He hates being bored. He doesn’t like to fall into the same old routine. He wants to be able to experience the world and see all that it has to offer.

His spontaneous nature is a little different from a Leo or a Gemini. He does think before he acts. If it’s not the time for something, he is capable of saving it for when it’s more appropriate.

He’ll love it if you surprise him. A last-minute date night (as long as he’s not working on something else!) will go over well with him. A little gift just because will make him happy.

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10. Friendship

what an Aquarius man wants to hear from any romantic partner is that they value his friendship, not just the romantic or sexual relationship.

Friendship is important to Aquarius men. If he’s not friends with you first, it’s unlikely a relationship with you is going to last.

You can have a relationship with somebody that isn’t based on a strong friendship. With an Aquarius man, a relationship like that won’t be a long-term or serious one, though.

He has other friends. You don’t need to be his only one. He does want you to be his best friend. He wants to be able to honestly say that he has a strong friendship with you, not just a romantic relationship.

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